File Title
1 Ending the Rat Race: How Evolution Can Change Science for the Better
2 First-Ever Shot With Explosives Conducted at the National Ignition Facility
3 Standard Water Treatment Technique Removes and Inactivates Enveloped Viruses
4 COVID-19 Lockdowns Caused Cleaner Air--And Warmed the Planet
5 Counting Elephants From Space: Using Computer Algorithms in Conservation of Endangered Wildlife
6 New Fastener With Microscopic Mushroom Shapes Could Be an Improved Version of Velcro
7 Soil Bacteria Hormone Discovery Provides Fertile Ground for New, Improved Antibiotics
8 Discoveries at the Edge of the Periodic Table: First Ever Measurements of Einsteinium Reveals Unexpected Properties
9 A-68A: Is This the End of One of the Largest Icebergs of All Time?
10 A Neil Armstrong for Mars: Landing the Mars 2020 Perseverance Rover
11 Technology Breakthrough Paves Way for Fast and Cheap Fabrication of Rapid Medical Diagnostic Tools
12 Eavesdropping Marmosets Understand Other Monkeys' Conversations--And They Judge
13 SETI Researchers Have a New Theory About What Is Causing Landslides on the Surface of Mars
14 New Method Developed to Create "Food Inks" for 3D Printing Fresh Vegetables
15 Study Links Brain Cells to Depression--Brings Hope for Targeted Treatment Options
16 Building Equity Into COVID-19 Vaccine Distribution: How Therapies Can Be Allocated Fairly
17 Hidden World Just Below the Surface: Scientists Discover Ocean "Surface Slicks" Are Nurseries for Diverse Fishes
18 Drinking Coffee, Green Tea Lowers Risk of Death for Heart Attack and Stroke Survivors
19 As Oceans Warm, Large Fish Struggle to Extract the Oxygen They Need From Their Environment
20 Polluted Water as a Source of Fertilizer
21 Scientists Discover How Fast-Flying Bats Are Able to Reach Great Heights of Over 1,600 Meters
22 Some Sperms Poison Their Competitors: A Genetic Factor Helps Sperm Cells Outcompete Their Peers
23 Harvard Scientists Trilayer Graphene Breakthrough Opens the Door for High Temperature Superconductors
24 NASA's Mars Perseverance Technology Pays Off Back Home
25 Mysterious Organic Scum Boosts Chemical Reaction Efficiency--Discovery May Reduce Environmental Impact of Manufacturing
26 Study Finds That Social Distancing Isn't Just Good for the Community--It Lowers Your Personal Odds of Getting COVID-19
27 Strange Impact--Shopping Online? Here's What You Should Know About User Reviews
28 Plants Control the Genetics of Microbes With Which They Live in Symbiosis
29 True Identity of Mysterious High-Energy Gamma-Ray Source Revealed
30 Cheap Gout Drug Help Cuts Need for Oxygen Therapy and Hospital Stay in COVID-19 Patients
31 Doctors Warn: Two Completely Separate Bouts of COVID-19 Infection Possible
32 Identifying "The Terrorist Inside My Husband's Brain"--Living Brain Imaging Can Clearly Differentiate Between Types of Dementia
33 Severely Frail Individuals With COVID-19 Are 3x More Likely to Die
34 How to Reduce Greenhouse Gas? Tips From Methane-Eating Microbes
35 Genetic Analysis Reveals Evolution of the Enigmatic Y Chromosome in Great Apes
36 New Artificial Intelligence Tool Can Thwart COVID-19 Mutations
37 Analyzing Ancient DNA From 50,000-Year-Old Poop Reveals Secrets of Neanderthals' Gut Microbiota
38 Silicon Anode Nanostructure Generates New Potential for Lithium-Ion Batteries
39 A Phonon Laser--Efficient Generation of Coherent Vibrations From a Self-Breathing Resonator
40 Climate Change May Have Driven the Emergence of SARS-CoV-2, the Virus That Caused the COVID-19 Pandemic
41 Not All Banking Crises Involve Panics--Yet They Can Still Lead to Economy-Wide Downturns
42 Firefly Aerospace Selected by NASA for Artemis Commercial Moon Delivery in 2023
43 Puzzling Astrophysics of Quasars in the Early Universe
44 A Surprising Cycle: Researchers Discover an Immense Hydrocarbon Cycle in the World's Ocean
45 What in the World Are NASA Moon Trees?
46 COVID-19 Pandemic Caused "Staggering" Economic, Human Impact in Developing Countries
47 Immune Boosting Nasal Spray: Protects Against COVID-19, Is Also Effective Against the Common Cold
48 Swift, TESS Catch Eruptions from an Active Galaxy [Video]
49 Physicists' Clever Experiment Shows How Complex Oscillations in a Quantum System Simplify With Time
50 A Mosaic of Fire Data: Using Radar Data to Decipher How Well Landscapes Recover After Major Fires
51 Ancient Crocodiles' Shadowy Family Tree Reveals Unexpected Twists and Turns
52 Exploring Earth From Space: Japan in Bloom [Video]
53 Stimulus Relief Funds Increase Social Distancing to Help Stop Spread of COVID-19
54 The First Steps Toward a Quantum Brain: An Intelligent Material That Learns by Physically Changing Itself
55 How Wombats Produce Cube-Shaped Poo Through a Round Hole
56 NASA Awards Nearly $1 Million to University Teams to Develop Ways to Deal With Moon Dust
57 Protein Discovery in the Development of New Hearing Hair Cells Could Lead to Treatments for Hearing Loss
58 The SARS-CoV-2 Virus Mutates Fast: The Science You Need to Understand About Coronavirus Variants and COVID-19 Vaccines
