File Title
1 TRAPPIST-1 Planets Have Remarkably Similar Densities, Study Shows
2 Three New Species of Extinct Marsupials Identified
3 Blue Jet Observed from International Space Station
4 Musicians, Regardless of Innate Pitch Ability, Have More Connected Brains than Non-Musicians: Study
5 Spinosaurus Wasn't Aquatic Pursuit Predator, New Research Shows
6 Extreme Black Holes Have Gravitational Hair that Can Be Measured, Physicists Say
7 Paleontologists Find Well-Preserved Skull of Tube-Crested Dinosaur
8 First People to Settle in Americas were Accompanied by Their Dogs
9 Physicists Narrow Range of Potential Masses for Dark Matter Candidate Particles
10 Mice Form Memories of Their Mother within Three Days after Birth, Study Shows
11 Physicists Precisely Measure Charge Radius of Alpha Particle
12 Study: Sleep Starts Later and is Shorter on Nights before Full Moon
13 Paleontologists Find 635-Million-Year-Old Land Fungus-Like Fossils
14 Solar Orbiter Spots Venus, Earth and Mars
15 Five Giant Planets Orbit Nearby Sun-Like Star
16 3,000-Year-Old Fragments of Royal Purple Dyed Textile Found in Israel
17 Naked Mole-Rats Have Colony-Specific Dialects, New Study Shows
18 Chumash Indians Were Using Shell Bead Money 2,000 Years Ago
19 Hubble Snaps Beautiful Image of UGC 3885
20 357,000-Year-Old Abrading Tool Unearthed in Israel
21 Devonian Fish's Inner Ear Sheds Light on Earliest Evolution of Jawed Vertebrates
22 World's Tiniest Reptile Found in Madagascar
23 48,000-Year-Old Fossils Hint at Neanderthal-Human Interbreeding
24 Huge Dark Matter Halo Spotted around Milky Way's Dwarf Satellite Galaxy
25 Physicists Observe Backreaction in Analogue Black Hole Experiment
26 Milky Way's 'Most Mysterious Star' Has a Companion
27 Researchers Locate Elusive Tlingit Fort in Alaska
28 Venus Flytraps Produce Measurable Magnetic Fields, Study Shows
29 Biologists Discover Why Wombat Feces are Square Shaped
30 Paleontologists Find 3.58-Million-Year-Old Ground Sloth Fossil
31 Frequent Cannabis Use in Adolescence May Lower Your IQ
32 Phobos May Contain Atmospheric Atoms from Ancient Mars
33 Physicists Capture First Optical Images of Muon Beams
34 Scientists Sequence Genome of World's Fastest-Growing Plant
35 Einsteinium: Scientists Reveal Chemical Secrets of Elusive Transplutonium Element
36 Astronomers Discover Rare 'Redback' Millisecond Pulsar
37 New Research Reveals What Causes Landslides on Mars
38 Chromium Hydride Detected in Atmosphere of WASP-31b
39 Grape Consumption Protects Human Skin from UV-Induced Photodamage
40 Study: Tasmanian Tiger's Skull Closely Resembled That of Gray Wolf from Birth
41 120,000-Year-Old Engraved Aurochs Bone Found in Israel
42 Radio Astronomers Detect 'Invisible' Filament of Cold Gas
43 Hubble Space Telescope Spots Cosmic Hourglass
44 Scientists One Step Closer to Cracking Minoan Linear A Script
45 Native Americans Inherited Lip Shape Gene from Denisovans
46 Helium Ion Microscope Captures New Images of SARS-CoV-2
47 Tanzanian Rock Art Depicts Trios of Bizarre Anthropomorphic Figures
48 MUSE Sees Star-Forming Regions in NGC 6902
49 Study: First Flowering Plants Appeared in Jurassic Period or Even Earlier
50 Terrestrial-Mass Exoplanet Found Orbiting Red Dwarf Gliese 1151
51 Chandra Finds Rare Supernova Remnant in Milky Way's Center
52 Dark Energy Camera Captures Messier 83 in Glorious Detail
53 Physicists Identify New Form of Magnetism in 'Magnetic Graphene'
54 Caffeine During Pregnancy Is Not a Good Idea, Researchers Say
55 CERN Physicists Find Evidence for Rare Decay of Higgs Boson
56 Coelacanths Are Not 'Living Fossils,' New Study Shows
57 Astronauts eat first radishes grown in space as 2020 ends
58 Watch: International Space Station astronauts mark New Year's with 'ball drop'
59 New technique could help scientists identify heat-stressed corals
60 Study: Climate change isn't causing drylands to get drier
61 Defects aid mother-of-pearl's assembly, according to new research
62 SpaceX, L3Harris pursue hypersonic missile defense system
