File Title
1 Study shows when housing quality is poor, children suffer
2 Counties with more cannabis dispensaries show reduced opioid deaths
3 Marine heatwaves becoming more intense, more frequent
4 Screening asymptomatic health care personnel for COVID-19 not recommended by experts
5 Viral sequencing can reveal how SARS-CoV-2 spreads and evolves
6 Baylor study: Management without morals can lead to employees' unethical behavior
7 Study shows why anesthetic stops cell's walkers in their tracks
8 3D printing resins in dental devices may be toxic to reproductive health
9 Genomic studies implicate specific genes in post-traumatic stress disorder
10 New Geology articles published online ahead of print in January
11 AERA and Spencer Foundation release report on the COVID-19 impact on early career scholars
12 'Honey, I'm home:' Pandemic life for married couples can lead to sadness, anger
13 US must unify atmospheric biology research or risk national security, scientists say
14 Nanoparticle drug delivery technique shows promise for treating pancreatic cancer
15 Loggerhead sea turtles lay eggs in multiple locations to improve reproductive success
16 Rumen additive and controlled energy benefit dairy cows during dry period
17 Chemists settle battery debate, propel research forward
18 Genetic analysis of symptoms yields new insights into PTSD
19 Harnessing the power of AI to understand warm dense matter
20 Post-overdose outreach programs in Massachusetts expanding
21 Thick lithosphere casts doubt on plate tectonics in Venus's geologically recent past
22 'Be a man': Why some men respond aggressively to threats to manhood
23 Breakthrough for laser-induced breakdown spectroscopy
24 Lasing mechanism found in water droplets
25 Scientists find key function of molecule in cells crucial for regulating immunity
26 Malaria threw human evolution into overdrive on this African archipelago
27 New IOF position paper urges routine use of DXA-VFA in fracture liaison services
28 At-home swabs diagnose infections as accurately as healthcare worker-collected swabs
29 Scientists discover how remdesivir works to inhibit coronavirus
30 The decline in grazing practices threatens the existence of a Basque cheese
31 National laboratories' look to the future of light sources with new magnet prototype
32 New study unravels Darwin's 'abominable mystery' surrounding origin of flowering plants
33 Transportation investments could save hundreds of lives, billions of dollars
34 Livestock workers face high MRSA risk
35 Heparin targets coronavirus spike protein, research shows
36 Pharmaceutical research: when active substance and target protein 'embrace' each other
37 George Mason University expands testing and tracking behind faculty research
38 New catalyst moves seawater desalination, hydrogen production closer to commercialization
39 Scientists 'farm' natural killer cells in novel cancer fighting approach
40 The Lancet Public Health: Ethnic health disparities among older adults in England equivalent to 20-year age difference, even before COVID-19
41 New concept for rocket thruster exploits the mechanism behind solar flares
42 Study details N439K variant of SARS-CoV-2
43 Drugs used to treat HIV and flu can have detrimental impact on crops
44 Research illuminates lobsters' genetic response to changing climate
45 How a cancer drug carrier's structure can help selectively target cancer cells
46 New AI-severity score COVID-19 integrating CT images published to Nature Communications
47 Machine-learning to predict the performance of organic solar cells
48 Food export restrictions by a few countries could skyrocket global food crop prices
49 An efficient tool to link X-ray experiments and ab initio theory
50 Crowdfunding? Check weather forecast first!
51 Neural network has learned to identify tree species
52 Skoltech team developed on-chip printed 'electronic nose'
53 New ion trap to create the world's most accurate mass spectrometer
54 Efficient fluorescent materials and OLEDs for the NIR
55 Rare genetic syndrome identified, caused by mutations in gene SATB1
56 New gene variant linked to stroke
57 Machine-learning to predict the performance of organic solar cells
58 Chinese spice helps unravel the mysteries of human touch
59 Frequent cannabis use by young people linked to decline in IQ
60 New treatment helps patients with a spinal cord injury
61 Link between dual sensory loss and depression
62 Wood formation can now be followed in real-time--and possibly serve the climate of tomorrow
63 Sleep disorders: Patients often underestimate their total sleep time
64 Ecologists conducted a novel study on vegetation transpiration from a global network of 251 sites
65 Dalian coherent light source reveals the origin of interstellar medium S2 fragments
66 Brain 3D genome study uncovers human-specific regulatory changes during development
67 Rules of resistance against transgene silencing
68 Listening to the call of the wild: Tracking deer movements using sound
69 Rules of resistance against transgene silencing
70 Researchers reveal in-situ manipulation of active Au-TiO2 interface
71 Fetal and neonatal therapies improve prognosis of congenital cytomegalovirus infection
72 How the brain is programmed for computer programming?
73 NUS scientists discover a new pathway essential for blood formation
74 Size matters: How the size of a male's weapons affects its anti-predator tactics
75 NTU study finds Singapore public less keen on drone use in residential areas than industrial zones
76 Osteoporosis, controversial fractures and various bone markers
77 Light pollution linked to preterm births, reduced birth weights
78 Using zirconium as an additive in super-strong composite materials
79 Majority skeptical healthcare costs will fall anytime soon as Biden begins presidency
80 Gender and spatial behavior
81 OSU smoke- and tobacco-free policies grew more popular over time, even among tobacco users
82 High schoolers discover four exoplanets through Harvard and Smithsonian mentorship program
83 Mechanism for how pancreatic cancer evades immunotherapy elucidated
84 635 million-year-old fungi-like microfossil that bailed us out of an ice age discovered
85 Discovery of early plasma biomarkers for Alzheimer's disease
86 Blood discoveries advance efforts to grow organs, battle cancer
87 Technology bolsters use of chia seeds to help improve health, slow signs of aging
88 Turning food waste back into food
89 Newly licensed autistic drivers crash less than other young drivers
90 Study reveals cause of common Zika virus birth defect
91 Liquid machine-learning system adapts to changing conditions
92 Entrepreneurs benefit more from emotional intelligence than other competencies, such as IQ
93 How evolution can change science for the better
94 Understanding how genetic motifs conduct "the music of life"
95 The Lancet: Study estimates that, without vaccination against 10 diseases, mortality in children under five would be 45% higher in low-income and middle-income countries
96 Sotorasib provides durable clinical benefit for patients with NSCLC and KRAS mutations
97 Coronavirus was brought into Russia at least 67 times
98 NRG Oncology study shows safety of adaptive RT in NSCLC patients
99 First hybrid gene therapy shows early promise in treating long QT syndrome
100 Press briefing highlights disparities among key groups
101 A glimpse into the wardrobe of King David and King Solomon, 3000 years ago
102 First mammography screening guidelines issued for older survivors of breast cancer
103 Enhanced recovery efforts for cesarean delivery reduce need for opioids by 80%
104 They're just not that into you: Consumer-brand relationship insights
105 New research finds severity of COVID-19 determines likelihood of pregnancy complications
106 First study to look at potency of maternal antibodies
107 Pregnant women who live in areas with high social vulnerability at greater risk
108 Deeper insight into how tick spit suppresses cattle immunity
109 Metformin may affect risk of breast cancer in women with type 2 diabetes
110 Risk-taking linked to particular brain features