File Title
1 New Black Hole Merger Simulations Could Power Next-Gen. Gravitational Wave Detectors
2 NASA's Perseverance Rover Just 20 Days From Mars Landing
3 Huge International Effort: Forty Years of Coral Spawning Captured in One Place for the First Time
4 Heart Recovery After Heart Attack Mapped in Great Detail
5 Engineers Create Tiny Threads That Sense How and When You Move in Real-Time
6 Solis Dorsum, Mars--ExoMars Orbiter's 20,000th Image
7 Update on SARS-CoV-2 Variants: Genetic Mutations in the Virus That Causes COVID-19
8 Nuclear Nino--Nuclear War Could Trigger Big El Nino and Decrease Seafood
9 DNA-Based Nanogel for Targeted Chemotherapy
10 Two Spacecraft Designed to Study the Sun Also Got Some Recent Peeks at Earth and Other Planets
11 Extreme Events in Quantum Cascade Lasers Enable an Optical Neuron System 10,000 x Faster Than Biological Neurons
12 Reindeer Lichens Are Having More Sex Than Thought--Unexpected Levels of Genetic Diversity
13 Smartphone-Based COVID-19 Test Developed That Delivers Results in 10 Minutes
14 New Supercomputer View of Seismic Hazards: Simulating 800,000 Years of California Earthquake History to Pinpoint Risks
15 Our Gut-Brain Connection Revealed by "Organs-on-a-Chip" System
16 Our Planet Is Losing Ice at Record Rate--In Line With the Worst-Case Climate Warming Scenarios
17 Hacking 3D Images With LED Room Lighting and a Smartphone
18 Melatonin Produced in the Lungs Prevents COVID-19 Infection
19 Unique Planetary System With Rhythmic Orbital Resonance Revealed by Exoplanet Watcher Cheops
20 Surprisingly Fast Transport in Carbon Nanotube Membranes Could Advance Human Health
21 A Little Soap Simplifies Making 2D Nanoflakes of Hexagonal Boron Nitride
22 NOAA Scientists: 2020 Was Earth's 2nd-Hottest Year on Record, Just Behind 2016
23 COVID-19: Microwaves Used to Deactivate Coronavirus, Flu, Other Aerosolized Viruses
24 Marijuana Use Typically Drops at the Beginning of Each Year, Then Climbs in Summer and Fall
25 Distant Colliding Galaxy Dying Out As It Loses the Ability to Form Stars--Ejecting 10,000 Suns-Worth of Gas a Year
26 Astronomers Uncover New Details About the Remarkable Seven Rocky Planets of TRAPPIST-1
27 Evolution in Action Revealed by Stunning New Starfish-Like Fossil
28 Four Exoplanets--Including a Super-Earth Planet--Discovered by High School Students
29 Thinning Surface Layer of Ocean Leaves Waters More Susceptible to Extreme Warming Events
30 Science Made Simple: What Is a Tokamak?
31 Ancient European Money: Hoards Full of Standardized Bronze Rings, Ribs and Axe Blades
32 Exploring Earth From Space: Lake Titicaca [Video]
33 How Vitamins, Steroids and Potential Antivirals Might Might Help Combat COVID-19
34 NASA Conducts Hot Fire Test of RS-25 Engine for Artemis SLS Moon Rocket
35 Artificial Intelligence Generated Artwork Sells for $432,500--Is AI a Simple Tool or Creative Genius?
36 Deepening Mystery: Astronomers on the Hunt for a Missing Supermassive Black Hole [Video]
37 Incredible 635 Million-Year-Old Fungi-Like Microfossil That Bailed Our Planet Out of an Ice Age
38 Medieval Injuries: Inequality in Cambridge Was "Recorded on the Bones" of Its Residents
39 Shining a New Light on Dark Energy: DES Releases Catalog of 700 Million Objects
40 Gold Mining in Russia's Central Aldan Ore District Seen From Space
41 Preserved With Life-Like Fidelity, 100 Million-Year-Old Beetle Is Fireflies' Missing Fossil Link
42 High-Entropy Alloys: Islands Without Structure Inside Metal Alloys for Tougher Materials
43 Rocks Show Mars Once Felt Like Iceland: Crater Study Offers Window on Temperatures 3.5 Billion Years Ago
44 Oldest Carbonates in the Solar System--Heidelberg Ion Probe Used to Date Flensburg Meteorite
45 Lunar Gateway Instruments to Improve Space Weather Forecasting for Artemis Astronauts
46 Rebooting 50 Years of Plant Advice to Solve One of Nature's Biggest Challenges
47 Hyperchaos Phenomenon Used to Model Complex Quantum Systems at a Fraction of the Computing Power
48 New Biosensors Quickly Detect COVID-19 Coronavirus Proteins and Antibodies
49 NASA's Artemis Base Camp on the Moon Will Need Light, Water and Elevation
50 How Coronavirus Damages Lung Cells Within Mere Hours--And What Drugs Could Halt COVID-19 Infection
51 Four Steps for Earth: A Holistic Approach to Transform Humanity's Relationship With Nature and Save the Planet
52 Boosting the Efficiency of Electrochemical Carbon Capture and Conversion Systems
53 Physicists Guide a Single Ion Through a Bose-Einstein Condensate
54 Solving a 100-Year-Old Paradox: Why Cancer Cells Waste So Much Energy
55 125,000 Lives Could Be Saved in the U.S. if 50% Initiate COVID Vaccination by March 1
