File Title
1 Odds of leaving military double after sexual assault, report finds
2 MSK researchers learn what's driving 'brain fog' in people with COVID-19
3 10-year study shows elevated suicide risk from excess social media time for teen girls
4 COVID-19 infections in the U.S. nearly three times greater than reported, model estimates
5 Findings of study comparing analgesics in acute post-trauma pain
6 COVID-19 news from Annals of Internal Medicine
7 In-depth analysis identifies causes and mitigation efforts in COVID-19 cluster
8 Mount Sinai study finds wearable devices can detect COVID-19 symptoms and predict diagnosis
9 Distinctness of mental disorders traced to differences in gene readouts
10 WVU biologists uncover forests' unexpected role in climate change
11 Addressing breastfeeding disparities for African American mothers
12 Take-at-home tests boost colorectal cancer screening 10x for the underserved
13 Variable weather makes weeds harder to whack
14 Robots sense human touch using camera and shadows
15 Happiness really does come for free
16 Researchers develop data tool that may improve care
17 Scientists discover how a group of caterpillars became poisonous
18 Deepfake detectors can be defeated, computer scientists show for the first time
19 Role of aspirating system type in SARS-CoV-2 seropositivity among dental staff
20 Researchers develop platform to identify cancer mutations that may be responsive to drug therapies
21 Cleaning Up the Mississippi River
22 Death by suicide? Drug overdoses muddy waters for investigators, amplify mental health crisis
23 New drug target for Ebola, Marburg viruses
24 3D printing polymers
25 Radiative cooling and solar heating from one system, no electricity needed
26 All in the head? Brains adapt to support new species
27 New method developed for 'up-sizing' mini organs used in medical research
28 Combined bark beetle outbreaks and wildfire spell uncertain future for forests
29 Tiny crustacean redefines ultra-fast movement
30 Brain changed by caffeine in utero, study finds
31 Immune response to insulin could identify, help treat those at risk for Type 1 Diabetes
32 Prediabetes diagnosis less useful in older patients
33 Molecular sleuthing identifies and corrects major flaws in blood-brain barrier model
34 Geisinger researchers find AI can predict death risk
35 Mixed and matched: Integrating metal-organic frameworks into polymers for CO2 separation
36 STINGing tumors with nanoparticles
37 History of vaccines offers lessons on COVID-19 for pregnant women
38 AI researchers ask: What's going on inside the black box?
39 New timeline of deadliest California wildfire could guide lifesaving research and action
40 Brain protein that causes Alzheimer's also protects against the disease: USask research
41 Rare blast's remains discovered in Milky Way's center
42 Popular tool for measuring child feeding practices validated by RIT researcher
43 'Magnetic graphene' forms a new kind of magnetism
44 Bernese researchers create sophisticated lung-on-chip
45 What happens in the mouth...doesn't stay in the mouth
46 Synchronization of brain hemispheres changes what we hear
47 Ophiura from Russky Island might make photodynamic therapy more affordable
48 Neural roots/origins of alcoholism identified by British and Chinese researchers
49 The Lancet Child & Adolescent Health: SARS-CoV-2 seroprevalence study in daycare centres in France suggests low rates of infection in very young children
50 A magnetic twist to graphene
51 Some types of coronavirus steal the hosts' genes to elude their immune system
52 What rules govern the structure of membraneless organelles?
53 Halt cell recycling to treat cancer
54 Does Goal 7 Energy for All need a rethink?
55 Iodine oxoacids formed in oceans have major impact on climate
56 Ditching the car for walking or biking just one day a week cuts carbon footprint
57 Lockdown linked to drop in asthma attacks, GP data suggests
58 Higher excess COVID-19 death risk in middle-aged people with type 2 diabetes
59 Study describes the diversity of genetic changes that cause inherited kidney disease
60 Machine learning could aid mental health diagnoses
61 'Multiplying' light could be key to ultra-powerful optical computers
62 Cells are collective thinkers
63 Study identifies 'post-traumatic growth' emerging from COVID-19 lockdowns
64 Silicon waveguides move us closer to faster, light-based logic circuits
65 New clues to how SARS-CoV-2 infects cells
66 Two-phase material with surprising properties
67 An end to invasive biopsies?
68 3D-printed spectrometer on a 100 x100 square-micron footprint
69 1918 pandemic second wave had fatal consequences
70 Efficiency limits of next-generation hybrid photovoltaic-thermal solar technology
71 New synthetic route for biofuel production
72 Tourism mainly responsible for marine litter on Mediterranean beaches
73 Marmoset monkeys have personalities too
74 Researchers produce tiny nanoparticles and reveal their inner structure for the first time
75 Insights into lithium metal battery failure open doors to doubling battery life
76 Monitoring precious groundwater resources for arid agricultural regions
77 Richness of plant species reduces the number of viral infections in meadows
78 The genetic susceptibility of people with Down's syndrome to COVID-19
79 Study of supergiant star Betelgeuse unveils the cause of its pulsations
80 Identification of three genes that determine the stemness of gastric tissue stem cells
81 Captive-bred juvenile salmon unlikely to become migratory when released into streams
82 Type 2 diabetes: drugs initially increase glucose production
83 Food waste researcher: We must learn that brown fruit isn't bad fruit
84 HKBU and CUHK launch Spermine Risk Score for prostate cancer diagnosis
85 High CO2 to slow tropical fish move to cooler waters
86 Correspondence between representations in visual cortices and neural networks
87 Meet the Smurfs: A bone metabolism family
88 Scientists create armour for fragile quantum technology
89 NTUsg researchers develop flexible piezoelectric crystal
90 An interdecadal decrease in extreme heat days in August over Northeast China around the early 1990s
91 Synthetic protein quality control system in bacteria
92 Potential for misuse of climate data a threat to business and financial markets
93 UMass Amherst researchers gain insight into the biology of a deadly fungus
94 Joint radionuclide therapy-immunotherapy approach effective in prostate cancer model
95 Can the brain resist the group opinion?
96 Severe undercounting of COVID-19 cases in U.S., other countries estimated via model
97 Use of goldenseal may compromise glucose control in diabetics on metformin
98 Researchers find peptide that treats, prevents killer citrus disease
99 Analysis confirms racial disparities in COVID-19 infection
100 Cannabis reduces blood pressure in older adults, according to Ben-Gurion University researchers
101 How rocks rusted on Earth and turned red
102 Winner-takes-all synthetic gene circuit process opens new pathways to disease treatment
103 Study: Reducing biases about autism may increase social inclusion
104 HIV: an innovative therapeutic breakthrough to optimize the immune system
105 Microbiota transfer therapy for autism: Multi-omic approaches and lessons learned
106 How humans can build better teamwork with robots
107 Northwestern researcher to discuss consequences of incarceration at AAAS annual meeting
108 Higher blood pressure over life span increases congestive heart failure risk in Black people
109 Uncovering how some corals resist bleaching
110 Front-of-package product names and ingredient lists of infant and toddler food can be hard to navigate