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1 Scientists switch on tissue repair in inflammatory bowel disease
2 Higher blood pressure at night than in daytime may increase Alzheimer's disease risk
3 Obesity: Sensitivity to sweet taste predicts weight loss from surgery
4 Online searches can help foreshadow future COVID-19 surges and declines, new study shows
5 Fetal surgery for spina bifida leads to better mobility in school-age children
6 Man-made borders threaten wildlife as climate changes
7 Early Indian monsoon forecasts could benefit farmers
8 High blood pressure causes atrial fibrillation
9 Coal and COVID-19: How the pandemic is accelerating the end of fossil power generation
10 Half of global wastewater treated, rates in developing countries still lagging
11 Rapid, reliable on-site drug detection using wearable sensor
12 To figure out how dinosaurs walked, start with how they didn't
13 Auditory brainstem pathways do not develop properly without microglia
14 Hearing acrobatics
15 Yes, allergy seasons are getting worse; blame climate change
16 Quality education essential to closing the growing global skills gap
17 Better understanding the reasons behind Arctic amplified warming
18 Understanding catalytic couplings: not all synergies are simple
19 Survey: Most Americans say they'll continue health precautions after COVID-19
20 Screening strategy based on baseline breast density at age 40 may be effective and cost-effective for reducing breast cancer mortality [plus additional topic]
21 Specific genes in placenta may predict size of baby's brain and risk for schizophrenia
22 Fast-growing parts of africa see a surprise: less air pollution from seasonal fires
23 Study links exposure to nighttime artificial lights with elevated thyroid cancer risk
24 Climate change: Erratic weather slows down the economy
25 These shrimplike crustaceans are the fastest snappers in the sea
26 Scholar to discuss the applications of quantum technology
27 79% decrease in primary care visits, 56-fold increase in virtual care: COVID-19 pandemic
28 As you look around, mental images bounce between right and left brain
29 Texas Heart Institute develops breakthrough heart ablation evaluation system
30 International research team begins uncovering Arctic mystery
31 Breastfeeding mothers produce COVID-19 antibodies capable of neutralizing virus
32 Arizona economic burden of valley fever totals $736 million
33 Baby vampire bat adopted by mom's best friend
34 Six previously FDA-approved drugs appear promising against SARS-CoV-2 in laboratory testing
35 Can super-Earth interior dynamics set the table for habitability?
36 Why does love of bargain hunting run in families?
37 COVID-19 news from Annals of Internal Medicine
38 Scientists create flexible biocompatible cilia that can be controlled by a magnet
39 Scientists urge for investment now in highly potent vaccines to prevent the next pandemic
40 Nanocarriers in the enhancement of therapeutic efficacy of natural drugs
41 Sonoporation: Underlying mechanisms and applications in cellular regulation
42 RUDN University ecologist suggested a way to reduce greenhouse gas emissions in animal farming
43 Ancient Amazonian farmers fortified valuable land they had spent years making fertile to protect it
44 Relaxed precautions, not climate, the biggest factor driving wintertime COVID-19 outbreaks
45 Making good decisions about COVID-19
46 Can current smartphone technology tell you when a pandemic might come calling?
47 'Defective' carbon simplifies hydrogen peroxide production
48 Drug is promising against pancreatic and breast cancers
49 Low carbon transport at sea: Ferries voyage optimization in the Adriatic
50 A study presents an algorithm that automates electrocardiogram recordings
51 Racism and anti-gay discrimination heighten risk for arrest and incarceration
52 Social distancing in the natural world: Strategies to detect and avoid disease
53 Super-Earth atmospheres probed at Sandia's Z machine
54 Shining a light on the true value of solar power
55 Story tips from Johns Hopkins experts on COVID-19
56 Researchers uncover hidden hunting tactics of wolves in Minnesota's Northwoods
57 Quantum computing enables simulations to unravel mysteries of magnetic materials
58 Long-term environmental damage from transportation projects in Kenya, scientists warn
59 Combination therapy with radiation shows promise in treating glioblastoma
60 Astronomers offer possible explanation for elusive dark-matter-free galaxies
61 Collective worm and robot 'blobs' protect individuals, swarm together
62 Human eye beats machine in archaeological color identification test
63 Lipid composition of microalgae of the Kaliningrad Region was determined
64 Starling success traced to rapid adaptation
65 Scientists suggested using non-symmetrical magnets for target drug delivery
66 The pandemic lockdown leads to cleaner city air across Canada, Concordia paper reveals
67 Chemists identified necessary conditions for successful synthesis of small molecules
68 Chemists developed a simplified method for pharmaceutical compounds synthesizing
69 Poorer mental health smolders after deadly, devastating wildfire
70 Vaccine confidence grows under new administration, latest CUNY SPH Survey reveals
71 Desexing cats before 4 months old can reduce the number of unwanted kittens
72 New CRISPR tech targets human genome's complex code
73 Researchers study how lifelong environmentalists want their remains handled after death
74 Color is in the eye of the beholder
75 THz spectroscopy tracks electron solvation in photoionized water
76 A new modifier increases the efficiency of perovskite solar cells
77 Early study points to potential therapeutic avenue for a pair of rare pediatric diseases
78 Reimbursing hospitals for postpartum contraception could prevent unintended pregnancies
79 Elderly esophageal cancer patients often receive suboptimal therapy due to perceived risks
80 Training to wisely navigate social conflicts
81 The wars in Former Yugoslavia continue in the classroom
82 Male sex, BMI, smoking and depression all increase biological age
83 Unusual DNA folding increases the rates of mutations
84 AD diagnostics could become more accessible
85 Changing cropping systems in impaired watersheds can produce water quality gains
86 Experiment shows how our visual system avoids overloading
87 New study discovers possible early detection method for elusive ovarian cancer
88 Paid maternity leave has long-term health benefits
89 Expanded spina bifida guidelines cover care from newborn to adult
90 Bats on the rise
91 Researchers use hot nano-chisel to create artificial bones in a Petri dish
92 Researchers identify a new molecular mechanism related to severe anaphylaxis
93 Dragonflies perform upside down backflips to right themselves
94 Bats & pangolins in Southeast Asia harbour SARS-CoV-2-related coronaviruses, reveals new study
95 Embry-Riddle alumna helps unravel key mysteries of rare stars
96 Regular walnut consumption may reduce negative outcomes of H. pylori infection
97 Antiviral proves effective at preventing, treating COVID-19 in lab
98 How accurate are first impressions on a first date?
99 Arctic permafrost releases more CO2 than once believed
100 Children's finger length points to mothers' income level
101 Key metaphors in the most popular love songs speak of proximity and possession
102 Home office: Majority supports the new regulation
103 How has COVID-19 affected the treatment of osteoporosis?
104 Small and medium-sized firms use social media to reach and persuade new customers
105 Ecological interactions as a driver of evolution
106 Quantum causal loops
107 Physicists finesse the storing of light to create rainbows of colour
108 Inhibition of the BAF complex causes rapid loss of DNA accessibility
109 Challenges of animal ownership during the pandemic should be considered
110 21 percent of all citations go to the elite