File Title
1 Known tumour suppressor gene found essential for development, regeneration&stress-response
2 COVID-19 vs. conservation--how the northern white rhino rescue programme overcame challenges
3 Samara Polytech chemists simplify crystal structures
4 How cells recycle the machinery that drives their motility?
5 A 'skeletal age' calculator to predict bone fracture risk
6 New insights put a freeze on the mechanisms for safely cryopreserving biological materials
7 High greenhouse gas emissions from Siberian Inland Waters
8 Commodity farming accelerating climate change in the Amazon rainforest
9 New "molecular" tool helps shed light on individual synapses in brain cells
10 Collapsed glaciers increase third pole uncertainties: Downstream lakes may merge within a decade
11 Clear-sky detection methods in a highly polluted region still need further improvements
12 From trash to treasure: Silicon waste finds new use in Li-ion batteries
13 Notes of discomfort: Study keys in on trends in marching band members' pain
14 Nitrate in maternal drinking water may impair fetal growth
15 Traumatic stress in childhood can lead to brain changes in adulthood: study
16 Mean or nice? These traits could make or break a child's friendships
17 A new type of university is emerging to meet the challenges of today
18 Radiation vulnerability
19 Biomaterials could mean better vaccines, virus-fighting surfaces
20 New factor in the carbon cycle of the Southern Ocean identified
21 The Lancet Planetary Health: Millions of lives saved annually by 2040 if countries raise their climate ambitions to meet Paris Agreement targets, modelling study suggests
22 New method for asymmetric N, N-acetal synthesis promises advances in drug development
23 Phages can anticipate bacteria's location and destroy them before they cause an infection
24 Design and deployment of COVID-19 technology responses and finding ways to make things
25 Researching ways to improve sustainability and reduce waste in the seafood industry
26 Friends matter: Giraffes that group with others live longer
27 School closures may not reduce coronavirus deaths as much as expected
28 Cheap herbal cigarettes/bidis widely available online and marketed as 'healthy' option
29 Fetal exposure to antibiotics in mid to late pregnancy linked to childhood asthma risk
30 You don't need to know nature to love it--study
31 The invisible killer lurking in our consumer products
32 Limiting warming to 2íC requires emissions reductions 80% above Paris Agreement targets
33 New study finds climate change shrinks and shifts juvenile white shark range
34 Advanced simulations reveal how air conditioning spreads COVID-19 aerosols
35 Peanut allergy affects even more U.S. adults than children
36 Coffee lovers, rejoice! Drinking more coffee associated with decreased heart failure risk
37 Program led by health coaches at primary care clinics helped reduce heart risk
38 Porous materials unfavorable for coronavirus survival
39 Not a living fossil: How the Coelacanth recently evolved dozens of new genes
40 Samara Polytech scientists proved the anti-cancer properties of a number of plant extracts
41 Blueprint for understanding the pandemic
42 Breast cancer death rates stop declining in younger women
43 How diseases and history are intertwined
44 Universal access to preventive drugs could reduce HIV incidence in sub-Saharan Africa
45 Environmentally friendly behavior is easy--tourists just need a 'nudge'
46 New evidence linking eggs, cholesterol to cardiovascular death
47 Case Western Reserve-led team finds that people with dementia at higher risk for COVID-19
48 Evidence for routine brain tumor imaging is murky, but research can shed light
49 Lessons from the flu season
50 Infectious disease causes long-term changes to frog's microbiome
51 The power of groupthink: Study shows why ideas spread in social networks
52 Age shall not weary them when it comes to discus and javelin
53 Survey: Cleaning product use affecting asthma more during COVID-19 measures
54 Researchers explore how to protect gut integrity to improve outcomes in blood cancers
55 Caution: 1918 influenza provides warning for potential future pandemic reemergence
56 Sawfish face global extinction unless overfishing is curbed
57 HIV research yields potential drug target
58 Nanoparticle gel unites oil and water in manufacturing-friendly approach
59 Infant and toddler food product names may not accurately reflect ingredient amounts
60 Researchers release analysis of largest, most diverse genetic data set
61 Hidden conflict in the mutually beneficial relationship between legumes and rhizobia
62 The role of nanobacteria in the organic matter cycle in freshwater systems
63 Google Scholar renders documents not in English invisible
64 Substance in the blood of pregnant women fights pathological immune reaction
65 Flooding in the Columbia River basin expected to increase under climate change
66 Physicists have optimized the method of smelting the MAX phase
67 'Farfarout'! Solar system's most distant planetoid confirmed
68 Plant-based magnetic nanoparticles with antifungal properties
69 Study finds U.S. first responders have mixed feelings about COVID-19 vaccine
70 Computational medicine--moving from uncertainty to precision
71 Brain tumor study reveals surprising gene deletion and method to overcome drug resistance
72 Mobile game that uses implicit learning improved children's short-term food choices
73 Reductions in CFC-11 emissions put ozone recovery back on track
74 The future of solar technology: New technology makes foldable cells a practical reality
75 New targets for the development of a drug treatment for obesity and type 2 diabetes
76 A novel approach to determine how carcinogenic bacteria find their targets
77 Israelis unwilling to risk two-state solution, new RAND report
78 Scientists create liquid crystals that look a lot like their solid counterparts
79 Temple-Led Team: COVID containment measures in Philly associated with rise in gun violence
80 Creating more sustainable fragrances with biotech
81 'Handy pen' lights up when exposed to nerve gas or spoiled food vapors
82 Origami powered by light
83 Biomarkers that could help determine who's at risk for severe COVID-19 symptoms
84 Solar awnings over parking lots help companies and customers
85 How the 3-D structure of eye-lens proteins is formed
86 Researchers unravel what makes someone a COVID-19 super-spreader
87 Texas A&M researchers discover energy drinks' harmful effects on heart
88 CWRU researchers uncover biochemical rules between RNA-protein interactions and expression
89 Traffic reductions due to COVID-19 boost air quality in some states but not all
90 Definitely not the flu: risk of death from COVID-19 3.5 times higher than from flu
91 A language learning system that pays attention--more efficiently than ever before
92 Study reveals platinum's role in clean fuel conversion
93 'Left behind' adolescent women must be prioritised within sustainable development agenda
94 Russian scientists significantly improved coal-burning efficiency
95 New tool helps clinicians assess patients who develop COVID-19 symptoms
96 Choir singing can improve cognitive functioning among the elderly
97 Gulls, sentinels of bacteria in the environment
98 Lung ultrasound helps predict COVID-19 patient outcomes
99 Preventing COVID-19 and aging: Geroprotector to enhance resilience and vaccine response
100 Tests reveal cybersecurity vulnerabilities of common seismological equipment
101 Adult neurogenesis may hold clues for more effective treatment of alcoholism
102 Anti-cancer drug's mode of operation deciphered
103 The science of siestas: New research reveals the genetic basis for daytime napping
104 Astronomers uncover mysterious origins of 'super-Earths'
105 Oncotarget: Melatonin increases overall survival of prostate cancer patients
106 Antibodies to common cold coronaviruses do not protect against SARS-CoV-2
107 Oncotarget: Evaluation of cancer-derived myocardial impairments using a mouse model
108 Scientists uncover four new facts about early SARS-CoV-2 infections
109 Endovascular aneurysm repair linked to higher readmission rates
110 New weapon against resistant bacteria