File Title
1 A world first in circadian clock manipulation
2 Highly efficient perovskite light-emitting diodes for next-generation display technology
3 Global demand for cancer surgery set to surge
4 Continued strict control measures needed to reduce new COVID-19 strains
5 The Lancet: World failing to address health needs of 630 million women and children affected by armed conflict
6 How does incident solar radiation affect urban canyons?
7 Energy spent avoiding humans associated with smaller home ranges for male pumas
8 COVID-19 news from Annals of Internal Medicine
9 To find the right network model, compare all possible histories
10 When--not what--obese mice ate reduced breast cancer risk
11 Impact of patient-reported symptom information on lumbar spine MRI Interpretation
12 Finding a way to stop chemotherapy from damaging the heart
13 Governments need to set clear rules for vaccinating health care workers against COVID-19
14 In ED patients with chest and abdominal pain, care delivered by physicians and APPs is similar
15 Newly discovered subset of brain cells fight inflammation with instructions from the gut
16 SARS-CoV-2 reacts to antibodies of virus from 2003 SARS outbreak, new study reveals
17 Domino effects and synchrony in seizure initiation
18 Most patients find teledermatology appointments suitable alternative to office visits
19 Light pollution linked to preterm birth increase
20 Opportunities to better detect, manage and treat patients with undiagnosed atrial fibrillation
21 How fast could SARS-CoV-2 be detected?
22 Survey: barriers, not demographics, affect willingness to pursue veterinary care
23 Reactive halogen from domestic coal burning aggravates winter air pollution
24 Boosting the efficiency of carbon capture and conversion systems
25 Genome editing to treat human retinal degeneration
26 Photocatalytic reaction in the shadow
27 Climate change increases coastal blue carbon sequestration
28 3-D printed Biomesh minimizes hernia repair complications
29 Bioorthogonally catalyzed lethality strategy generates targeting drugs within tumor
30 Dietary adherence and the fight against obesity
31 NASA's Roman mission will probe galaxy's core for hot Jupiters, brown dwarfs
32 Less job stress for workers at financially transparent firms
33 Researchers engineer antibody that acts against multiple SARS-like viruses
34 Mapping mutations that escape antibodies against COVID-19 suggests prior mapping incomplete
35 In preclinical models, antiviral better inhibits COVID-19 than Remdesivir; further studies warranted
36 Increasing ocean temperature threatens Greenland's ice sheet
37 Study finds shorter radiation regimen safe, effective for men with advanced prostate cancer
38 Biomarkers in mother's plasma predict a type of autism in offspring with 100% accuracy
39 Borderline personality disorder: Don't ignore it
40 What's in a name? A new class of superconductors
41 Nearly one in four families hesitant to take their child to ER during COVID-19 pandemic
42 CHEOPS finds unique planetary system
43 COVID-19 cases, deaths in US increase with higher income inequality
44 Better bundled: new principle for generating X-rays
45 Watching decision making in the brain
46 With new design, stretchable electronics perform better under strain
47 For veterans after suicide attempts, gender affects recovery needs
48 How complex oscillations in a quantum system simplify with time
49 A microscopic look at aneurysm repair
50 RUDN University linguists conducted comprehensive study of how Russian speakers perceive Greek sound
51 The surprises of color evolution
52 Dairy calves benefit from higher-protein starter feed, Illinois study says
53 Biologists unravel full sequence of DNA repair mechanism
54 Anti-freeze for cell membranes
55 Adagio publishes preclinical data on lead coronaviruses antibody
56 Study reveals a diverse cephalopod fauna in the Canary Current Large Marine Ecosystem
57 Air pollution linked to higher risk of sight loss from AMD
58 Simulating 800,000 years of California earthquake history to pinpoint risks
59 Wetter weather affects composition, numbers of tiny estuarial phytoplankton
60 The liver processes coconut oil differently than rapeseed oil
61 New IU study finds most high-school age youth are willing to wear masks
62 The public health employment picture: Are graduates meeting the demands of the workforce?
63 The stark health and well-being impacts of 'cocooning' on older people
64 Epilepsy research focused on astrocytes
65 Keeping a clean path: Doubling the capacity of solid-state lithium batteries
66 Ba7Nb4MoO20-based materials with high oxygen-ion conductivity opening sustainable future
67 Elusive 19th century Alaskan fort located using radar tech
68 Study: Negative mental health effects of pandemic lockdowns spike, then fade
69 Post-surgery death rates higher among cancer patients in lower-income countries
70 Older minority cancer patients have worse surgery outcomes than similar white patients
71 Analysis details racial inequity and corrective strategies in research grant funding
72 Drink and drug risk is lower among optimistic pupils with 'happy' memories, says study
73 Turbulence model could enhance rotorcraft, munitions performance
74 Immune cells found in the brain are behind the depression experienced in inflammation
75 A stem cell based cell culture model for nonalcoholic fatty liver disease
76 How will seafarers fare once automated ships take over? Scientists predict the future
77 Researchers develop promising way to find new cancer drugs
78 Stimulating brain pathways shows origins of human language and memory
79 Integrated disease management saves olive trees from Verticillium wilt
80 Transformations within reach: Pathways to a sustainable and resilient world
81 Protein anchors as a newly discovered key molecule in cancer spread and epilepsy
82 ISIS and the Taliban use different strategies to appeal to women in English-language magazines
83 First observation of the early link between proteins linked to Alzheimer's disease
84 HIV treatment in Ethiopia is a 'socioeconomic challenge'
85 A new mechanism protects against cancer cell migration and neuron hyperexcitability
86 Adding or subtracting single quanta of sound
87 GEFS: Searching beyond seismology for earthquake precursors
88 Charged up: revolutionizing rechargeable sodium-ion batteries with 'doped' carbon anodes
89 Street trees close to the home may reduce the risk of depression
90 Optimal information about the invisible
91 Identification of Oligo-DNA that promotes skeletal muscle differentiation
92 New advances in the detection of bias in face recognition algorithms
93 Major discovery helps explain coral bleaching
94 Graphene Flagship study predicts increased market penetration by 2025
95 To ward off cancer and other diseases we need to change our lifestyle and focus on innovation
96 Few indications that the new media landscape leads to increasing polarization in society
97 Climate change in antiquity: mass emigration due to water scarcity
98 Fighting cancer from a chair
99 Scientists show impact of human activity on bird species
100 Preventing loneliness in children of depressed mothers may reduce adolescent suicidality
101 New galaxy sheds light on how stars form
102 Microstructured optical fibers find their 3D-printed groove
103 Titanium oxide nanotubes facilitate low-cost laser-assisted photoporation
104 Dramatic increase in microplastics in seagrass soil since the 1970s
105 Advanced measurement technology for future semiconductor devices
106 First comprehensive LCA shows reprocessed medical devices cut GHG emissions in half
107 Scientists use a novel ink to 3D print 'bone' with living cells
108 Dinosaur embryo find helps crack baby tyrannosaur mystery
109 Continuous monitoring of proteins a game-changer for patients with deteriorating health
110 Missing protein helps small cell lung cancer evade immune defenses