File Title
1 Twitter unveils 'community-driven' effort to fight misinformation
2 Wuhan bustles a year after world's first coronavirus lockdown
3 China defends COVID-19 response after criticism by experts
4 Indonesian medics overwhelmed by quake casualties
5 Indonesia landslide toll rises to 21 as rescuers search for missing
6 Toboggan accident crash test: Without helmet, serious injuries even at low speeds
7 Migrant crossings down 13% in 2020 due to COVID: EU
8 Geopolitics made pandemic far worse: expert
9 Norway rescuers seek landslide survivors into the night
10 Scores dead in PNG landslide; 10 missing after Norway mudslide; Aid arrives for Croatians
11 Lives cut short: the American children lost to stray bullets
12 Decision time soon for Biden on Iran nuclear deal
13 Iran says armed forces member involved in nuclear scientist's murder
14 Macron offers to be 'honest broker' in US-Iran talks
15 Iran FM asks Europe to coordinate US return to nuclear deal
16 Top US diplomat Blinken sees long road to Iran deal
17 Iran says no intention to expel IAEA inspectors
18 Iran president hails end of 'tyrant' Trump
19 European powers warn Iran over uranium metal plans
20 Iran advances research on uranium metal production
21 Iran wants 'snapback' erased from nuclear deal: Khamenei advisor
22 Why is Iran enriching uranium to 20%
23 US says Iran enrichment move 'nuclear extortion'
24 Iran 'undermining opportunity' for nuclear diplomacy: Europe powers
25 Taliban warn NATO to push ahead with troop withdrawal in Afghanistan
26 Lost birds can use Earth's magnetic signature to get back on track
27 Hiking surge leaves wild cows starving on Hong Kong island
28 Tamed Gabonese monkeys face long journey back to the wild
29 Rhino poaching down a third during lockdown in S. Africa
30 Nicaragua operation rescues two endangered jaguar cubs
31 EU chief calls for Paris-style biodiversity pact
32 The surprises of color evolution
33 Babysitting birds help elderly warbler parents raise their young
34 Israel studies new forest home for endangered mountain gazelle
35 Study: Game of Thrones' dire wolves, gray wolves were different species
36 Champs-Elysees to be turned into new Paris garden
37 China jails 17 for smuggling pangolin scales worth $28 million
38 Poachers' paradise: Gulf hunts fuel Pakistan falcon trafficking
39 Gut cells alert immune system to invading parasites
40 Self-deleting genes could control mosquito populations
41 Howling into the void? US wolf recovery endangered by Trump
42 Big-brained mammals tend to be less abundant than their smaller-brained peers
43 As planet warms, delay between tree leaf unfolding, flowering grows wider
44 Two smuggled Indonesian orangutans fly home from Thailand
45 Google parent Alphabet valuation hit $1 trillion
46 Microsoft pledges to be 'carbon negative' by 2030
47 'Invisible computing' startup unveils smart contact lens
48 London heads European investment in tech sector: study
49 China overtakes US as EU's biggest trading partner
50 US, WHO push China for data from early days of contagion
51 WHO experts want 'more data' from China on possible early COVID cases
52 US seeks more info from China after WHO COVID probe
53 US has 'concerns' on COVID info from China after WHO probe
54 WHO chief says all COVID origins hypotheses still open
55 Lasers reveal the secret interior of rocky exoplanets
56 Scientists develop new, faster method for seeking out dark matter
57 Student astronomer finds galactic missing matter
58 Searching for dark matter through the fifth dimension
59 How heavy is dark matter
60 Dark Energy Survey makes public catalog of nearly 700 million astronomical objects
61 Hubble uncovers concentration of small black holes
62 Vaporised crusts of Earth-like planets found in dying stars
63 Chinese tracking vessel sets sail for monitoring missions in Indian Ocean
64 China's 'space dream': A Long March to the Moon and beyond
65 SwRI scientist proposes a new timeline for Mars terrains
66 UAE's 'Hope' probe to be first in trio of Mars missions
67 Tianwen 1 probe set to enter Mars orbit before New Year
68 Teaching an Old Spacecraft New Tricks to Continue Exploring the Moon
69 NASA awards contract to launch initial elements for lunar outpost
70 How to Get Water on the Moon
71 NASA grants renewal and funding for deep space health protections
72 'Say ahh': Chinese robots take throat swabs to fight COVID outbreak
73 NASA studies fruit flies to understand astronaut sleep cycles
74 Brain prosthesis that may restore some vision shows promise in monkeys
75 Ceramic chips inside meteorites hint at wild days of the early solar system
76 Oldest carbonates in the solar system
77 The Planetary Society Presents NASA Recommendations to the Biden-Harris Administration
78 Early crewed travel to Mars
79 Dubai creates 'space court' for out-of-this-world disputes
80 Exposing unmentionable human functions in space
81 Best way to get around the Solar System
82 NASA explores upper limits of global navigation systems for Artemis
83 Researchers discover a new superhighway system in the Solar System
84 Resolving mysteries about the first stellar parallaxes and distances
85 NASA weighs options for additional Soyuz Mission to ISS
86 For billionaire Jared Isaacman, the space tourism era begins
87 Astronauts of India's first human spaceflight will be treated to Indian cuisine
88 Out-of-this-world wine back in Bordeaux after space station trip
89 NASA will pay $500,000 for good ideas on food production in space
90 Cultivating plant growth in space
91 Space-bred seeds offer valuable opportunities
92 Rice seeds carried to the moon and back sprout
93 Fertilizer made from urine could enable space agriculture
94 Rad dishes in space
95 From capsules to cranberries, NASA helps keep Thanksgiving food safe
96 Crops bred in space produce heavenly results
97 Homemade space food for Matthias Maurer
98 Innovative solutions to more reliably recycle space station wastewater
99 Russian Cosmonauts to test new system extracting water from urine on ISS
100 Calnetix Technologies Supplies Key Components for NASA's Next-Generation CO2 Removal System
101 InSight Is meeting the challenge of winter on dusty Mars
102 Making methane on Mars
103 Precise braking helps China's Tianwen 1 probe enter Mars orbit
104 Scientists detect water vapour emanating from Mars
105 Powerful electrical events quickly alter surface chemistry on Mars
106 Mars Is Getting a New Robotic Meteorologist
107 Research highlights ways to protect astronaut cardiovascular health from space radiation
108 Russian cosmonauts to test new shielding material for radiation protection
109 New radiation vest technology protects astronauts, doctors
110 Microchip adds COTS 64Mbit flash memory device to its radiation-tolerant lineup