File Title
1 SpaceX rocket deploys record-setting cargo
2 SpaceX launches first Starlink satellite mission of 2021
3 SpaceX CRS-21 safely splashes down off the coast of Florida for first time
4 NASA's Deep Space Network welcomes a new dish to the family
5 China launches antenna array for Mars, moon missions
6 China collects 100PB of Earth observation data
7 Counting elephants from space
8 Earth Observation data could represent a billion-dollar opportunity for Africa
9 Subscriptions to satellite alerts linked to decreased deforestation in Africa
10 China launches new remote sensing satellite
11 How scientists are using declassified military photographs to analyse historical ecological change
12 Cholera outbreaks predicted using climate data and AI
13 UP42 to Offer Smart Satellite Data from Australia's LatConnect 60 on the UP42 Geospatial Marketplace
14 Teledyne e2v signs detector supply contract for Copernicus Sentinel MAP instrument
15 Swedish Space Corporation invests in UK Swedish start-up Globaltrust
16 Teledyne e2v to supply Infrared detector for TRUTHS Climate Change Satellite
17 ESAIL's first map of global shipping
18 Satellite imagery used for electricity consumption forecasting in Africa for the first time in new service
19 20 Years of Observing Earth from the International Space Station
20 Contracts signed for three high-priority ESA environmental missions
21 European team to collaborate in optical communication
22 Kaman KD-5600 Family of Digital Differential Measuring Systems Ideal for Wide Range of Applications, Industries
23 Autonomous in-space assembly and manufacturing moves closer to reality
24 Apollo Fusion propulsion systems selected by Saturn Satellite Networks
25 NASA releases best practices handbook to help improve space safety
26 New XLAB facility enhances Aerospace's prototyping capabilities
27 Using fabric to "listen" to space dust
28 Danger in sun-synchronous orbits
29 SpacePath ships compact, lightweight high-power amplifiers for European SATCOM project
30 Computer from RUAG Space controls environmental satellite Sentinel-6
31 Oldest carbonates in the solar system
32 New Mars rover may collect first sounds recorded on another planet
33 Gravity Assist: Mars Takes a Breath, with Jen Eigenbrode
34 A new look at Mars' eerie, ultraviolet nighttime glow
35 NASA's MAVEN observes Martian night sky pulsing in ultraviolet light
36 Mars orbiter spots return of long, thin cloud on Red Planet
37 ExoMars finds new gas signatures in the martian atmosphere
38 Electrically charged dust storms drive Martian chlorine cycle
39 MAVEN maps electric currents around Mars that are fundamental to atmospheric loss
40 Nanocardboard flyers could serve as martian atmospheric probes
41 Waves in thin Martian air with wide effects
42 Holding the system of HR 8799 together
43 A 'super-puff' planet like no other
44 Astronomers finally measure polarized light from exoplanet
45 A Tale of Planetary Resurrection
46 Astronomers detect possible radio emission from exoplanet
47 Hubble identifies strange exoplanet that behaves like a "Planet Nine"
48 Rochester researchers uncover key clues about the solar system's history
49 Fast-moving gas flowing away from young star's asteroid belt may be caused by icy comet vaporisation
50 Rapid-forming giants could disrupt spiral protoplanetary discs giants
51 A planet-forming disk still fed by the mother cloud
52 Here's Looking at You, MKID
53 A terrestrial-mass planet on the run?
54 Ariel moves from blueprint to reality
55 Radioactive elements may be crucial to the habitability of rocky planets
56 New exoplanet model tells astronomers where to look using 4 simple variables
57 Stars and planets grow up together as siblings
58 Assessing the habitability of planets around old red dwarfs
59 Light-controlled Higgs modes found in superconductors
60 X-Rays surrounding 'Magnificent 7' may be traces of sought-after particle
61 Discovery of quantum behavior in insulators suggests possible new particle
62 Scientists entangle atoms using heat
63 Sustained teleportation of quantum information achieved in test
64 Mapping out a transient atom
65 Ultracold atoms reveal a new type of quantum magnetic behavior
66 Breakthrough in nuclear physics
67 Scientists make sound-waves from a quantum vacuum at the Black Hole laboratory
68 No matter the size of a nuclear party, some protons and neutrons will pair up and dance
69 Scientists work to shed light on Standard Model of particle physics
70 Scientists find upper limit for the speed of sound
71 Molecular swarm rearranges surface structures atom by atom
72 Hunting for the lowest known nuclear-excited state
73 New approach to exotic quantum matter
74 Why there is no speed limit in the superfluid universe
75 New calculation refines comparison of matter with antimatter
76 Scientists find black holes could reach 'stupendously large' sizes
77 Could we harness energy from black holes
78 NASA missions help investigate an 'old faithful' active galaxy
79 On the Hunt for a Missing Giant Black Hole
80 Black hole or no black hole: On the outcome of neutron star collisions
81 Final dance of unequal black hole partners
82 RUDN University physicist developed software solution to measure the black holes stability
83 The black hole always chirps twice: New clues deciphering the shape of black holes
84 A RUDN University physicist simplified the Einstein-lovelock theory for black holes
85 Very Large Telescope finds 6 galaxies trapped in web of black hole
86 Cosmic X-rays reveal an indubitable signature of black holes
87 RIT scientists contribute to the first discovery of an intermediate-mass black hole
88 Brazilian researcher proposes universal mechanism for ejection of matter by black holes
89 Evidence of intermediate state of matter between crystal and liquid
90 The seven rocky planets of TRAPPIST-1 seem to have very similar compositions
91 Astronomers discover first cloudless, Jupiter-like planet
92 The 7 rocky TRAPPIST-1 planets may be made of similar stuff
93 Galaxies hit single, doubles, and a triple growing black holes
94 Record-breaking laser link could help us test whether Einstein was right
95 Ripples in space-time could provide clues to missing components of the universe
96 Baghdad's wristwatch repairman is a timeless treasure
97 New type of atomic clock keeps time even more precisely
98 Advanced atomic clock makes a better dark matter detector
99 Timekeeping theory combines quantum clocks and Einstein's relativity
100 Atomic clocks experience the quantum phenomenon called superposition
101 Zeptoseconds: new world record in short time measurement
102 Signals from distant stars connect optical atomic clocks across Earth for the first time
103 Magnetic waves explain mystery of Sun's outer layer
104 China's first solar probe to be lofted in 2022
105 Alpha particles lurk at the surface of neutron-rich nuclei
106 Reconstructing the solar system's original architecture
107 Unveiling the double origin of cosmic dust in the distant Universe
108 Wind bands, jet streams spotted on nearest brown dwarf
109 Deep Dive into a Galaxy Cluster
110 Framework agreement facilitates future slot bookings by ESA