63 Human use has increased grasslands' contribution to climate change
64 Plant roots grow differently when searching for their preferred nutrients
65 Study: Cleaner air in pandemic-era NYC reveals possible future
66 Eurasian eagle owl pellets offer records of threatened giant bush-crickets
67 NASA prepares Orion simulator for lunar mission training
68 Triceratops, Stegosaurus ideal seed spreaders in prehistoric world, study says
69 New protein patch to help scientists manipulate cell signaling
70 Global warming to keep driving winds poleward, deep sea dust suggests
71 Scientists see competition of magnetic orders from 2D sheets of atoms
72 Declining harbor porpoise numbers in German North Sea worry scientists
73 Study links little crocodile evolution in last 200M years to lack of need
74 Wind bands, jet streams spotted on nearest brown dwarf
75 Scientists entangle atoms using heat
76 Bats with white-nose syndrome winter in warm, fungus-filled caves
77 Bacteria have internal clocks just like animals and plants, scientists say
78 Met Office forecasts CO2 levels 50 percent higher than preindustrial levels
79 Florida's water brawl with Georgia nears historic SCOTUS hearing
80 Earliest human culture lasted 20,000 years later than previously thought
81 Ultraviolet light helps marine worms tell what time of year it is
82 Mergers may have stunted growth of early galaxies
83 Non-native species are the primary seed-dispersers on Hawaiian island
84 NASA readies Astrobee flying robots for serious space science
85 Programming tweak helps AI software imitate human visual learning
86 Crystals suggest Earth's crust enjoyed growth spurt 3 billion years ago
87 DNA in water used to detect genes of invasive goby fish
88 Social networks are why independent cultures see the world similarly
89 Study: Game of Thrones' dire wolves, gray wolves were different species
90 Early pandemic lockdowns had limited impact on urban air pollution
91 Robot fleet tracks, analyzes microbial community in the open ocean
92 Blue Origin launches, recovers capsule with more space tourism amenities
93 Sexual harassment claims by less feminine women perceived as less credible
94 Scientists observe electric eels hunting in groups
95 NASA prepares for major test firing of largest rocket since Saturn V
96 Virgin Orbit targets Sunday for LauncherOne mission from California
97 Ancient oceans were surprisingly resistant to climate change
98 Data-driven videos animate folding technique RNA uses to fit inside cells
99 Fossil helps researchers decipher evolution of caimans, alligators
100 NASA's moon rocket roars to life during shortened test-firing
101 Virgin Orbit rocket reaches orbit, satellites deployed
102 Babysitting birds help elderly warbler parents raise their young
103 Scientists characterize a dinosaur cloaca, or vent, for the first time
104 Scientists can detect new COVID-19 variants by analyzing wastewater
105 SpaceX launches first Starlink satellite mission of 2021
106 50-million-year-old assassin bug fossil features near-perfectly preserved genitalia
107 Bridenstine leaves NASA, calls for unity in space, science efforts
108 Objects suggest Europeans used standardized money 4,000 years ago
109 New Mars rover may collect first sounds recorded on another planet
110 Common pesticides disrupt the sleep of bees, flies
111 Cats like catnip for the euphoria, and because it repels mosquitoes
112 Two-step formation explains our solar system's dichotomy of planets
113 Fossil burrows suggest large worms colonized Eurasian seafloor 20M years ago
114 Spitting cobras have evolved the same venom three different times
115 Record-breaking laser may help test Einstein's theory of relativity
116 SpaceX plans record-breaking launch with 143 satellites
117 A quarter of known bee species haven't been seen in more than 20 years
118 Tiny particles formed from trace gases can seed open ocean clouds
119 SpaceX scrubs satellite launch
120 SpaceX launches record-setting mission without a hitch
121 Study reveals what the brain does during daydreams