File Title
1 A new quantum switch for electronics
2 Facts on the ground: How microplastics in the soil contribute to environmental pollution
3 A new perceptually-consistent method for MSI visualization
4 Want to hire more women? Expand your short list
5 US cities segregated not just by where people live, but where they travel daily
6 Gender gap: Women represent two-thirds of doctorates, only one-third of academic jobs
7 Astronomers confirm solar system's most distant known object is indeed Farfarout
8 New study reveals biodiversity important at regional scales
9 Patient education program with mental health component reduces cardiovascular disease risks
10 Use of mobile stroke units improves clinical outcomes
11 Once bitten, twice shy: the neurology of why one bad curry could put us off for life
12 Study: Reparations for slavery could have reduced COVID-19 infections and deaths in US
13 Ebola is a master of disguise
14 At least 50% of COVID-19 infections come from people who aren't showing symptoms
15 Low-income middle-aged African-American women with hypertension are likely to suffer from depression
16 Climate research: rapid formation of iodic particles over the Arctic
17 A plant's nutrient-sensing abilities can modulate its response to environmental stress
18 New insights to past ecosystems are now available based on pollen and plant traits
19 Scent detection dogs can identify individuals infected with COVID-19
20 Misuse of opioid drugs during pregnancy could have lasting impact on child's development
21 Hope for children with bow hunter syndrome
22 Small mammals climb higher to flee warming temperatures in the Rockies
23 SRC-3 is a novel regulator of human immune T regulatory cells
24 Study: Facing heat illness, dehydration risks, marching bands need access to athletic trainers
25 A new way of forming planets
26 Researchers find delirium in hospitalized patients linked to mortality, disability
27 Insights into the role of DNA repair and Huntington's disease gene mutation open new avenues for drug discovery
28 How shared partisanship leads to social media connections
29 Nanowire could provide a stable, easy-to-make superconducting transistor
30 Handgun ownership associated with firearm suicide
31 One dose of COVID-19 vaccine provokes strong immune response in those previously infected
32 A new strategy to destroy cancer cells using magnetic nanoparticles and fields
33 Rebuilding soil microbiomes in high-tunnel agricultural systems focus of study
34 Recommendations for regional action to combat marine plastic pollution
35 Echocardiographic screening for rheumatic heart disease in Nepal
36 Hubble uncovers concentration of small black holes
37 New research identifies biological causes of muscle weakness in later life
38 New study gives hope of eliminating mother-to-baby transmission of HIV
39 Insilico announces MolGrow--a new generative model for hierarchical molecular generation
40 Stirring up conflicts in tumour cells
41 Study finds even the common house sparrow is declining
42 Combination of pine scent and ozone as super source of particulate emissions
43 Swirlonic super particles baffle physicists
44 Small is big: the need for a holistic approach to manage cerebral small vessel disease
45 Emissions of banned ozone-depleting substance back on decline
46 Study: New prostate cancer test could avoid unnecessary biopsies
47 Coronavirus test from a suitcase
48 LGBT+ workers experience higher levels of conflict at work, shows new report
49 TalTech scientists developed novel immune diagnostics of multiple sclerosis
50 A study analyses breakfast-related advertising in Mediterranean countries
51 Smartphone app to change your personality
52 Ionic liquid uniformly delivers chemotherapy to tumors while destroying cancerous tissue
53 RUDN University mathematician suggested a scheme for solving telegraph equations
54 Nightly sleep of five hours, less, may increase risk of dementia, death among older adults
55 How we sleep and experience psychological symptoms during pandemic
56 Vaporised crusts of Earth-like planets found in dying stars
57 Women better at reading minds than men--new study
58 Wafer-scale production of graphene-based photonic devices
59 Vibrating 2D materials
60 Proper fit of face masks is more important than material, study suggests
61 New study suggests better approach in search for COVID-19 drugs
62 Learning by observation reduces cognitive bias, research suggests
63 Finnish study shows how the uncertainty in the Bitcoin market responds to cyberattacks
64 Lifestyle changes in pregnant women affected babies' genes
65 Protein sequences provide clues to how SARS-CoV-2 infects cells
66 Scientists discovered new physical effects important for the ITER reactor operation
67 Get a load of ZIF! Better delivery of cancer immunotherapy
68 Which conspiracy theory do you believe in?
69 Study predicts UK COVID-19 vaccination program will very quickly reduce deaths but more slowly bring down hospital and ICU admissions
70 Finding the best targets to improve crop yield by following CO2 journey inside the leaf
71 Wake-up call for neural stem cells
72 Genomic test helps estimate risk of prostate cancer metastasis, death
73 Artificial emotional intelligence: a safer, smarter future with 5G and emotion recognition
74 Risk factors associated with COVID-19 ICU admission or death in Argentina
75 Protected areas see continued deforestation but at a reduced rate, OSU research shows
76 Origami-inspired antenna technology for use in small satellites
77 Study identifies never-before-seen dual function in enzyme critical for cancer growth
78 Cold sores: Discovery reveals how stress, illness and even sunburn trigger flareups
79 Mail-in sperm testing system just as reliable in predicting male fertility as tests performed in clinic settings
80 Affordable CRISPR app reveals unintended mutations at site of CRISPR gene repair
81 Prediabetes may be linked to worse brain health
82 Why portraying humans as healthy machines can backfire
83 Tiny population of neurons may have big role in depression
84 Routine blood tests could be key to stopping the silent killer of liver disease
85 New ACIP Adult Immunization Schedule recommends changes to several vaccines, includes interim recommendation for COVID-19 vaccination
86 Gene variants increase risk of Addison's disease
87 The politics of synonyms
88 Self-testing trebles HIV testing rate amongst trans people in randomised trial
89 Preventive blood thinning drugs linked to reduced risk of death in COVID-19 patients
90 Heart failure cases soar globally
91 The time to take low-carbon transition risks seriously is now
92 How do our memories take shape?
93 Aggressive brain tumor mapped in genetic, molecular detail
94 Family ties explain mysterious social life of coral gobies
95 Machine-learning how to create better AAV gene delivery vehicles
96 Bringing bad proteins back into the fold
97 New guidance addresses structural racism in racial and ethnic disparities research
98 Capturing free-space optical light for high-speed wifi
99 The Lancet: New report details devastating impact of the Trump administration's health-harming policies, calls for sweeping reforms
100 Biosensors monitor plant well-being in real time
101 Common pipistrelle bats attracted to wind turbines
102 Compounds from apples may boost brain function
103 Big data reveal threats to minorities policed by white and male officers
104 Artificial intelligence generates new diversity of AAV capsids for broader gene therapy
105 Diversity in policing can improve police-civilian interactions
106 Highly efficient metasurface poised to improve communication and biosensing
107 Chinese people may be more susceptible to obesity-related health risks than other racial, ethnic groups
108 Play and meaty food reduce hunting by cats
109 Genetic ancestry linked to diabetes, heart failure and obesity among Native Hawaiians
110 Heat islands and lack of running water promote dengue fever in Delhi, India
111 Portrait of young galaxy throws theory of galaxy formation on its head
112 Recent efforts haven't improved access to kidney transplantation
113 How a single gene alteration may have separated modern humans from predecessors
114 Mathematical modeling suggests kids half as susceptible to COVID-19 as adults
115 Most people are naturally armed against SARS-CoV-2
116 Polynesian ancestry linked to obesity, heart failure and diabetes in Native Hawaiians
117 Tap water access linked to dengue risk
118 To help keep cats from killing wildlife, add more meat and play to their day
119 Pigs show potential for 'remarkable' level of behavioral, mental flexibility in new study