File Title
1 Researchers propose that humidity from masks may lessen severity of COVID-19
2 NASA's TESS discovers new worlds in a river of young stars
3 Dark-skinned teens, females prime targets of acne's psychological fallout
4 Study suggests sounds influence the developing brain earlier than previously thought
5 Star-shaped brain cells may be linked to stuttering
6 Bacterial degradation of the MYC oncogene--a new cancer treatment strategy?
7 NIH research funding to support surgeon scientists is rising
8 Computer love
9 Liquid biopsy for colorectal cancer could guide therapy for tumors
10 'Sex, lasers and male competition:' fruit flies win genetic race with rivals
11 Study contradicts belief that whales learn songs from one another
12 UTEP professor's study may lead to solutions for overeating
13 Scientists manipulate magnets at the atomic scale
14 The effects of antidepressant drugs evaluated through the analysis of patients' tweet
15 Electric transmission operators could benefit from temperature-dependent resource adequacy modeling
16 Medication-based starvation of cancer cells
17 Hubble uncovers concentration of small black holes
18 Sweet coating for sour bones
19 NIH experts discuss SARS-CoV-2 viral variants
20 The Lancet: COVID-19 vaccination potential will not be achieved without increased production, affordable pricing, global availability, and successful rollout
21 Identifying risk factors for elevated anxiety in young adults during COVID-19 pandemic
22 New insight into protein structures that could treat Huntington's disease
23 Biodiversity protects bee communities from disease
24 Increasing hurricane intensity around Bermuda linked to rising ocean temperatures
25 Going the distance--insights into how cancer cells spread
26 Study explores neurocognitive basis of bias against people who look different
27 Here comes the new generation of climate models: the future of rainfall in the Alps
28 Flowers of St. John's Wort serve as green catalyst
29 Producing more sustainable hydrogen with composite polymer dots
30 Antitumoral effects of LXR activation
31 New study identifies the main genetic causes of autoimmune Addison's disease
32 Algorithm that performs as accurately as dermatologists
33 Instant death from heart attack more common in people who do not exercise
34 UrFU Mathematician's new methods for solving optimal control problem of objects
35 Scientists identify how harmless gut bacteria "turn bad"
36 Citizens versus the internet
37 Detecting single molecules and diagnosing diseases with a smartphone
38 50 years since decimalisation: A very British compromise
39 T cells depressed
40 Limited transmission of COVID-19 from open schools but teachers were affected
41 Study shows airborne particulate matter is also contaminated with tobacco smoke-driven particulates
42 Researchers have broken the code for cell communication
43 How comparable different stress tests are
44 Changing the connection between the hemispheres affects speech perception
45 Interaction between iodonium and silver cation was demonstrated for the first time
46 New discovery could pave the way for improved treatments for diabetes
47 Applying quantum computing to a particle process
48 More trees do not always create a cooler planet, Clark University geographer finds
49 Promising new approach to stop growth of brain cancer cells
50 Drone-based photogrammetry: A reliable and low-cost method for estimating plant biomass
51 Grasshoppers and roadblocks: Coping with COVID-19 in rural Mexico
52 Study reveals mutations that drive therapy-related myeloid neoplasms in children
53 New class of drug leads to 30% reduced risk of death for bladder cancer patients
54 Detecting multiple sepsis biomarkers from whole blood--made fast, accurate, and cheap
55 New synthetic peptides could attenuate atherosclerosis
56 Young planets with teenage sun give space studies a lift
57 Lemurs show there's no single formula for lasting love
58 Green tea compound aids tumor-suppressing, DNA-repairing protein
59 'See through soil' could help farmers deal with future droughts
60 ACC urges COVID-19 vaccine prioritization for highest risk heart disease patients
61 Metabolic response behind reduced cancer cell growth
62 Researchers identify potential revolutionary new drug treatment for fatal childhood cancer
63 Gene-based blood test for melanoma spread evaluates treatment progress
64 Birds can 'read' the Earth's magnetic signature well enough to get back on course
65 Disease epidemic possibly caused population collapse in Central Africa 1600-1400 years ago
66 Research highlights ways to protect astronaut cardiovascular health from space radiation
67 Immunotherapy--targeted drug combination improves survival in advanced kidney cancer
68 Cabozantinib most effective treatment for metastatic papillary kidney cancer
69 Aspirin preferred to prevent blood clots in kids after heart surgery
70 Evidence shows how the human brain may tap into visual cues when lacking a sense of touch
71 Luminescent windows generate energy from inside and out
72 International study reveals exceptional property of next generation optical fibers
73 New insight into antibody-induced protective immunity to COVID-19
74 Epigenetic mechanisms allow native Peruvians to thrive at high altitudes
75 Evolution of cereal spikes
76 Dopamine is key to the mystery of metabolic dysfunction in psychiatric patients
77 Climate change forces rethinking of conservation biology planning
78 New study of goals and beliefs during COVID-19 lockdown shows people still care
79 Collagen structures get the royal reveal
80 New hope for treating chronic pain without opioids
81 Researchers demonstrate self-sterilizing polymers work against SARS-CoV-2
82 Moffitt uses mathematical modeling to identify factors that determine adaptive therapy success
83 Oncotarget: AKT isoforms have discrete expression in triple negative breast cancers
84 Regular caffeine consumption affects brain structure
85 Oncotarget: Cancer stem cells and macrophages against cancer
86 Kagome graphene promises exciting properties
87 Shrubs and soils: A hot topic in the cool tundra
88 Oncotarget: Hemoglobin increases the effectiveness of chemotherapy in lung cancer
89 New tool predicts the success of extubating patients on intensive mechanical ventilation
90 Integrating maths and plant science to explain how plant roots generate a hormone gradient
91 Enormous ancient fish discovered by accident
92 TV and film 'thump' is not effective alternative to CPR, Warwick researchers demonstrate
93 Scientists developed a novel method of automatic soil mapping
94 Child brain tumors can be classified by advanced imaging and AI
95 Dual character of excitons in the ultrafast regime: atomic-like or solid-like?
96 Researchers measure temperature effect of plasmon in chemical reactions using organic "sensors"
97 Researchers discover promising biomarkers to diagnose mild traumatic brain injury
98 Graphene "nano-origami" creates tiniest microchips yet
99 Let the immune cell see the virus: Scientists discover unique way to target common virus
100 Graphene "nano-origami" creates tiniest microchips yet
101 Let the immune cell see the virus: Scientists discover unique way to target common virus
102 Researchers develop algorithm to find possible misdiagnosis
103 The vertical evolution of volatile organic compounds vary between winter and summer
104 Almost half of virus sufferers report depression
105 Water is a probable vector for mammalian virus transmission
106 Method for temporal monitoring of microplastic sedimentation
107 New discovery may enable accurate prediction of cancer spread before cancer develops
108 New microscopy analysis allows discovery of central adhesion complex
109 The water surface is a fantastic place for chemical reactions