File Title
1 Biodegradable displays for sustainable electronics
2 Myeloid immune cells in the blood tied to severe COVID-19
3 Children cannot ignore what they hear when detecting emotions
4 Soil health is as environmentally important as air and water quality, say microbiologists
5 A research team from Denmark discovers new control mechanism in the innate immune system
6 Wirelessly rechargeable soft brain implant controls brain cells
7 First direct band gap measurements of wide-gap hydrogen using inelastic X-ray scattering
8 The longevity gene mammalian Indy (mINDY) is involved in blood pressure regulation
9 Doctoral thesis establishes three profiles of professionality regarding vocational teacher
10 Ph.D. thesis defended at TalTech investigates the effects of economic uncertainty in Europe
11 Change of course on the journey to the island of stability
12 Gut microbiota reveals whether drug therapies work in inflammatory bowel diseases
13 Arctic ocean expedition advances climate modeling
14 Spike in use of online communication apps could be driven by isolation during COVID-19
15 Development of rapid method for extraction of natural blue chromophore from cyanobacteria
16 New neural network enables easy screening of sleep apnoea in patients with cerebrovascular disease
17 To combat false news, correct after reading
18 Cannabis use both helps and hurts entrepreneurial creativity
19 Beauty in imperfection: How crystal defects can help convert waste heat into electricity
20 New research: Monitoring online posts by consumers could help improve food safety
21 Research shows people with high omega-3 index less likely to die from COVID-19
22 Breakthrough design at UBCO vastly improves mechanical heart valve
23 Nixing bone cancer fuel supply offers new treatment approach, mouse study suggests
24 No overall difference in concussion recovery time for male and female college athletes
25 Crunch! Underwater acoustics expose 'shell-crushing' sounds in a large marine predator
26 90-day vaginal ring shows promise as method for preventing both HIV and pregnancy
27 Autistic kids may have a harder time recognizing healthy vs. toxic arguments
28 Iron-carrying extracellular vesicles are key to respiratory viral-bacterial co-infection
29 How did Florida fail to respond to a coral disease epizootic and what's to follow?
30 Solar material can 'self-heal' imperfections, new research shows
31 Researchers develop virus-based treatment platform to fight pancreatic cancer
32 Air purifiers may do more harm than good in confined spaces with airborne viruses
33 Toddlers who use touchscreens may be more distractible
34 Highly specific synaptic plasticity in addiction
35 Hypertension symptoms in women often mistaken for menopause
36 Neonatal antibiotic use associated with reduced growth in boys
37 Can dogs rapidly learn words?
38 Microwaves used to deactivate coronavirus, flu, other aerosolized viruses
39 'Brain training' may be an effective treatment for post-traumatic stress disorder
40 Study sheds new light on the behaviour of the giant carnivorous dinosaur Spinosaurus
41 Fighting racial inequity by funding Black scientists
42 Cancer deaths attributable to cigarette smoking in 152 US metropolitan and micropolitan areas
43 At three days old, newborn mice remember their moms
44 Addressing health disparities in diabetes requires a broader look at systemic racism
45 Tungsten-substituted vanadium oxide breathes fresh air into catalyst technology
46 Not obese after all: captive Asian elephants less fat than average human
47 Drug to treat rare genetic disease may help control transmission of African Trypanosomiasis
48 Micro-brewing goes more micro
49 Losing weight before knee surgery may not be beneficial for people with arthritis: Study
50 Three mental health conditions contribute to violent offenses, WCU study finds
51 Beckman Institute MRI expertise aids research on hemodialysis therapy patients
52 Detecting ADHD with near perfect accuracy
53 Hypnotic suggestions can make a complex task easy by helping vision fill in the blanks
54 In Brazil, many smaller dams disrupt fish more than large hydropower projects
55 Is there a link between cashless payments and unhealthy consumption?
56 Confirmed improvement in first responders' brain health after shortened training protocol
57 A metalens for virtual and augmented reality
58 Adults with cognitive disabilities more than twice as likely to use e-cigarettes
59 New report charts path toward superior earthquake recovery
60 A little soap simplifies making 2D nanoflakes
61 Offer COVID-19 vaccines to pregnant or breastfeeding people
62 Diving into devonian seas: Ancient marine faunas unlock secrets of warming oceans
63 Controlling pain after surgery doesn't have to mean opioids, study shows
64 Mount Sinai researchers build models using machine learning technique to enhance predictions of COVID-19 outcomes
65 Going Organic: uOttawa team realizing the limitless possibilities of wearable electronics
66 Study reveals precarious employment on the rise long before COVID-19
67 Melatonin produced in the lungs prevents infection by novel coronavirus
68 New study points to better diagnostics for cancer
69 IU researchers discover how breast cancer cells hide from immune attack
70 T cells can mount attacks against many SARS-CoV-2 targets--even on new virus variant
71 Precision measurements of intracluster light suggest possible link to dark matter
72 Purported phosphine on Venus more likely to be ordinary sulfur dioxide, new study shows
73 Up-trending farming and landscape disruptions threaten Paris climate agreement goals
74 First ever 'pioneer' factor found in plants enables cells to change their fate
75 Fields of breeders' dreams: A team effort toward targeted crop improvements
76 Lung-MAP translational discoveries shared at 2020 World Conference on Lung Cancer
77 Juicing technique could influence healthfulness of fresh-squeezed juice
78 Forests with diverse tree sizes and small clearings hinder wildland fire growth
79 Optical scanner design for adaptive driving beam systems can lead to safer night driving
80 Focusing on field analysis
81 New Tel Aviv University study reveals 'Achilles' heel' of cancer cells
82 A mild way to upcycle plastics used in bottles into fuel and other high-value products
83 Scientists develop perovskite solar modules with greater size, power and stability
84 Working memory can help tailor educational development
85 Scientists jump-start two people's brains after coma
86 Global analysis suggests COVID-19 is seasonal
87 Research finds blood pressure can be controlled without drugs after spinal cord injury
88 Vaccine delivered via skin could help in fight against respiratory diseases
89 Parkinson's disease risk and severity is tied to a channel in cells' 'recycling centers
90 Pioneering research unravels hidden origins of Eastern Asia's 'land of milk and honey'
91 Mira's last journey: Exploring the dark universe
92 In a tight spot
93 A NEAT reduction of complex neuronal models accelerates brain research
94 Researchers use car collisions with deer to study mysterious animal-population phenomena
95 Historically redlined neighborhoods are more likely to lack greenspace today
96 Pain patients who take opioids can't get in the door at over half of primary care clinics
97 New benchmark set to deliver optimal osteoporosis care throughout Asia Pacific
98 Ions in molten salts can go 'against the flow'
99 Germline whole exome sequencing reveals the potential role of hereditary predisposition and therapeutic implications in small cell lung cancer, a tobacco-related cancer
100 Study: Sudden police layoffs in one US city associated with increases in crime
101 Culture shapes willingness to share personal data to reduce COVID-19 spread
102 Study shows racial disparities in elementary school disciplinary actions
103 VCU technology could upend DNA sequencing for diagnosing certain DNA mutations
104 Researchers identify genetic dependencies in tumors that have undergone whole genome doubling
105 Genetic changes in tumours could help predict if patients will respond to immunotherapy
106 Antibiotic may improve outcomes for depression in people with low level inflammation
107 Scientists publish a blueprint to apply artificial intelligence to extend human longevity
108 More than just CO2: It's time to tackle short-lived climate-forcing pollutants
109 Well connected through amides
110 History of the Champagne vineyards revealed