File Title
1 Flexibility and resiliency define Arianespace's performance in 2020 (from archive)
2 Satellite-powered app to spot loneliness in hotspots in UK cities
3 A Hot Spot on Jupiter
4 Juno mission expands into the future
5 NASA's Juno Spacecraft Updates Quarter-Century Jupiter Mystery
6 Swedish space instrument participates in the search for life around Jupiter
7 Researchers model source of eruption on Jupiter's moon Europa
8 Radiation Does a Bright Number on Jupiter's Moon
9 JPL meets unique challenge, delivers radar hardware for Jupiter Mission
10 Jupiter's moons could be warming each other
11 Solar system formation in two steps
12 Saturn's Tilt Caused by Its Moons
13 Tourism on track in the world's largest cave
14 Blue Origin launches, recovers capsule with more space tourism amenities
15 Mystery of Martian glaciers revealed
16 China's space tracking ship completes satellite launch monitoring
17 Key modules for China's next space station ready for launch
18 Strong magnet-Revolutionized aerospace engineering
19 Advantages of thin-film coating in aircraft coating
20 Boron Nitride Ceramic--Space Radiation Shielding
21 Firefly Aerospace's debut Alpha launch set to demonstrate Space Electric Thruster System
22 China launches new mobile telecommunication satellite
23 3D printing to pave the way for Moon colonization
24 Sintavia expands rocket manufacturing with two M4K-4 Printers from AMCM GmbH
25 Brazilian dam collapse could have been predicted with right monitoring technology
26 Amid Nile dam tensions, Egypt recalls Aswan 50 years on
27 European Commission awards launch contracts for next generation of Galileo satellites
28 Lunar Surface Trash or Treasure?
29 Lockheed Martin-Built Orion spacecraft is ready for its Moon mission
30 NASA explores solar wind with new view of small sun structures
31 People with severe atopic eczema may have increased risk of death from several causes
32 How heavy is dark matter? Scientists radically narrow the potential mass range for the first time
33 Engineers share model for ventilating two patients with one ventilator
34 Social media study reveals diabetics' fear of disrupted insulin supplies because of Brexit
35 How climate caprices can trigger plants
36 Scientists discover a new promising target for diabetes treatment
37 Humanizing yeast ORC sheds light on cancer therapy and human development
38 New study: Which beverages burst with umami potential?
39 When simpler is harder
40 Toho university scientists find new mechanism to keep cell death pathway suppressed
41 Even machines need their greens
42 Healthy lifespan analysis using nematodes
43 Why people overuse antibiotics
44 A vacuum-ultraviolet laser with submicron spot for spatially resolved photoemission spectroscopy
45 Growth of northern Tibet proved the key to East Asian biodiversity
46 COVID-19 increases mortality rate among pregnant women
47 Getting to net zero--and even net negative--is surprisingly feasible, and affordable
48 Unlocking PTSD: New study reveals why trauma-focused psychotherapy treatment works
49 How fat loss accelerates facial aging
50 Trying to beat a coke habit with cannabis? Not so fast!
51 New study identifies bird species that could spread ticks and Lyme disease
52 New malaria mosquito is emerging in African cities
53 Findings may help close door on COVID-19
54 Secrets of traumatic stress hidden in the brain are exposed
55 Pace of prehistoric human innovation could be revealed by 'linguistic thermometer'
56 Antibody highs and lows in survivors of Ebola
57 Women's menstrual cycles temporarily synchronize with Moon cycles
58 Cell death shines a light on the origins of complex life
59 Harpy eagles could be under greater threat than previously thought
60 Pioneering research unravels hidden origins of Eastern Asia's 'land of milk and honey'
61 Key switchgrass genes identified, which could mean better biofuels ahead
62 Study introduces mRNA-LNP as a safe therapeutic intervention for liver regeneration
63 Children can bypass age verification procedures in popular social media apps
64 A new study reveals an "Achilles heel" of cancer cells
65 Legal cannabis stores linked to fewer opioid deaths in the United States
66 Support for self isolation must be a top priority, say experts
67 In tune with the moon
68 Consuming omega-3 fatty acids could prevent asthma
69 'You say tomato, I say genomics': Genome sequences for two wild tomato ancestors
70 New findings on devonian 'platypus fish' cast light on evolution of modern jawed vertebrates
71 How does the immune system keep tabs on the brain?
72 Heart disease #1 cause of death rank likely to be impacted by COVID-19 for years to come
73 'Smart' cartilage cells programmed to release drugs when stressed
74 Carbon-chomping soil bacteria may pose hidden climate risk
75 From the clinic to the lab, understanding medulloblastoma relies on molecular profiling
76 Hormonal IUDs are a viable and underutilized method for emergency contraception
77 How blood stem cells maintain their lifelong potential for self-renewal
78 Genome-editing tool TALEN outperforms CRISPR-Cas9 in tightly packed DNA
79 Scientists identify individual neurons responsible for complex social reasoning in humans
80 'Virtual anatomy' imaging yields new insight into ancient platypus fish
81 Size of helium nucleus measured more precisely than ever before
82 When is dead really dead?
83 Ancient proteins help track early milk drinking in Africa
84 Top 10 insights in climate science in 2020 selected by 57 leading global researchers
85 Putting bugs on the menu, safely
86 Can large fluid-filled spaces in the brain help identify those at risk of dementia?
87 Important climate change mystery solved by scientists
88 Making wheat and peanuts less allergenic
89 Exercise-based cardiac rehab added to stroke recovery improved strength, cardiac endurance
90 Ultra-absorptive nanofiber swabs could improve SARS-CoV-2 test sensitivity
91 Detecting trace amounts of multiple classes of antibiotics in foods
92 Geological phenomenon widening the Atlantic Ocean
93 Alcohol causes immediate effects linked to heart malady
94 Schizophrenia second only to age as greatest risk factor for COVID-19 death
95 World's largest opinion survey on climate change: Majority call for wide-ranging action
96 Social support may not ease menopause symptoms
97 Ancient indigenous New Mexican community knew how to sustainably coexist with wildfire
98 On nights before a full moon, people go to bed later and sleep less, study shows
99 An ancient economy
100 New psychological model predicts who panic-buys during times of crisis
101 New biosensors quickly detect coronavirus proteins and antibodies
102 Immune system sets 'tripwire' to protect against viruses
103 Experiments show the record of early life could be full of "false positives"
104 Scholars reveal the changing nature of U.S. cities
105 The Lancet: Study estimates that, without vaccination against 10 diseases, mortality in children under five would be 45% higher in low-income and middle-income countries
106 Simulation helps refine pediatric care guidelines for COVID-19
107 From heat to spin to electricity: Understanding spin transport in thermoelectric devices
108 People's acceptance of inequality affects response to company wrongdoings
109 Otago study examines attitudes toward climate change risk
110 Risk analysis helps contend with uncertainty of in-person activities