File Title
1 Electric cable bacteria breathe oxygen with unheard efficiency
2 Virtual reality helping to treat fear of heights
3 Oncotarget: Combination of copanlisib with cetuximab improves tumor response
4 A recipe for regenerating bioengineered hair
5 Long-term stress linked to increased risk of heart attack
6 RUDN University veterinarians tested a new drug against pneumonia in calves
7 A rare observation of a vampire bat adopting an unrelated pup
8 Why overfishing leads to smaller cod
9 Young and restless, old and focused: Age-differences in mind-wandering
10 A scalable method for the large-area integration of 2D materials
11 Vitamin D supplementation: possible gain in life years combined with cost savings
12 'Gamechanger' drug for treating obesity cuts body weight by 20%
13 'Sleep hygiene' should be integrated into epilepsy diagnosis and management--study
14 Difficulties to care for ICU patients caused by COVID-19
15 A new method to search for potentially habitable planets
16 Mediterranean-style diet linked to better thinking skills in later life
17 Cell biology--Overseers of cell death
18 Quantum effects help minimise communication flaws
19 The therapeutic potential of peptides
20 Spectacular 'honeycomb heart' revealed in iconic stellar explosion
21 Placing cosmological constraints on quantum gravity phenomenology
22 Really random networks
23 More deaths in England and Scotland may be due to obesity and excess body fat than smoking
24 Metabolism: Researchers first to shed light on structure of huge enzyme complex
25 Heart disease deaths rising in young women
26 Links between pollution and cancer in wild animals: what can we learn?
27 Discovering structural diverseness of neurons between brain areas and between cases
28 Time perception and sense of touch: a new connection
29 Using Nature's strategies in the development of new drugs
30 Drop the stress
31 Object transparency reduces human perception of three-dimensional shapes
32 Monitoring the body's fat burning by breath
33 Plant-based diet and bone health: adequate calcium and vitamin D intakes should be ensured
34 What's the catch? Algal blooms influence fishing booms
35 Novel analytical tools developed by SMART key to next-generation agriculture
36 Pooping out miracles: scientists reveal mechanism behind fecal microbiota transplantation
37 Where and when is economic decision-making represented in the brain?
38 Cell-selective nanotherapy prevents post-angioplasty restenosis, promotes artery healing
39 White contours induce red hue
40 Genetic markers show Pacific albacore intermingle across equator
41 Depressed moms who breastfeed boost babies' mood, neuroprotection and mutual touch
42 Response to cancer immunotherapy may be affected by genes we carry from birth
43 Sleep keeps teens on track for good mental health
44 Industrial compound gets eco-friendly reaction
45 Black carbon aerosols in Beijing become "slim"
46 Astronomers confirm orbit of most distant object ever observed in our solar system
47 Bone marrow 'map' opens path to organoid-like blood stem cell production
48 Virtual post-sepsis recovery program may also help recovering COVID-19 patients
49 Emerging robotics technology may lead to better buildings in less time
50 A new way to look for life-sustaining planets
51 Brazil: Air conditioning equipment days of use will double without climate action
52 Research reveals why plant diversity is so important for bee diversity
53 Smectite promotes probiotic biofilm formation in gut for cancer immunotherapy
54 New study identifies top-performing point-of-care COVID-19 tests
55 How messenger substances influence individual decision-making
56 Stable armchairlike hexazine N6 ring in tungsten hexanitride
57 Early behavioural problems predict adolescent mental health difficulties
58 Silicon chip provides low cost solution to help machines see the world clearly
59 Discovery of a new law of phase separation
60 The chemistry lab inside cells
61 Tumor-killing liquid offers a safer "bridge" therapy for patients with liver cancer
62 Earliest known conch shell horn plays its tune for the first time in 17,000 years
63 A new vision for AAV-delivered gene therapies
64 Scientists develop new, faster method for seeking out dark matter
65 New wearable device turns the body into a battery
66 Lipid epoxides target pain, inflammatory pathways in neurons
67 Stanford model accounts for behavioral changes during epidemics
68 Common anti-depressant may be first-ever treatment for osteoarthritis
69 Why Black men's prostate cancer may be more responsive to immunotherapy
70 After COVID-19 hit, federal financial aid applications dropped sharply among first-year students
71 Function identified of 'mystery protein' that kills brain cells of people with Parkinson's
72 Study: Diabetes complications in young children target the brain
73 Neurons from blood cells enable researchers to test treatments for genetic brain disease
74 How research on chronic illnesses will improve COVID-19 treatment
75 Digital providers come to the fore to support global mental health during pandemic
76 Rabies treatment demonstrated as safe and effective for use in children in first pediatric trial
77 How women make choices about surgery to prevent ovarian cancer
78 Jeremy Hunt: "I was too slow to boost the NHS workforce"
79 No links between opioids or certain antibiotics in pregnancy and major birth defects
80 Earliest signs of an immune response found in developing embryos
81 New improved dog reference genome will aid a new generation of investigation
82 On the origin of our species
83 Novel protein could reverse severe muscle wasting in disease, aging and trauma
84 Researchers find broad impacts from political polarization
85 Northwestern scholar to talk about science of teams in space at AAAS
86 Cataloguing genetic information about yams
87 Obesity contributes to up to half of new diabetes cases annually in the United States
88 Ancient seashell resonates after 18,000 years
89 Multi-inch single-crystalline perovskite for self-powered integrated circuit photodetection reported
90 Can strep throat make tics worse in kids?
91 Study finds fewer older people are having strokes
92 Sinai team builds first model acute myeloid leukemia progression using CRISPR
93 Research shows emissions of banned ozone-depleting substance are back on the decline
94 Non-school friendships may drive adolescent alcohol use more than in-school ties
95 Scientists propose three-step method to reverse significant reforestation side effect
96 Pre-COVID subway air polluted from DC to Boston, but New York region's is the worst
97 New machine learning theory raises questions about nature of science
98 Mexico's poor have little luck obtaining opioids intended for palliative care
99 Chemotherapy and hearing loss: Until now, an unquantified risk
100 Researchers find parallels in spread of brain cancer in mammals, zebrafish
101 Tuning the circadian clock, boosting rhythms may be key to future treatments and medicines
102 STING activation reduces graft-versus-host disease in a mouse model
103 Learn what you live? Study finds watching others can reduce decision bias
104 UMass Amherst team helps demonstrate spontaneous quantum error correction
105 Multi-model approach could help farmers prepare for, contain PEDV outbreaks
106 Brain activity can reveal the severity of autistic traits
107 Humanity's best friend
108 The songs of fin whales offer new avenue for seismic studies of the oceanic crust
109 Spinal fluid of people with Alzheimer's risk gene signals inflammation
110 Implant improves balance, movement and quality of life for people with inner ear disorder