59 Snake Scale Microstructures Reveal Secrets of Sidewinding and Slithering
60 Happy New Year on Mars--Year 36
61 Atomic Design for a Carbon-Free Planet--"To Help Save Earth, Essentially"
62 Could a Human Enter a Black Hole to Study It--And Survive the Event Horizon?
63 Switching Nanolight On and Off: A New Way to Program Light on an Ultra-Small Scale
64 Observations of Molecular Gas in a Tidal Dwarf Galaxy Sheds Light on How Stars Form
65 Scientists Realize Efficient Generation of High-Dimensional Quantum Teleportation
66 Four New Exoplanets Orbiting a Nearby Sun-Like Star Discovered by TESS
67 Charges Cascading Along a Molecular Chain: Paving the Way for Information Transfer in Tiny Circuits
68 Luggage-Sized Cryogenic Camera to Take Pictures of Exoplanets
69 A Black Computing Pioneer Takes His Place in Technology History at MIT
70 Hybrid-Electric Plane Concept May Reduce Aviation's Air Pollution Problem
71 NASA Remembers Millie Hughes-Fulford--Flew Aboard the Space Shuttle Columbia
72 Successful High-Resolution Moon Imaging Test Paves Way for New Planetary Radar
73 Experimental Antiviral Drug Can Significantly Speed Up COVID-19 Recovery
74 Happy Childhood? That's No Guarantee for Good Mental Health Later in Life
75 Aeolus Mission Shines a Light on Complex Phenomenon of the Polar Vortex
76 New Research Highlights the Best Style and Fabrics for COVID-19 Face Masks
77 Gold Rush in the Peruvian Amazon Leads to Deforestation
78 Mars Missions From China and UAE Are Set to Go Into Orbit--Here's What You Need to Know
79 Lasing Mechanism Discovered in Water Droplets
80 Comprehensive Genetic Map Reveals Circuitry of 30,000 Human Disease Regions
81 Childhood Diet Has Lifelong Impact--You Are What You Eat AND What You Ate as a Child
82 Experiments Probe Carbon's Crystal Structure at Record Pressures--Five Times the Pressure in Earth's Core
83 Fascinating Physics Behind Why Food Sticks to Nonstick Frying Pans
84 Mapping the Most Mysterious Planet of All: Earth
85 Most Americans Say They'll Continue Health Precautions After the COVID-19 Pandemic
86 A Cosmic Hourglass--Bipolar Planetary Nebula Captured by Hubble
87 Winner-Takes-All Synthetic Gene Circuit Process Opens New Pathways to Treat Cancer and Other Diseases
88 Recognizing Liars From the Sound of Their Voice? Here's How to Sound Confident and Honest
89 Half of Global Wastewater Untreated--Equivalent to 70 Million Olympic-Sized Swimming Pools Each Year
90 Fallstreak Holes: Unusual Atmospheric Phenomenon Wows People in the Southern United States
91 The Very Large Array: Powerful Astronomical Shapeshifter
92 A Billion Years in 40 Seconds: Mesmerizing Video Reveals the Evolution Our Dynamic Planet
93 New Research Shows Cannabis Reduces Blood Pressure in Older Adults With Hypertension
94 Iodine Oxoacids Formed in Oceans Have Major Impact on Climate and Human Health
95 Evolutionary Rosetta Stone--New Insight Into the Biology of a Deadly Fungus
96 A Threat to Business and Financial Markets: Misuse of Climate Data
97 Biochemical Clues Reveal How Some Corals Resist Bleaching From Climate Change That Is Killing Coral Reefs
98 Next-Generation Hybrid Photovoltaic-Thermal Solar Technology Efficiency Limits
99 A New Kind of Magnetism Formed by "Magnetic Graphene"--Could Reveal Secrets of Superconductivity
100 Intriguing Remains of a Rare Stellar Explosion Discovered in Milky Way Center
101 STINGing Tumors With Nanoparticles--Boosting the Body's Innate Immune System to Fight Cancer
102 Better Understanding Aerosols and the Reasons Behind Arctic Amplified Warming
103 Mira's Last Journey: Extreme-Scale Exploration of the Dark Universe
104 Pangolin Coronavirus Could Jump to Humans--Similarities Found Between SARS-CoV-2 and a Pangolin Coronavirus
105 Scientific Research Uncovers Benefits of Reading Outdoors
106 From Heat to Spin to Electricity: Understanding Spin Transport in Thermoelectric Devices
107 Study of Supergiant Star Betelgeuse Unveils the Cause of Its Pulsations--Not at All Close to Exploding
108 NASA and International Partners Assess Mission to Map Ice on Mars
109 Nanomaterials: The Invisible Killer Lurking in Our Consumer Products
110 Groundbreaking New Study Compares Vegan and Mediterranean Diets for Weight Loss and Cholesterol Control