56 MIT Climate and Sustainability Consortium: Influential Industry Leaders Convened in the Fight Against Climate Change
57 A Powerful Ion Microscope Developed to Study Quantum Gases
58 NASA's Roman Space Telescope Will Probe Galaxy's Core for Hot Jupiters and Brown Dwarfs
59 Deterrence With Imperfect Attribution: A Better Kind of Cybersecurity Strategy
60 Who Gets Mystified? Hubble Captures the Grandeur of a Cosmic Beauty
61 New Strategies for Designing Efficient Electroluminescent Materials
62 Using Lasers to Create Miniature Robots From Bubbles [Video]
63 Organic Biomorphs: Experiments Show the Record of Early Life Could Be Full of "False Positives"
64 Scientists Create Advanced, More Powerful Superconducting Magnet for Next Generation Light Sources
65 Solving Complex Physics Problems at Lightning Speed--20 Years of Calculations in 1 Hour
66 Making Meals More Nutritious (Micronutrients and Shortfall Nutrients): Just Add Mushrooms
67 Science Made Simple: What Is Dark Matter?
68 Pelican Island: America's First National Wildlife Refuge
69 Fluid Dynamics Expert Explains How to Reduce the Risk of COVID-19 Airborne Transmission Inside a Car
70 Algorithm for Algal Rhythms: Red Sea Atlas of Algal Blooms Reveals the Need for More Sustainable Fish Farming
71 Development of Next-Generation Crops: Research Catches Up to World's Fastest-Growing Plant
72 Chemistry, Not Magic: Batteries That Can Be Assembled in Ambient Air
73 New Technology Could Dramatically Lower Cost of Electron Sources--For Night Vision, Particle Accelerators and More
74 World-First Study Reveals Human Activity Forces Animals to Move 70% Further to Survive
75 The Biggest Bang--Physicists Create Tunable Superconductivity in Twisted Graphene "Nanosandwich"
76 Extended Dark Matter Halo Detected Around Ancient Dwarf Galaxy--"First Signature of Galactic Cannibalism"
77 Skeleton Key Can Unlock a Brain: New Realm of Personalized Medicine With Brain Stimulation
78 Unsolved Mysteries: New Evidence That King Richard III Murdered "The Princes in the Tower"
79 Backreaction Phenomenon Observed for First Time in Water Tank Black Hole Simulation
80 Discovery Could Lead to Self-Propelled Robots--Using Only Energy Flow From Their Environment
81 Searching for Dark Matter Through the Fifth Dimension--New Theoretical Physics Discovery to Help Unravel the Mysteries of Dark Matter
82 Could the Surface of the Martian Moon Phobos Reveal Secrets of Mars' Past?
83 Giant Magnetofossils: Mysterious Magnetic Fossils Offer Past Climate Clues
84 Autism Spectrum Disorder May Be Caused by Defects in the Mitochondria of Brain Cells
85 Record Shows Ancient Temperature Variations Coinciding With Shifts in the Planet's Biodiversity
86 Physics of Snakeskin Sheds Light on Specialized Sidewinding Locomotion of Sidewinder Snakes
87 Sandwich Structure: New Method for Generating and Directing X-rays
88 COVID-19 Intensive Care Mortality in Sweden Lower Than in Many Other Countries--Here Are the Factors Driving Mortality
89 Physicists Surprise Discovery: Intracluster Light May Provide a New Way to Measure Dark Matter
90 NASA Astronauts Complete Four-Year Effort to Upgrade the Batteries of the International Space Station's Power System
91 The Brain, in Living Color: Scientists Paint Multicolor Atlas of the Brain
92 Potentially Damaging Surface Ozone Levels Rose in COVID Lockdown
93 Chemists Succeed in Synthesis of Aminoalcohols by Utilizing Blue Light
94 Gut-Brain Connection: Specific Bacteria in the Gut Prompt Mother Mice To Neglect Their Pups
95 No More Needles for Diagnostic Tests? Engineers Develop Nearly Pain-Free Microneedle Patch
96 Complex Mechanics of the Evolution of the Universe: The Secrets of 3000 Galaxies Laid Bare
97 Two Scientists Have Figured Out What Caused Saturn's Tilt
98 MIT's New Neural Network: "Liquid" Machine-Learning System Adapts to Changing Conditions
99 High-Intensity Focused Ultrasound Treats Prostate Cancer With Minimal Side Effects
100 Temperature, Humidity & Wind Predict Second Wave of COVID-19 Pandemic
101 New Research Shows Sea Level Will Rise Faster Than Previously Thought
102 Physicists Using Atomic Magnetometers Find That Venus Flytraps Produce Magnetic Fields
103 Neuroscientists Discover Promising Way to Restore Cognitive Function Impaired by Alzheimer's Disease
104 Bizarre, Never-Seen-Before Activity Spotted From One of the Strongest Magnets in the Universe
105 A Step Closer to Developing "Smart" Stem Cells--Cells With Regenerative Abilities--Made From Human Fat
106 Bioenergy Breakthrough: Cheaper Method Developed to Help Create Fuels From Plants
107 Powerful Antiviral Treatment for COVID-19 Discovered That Could Change How Epidemics Are Managed
108 NASA Apollo 14 "A Wild Place Up Here" [Video]
109 MIT Mirai: Robust Artificial Intelligence Tools To Predict Future Cancer
110 NASA's Psyche Mission to Explore a Metal-Rich Asteroid Passes Key Milestone