File Title
1 Center for BrainHealth researchers create virtual reality cognitive assessment
2 Tom Hanks' COVID-19 diagnosis likely shaped behaviors, thoughts toward virus
3 Physical discipline and cognitive deprivation associated with specific types of developmental delay
4 Critical flaw found in lab models of the human blood-brain barrier
5 New research sheds light on vision loss in Batten disease
6 Study identifies 'Achilles heel' of bacteria linked to Crohn's disease
7 RUDN University mathematicians reduced neural network size six times without post-training
8 Arctic stew: Understanding how high-latitude lakes respond to and affect climate change
9 Fungi in the gut prime immunity against infection
10 Breakthrough in quantum photonics promises a new era in optical circuits
11 COVID-19 transmission extremely low at group of North Carolina day camps
12 Gap between the 'haves' and 'have nots' widened by the COVID pandemic, an IU study found
13 Women's voices in the media still outnumbered by those of men--study
14 New microscopy concept enters into force
15 New way to power up nanomaterials for electronic applications
16 Pandemic increases substance abuse, mental health issues for those struggling with obesity
17 Healthy oceans need healthy soundscapes
18 Vegan diet better for weight loss and cholesterol control than Mediterranean diet
19 Grape consumption may protect against UV damage to skin
20 Forests of the world in 3D
21 Study: 'Hidden' genes could be key in development of new antibiotics
22 Bioplastics in the sustainability dilemma
23 Not all banking crises involve panics
24 Pangolin coronavirus could jump to humans
25 Link found between time perception, risk for developmental coordination disorder
26 Study highlights risk of new SARS-CoV-2 mutations emerging during chronic infection
27 Technion researchers discover new pathway for attacking cancer cells
28 The Ramanujan Machine
29 Birds living in natural habits can help inform captive care
30 Tiny sensor technique reveals cellular forces involved in tissue generation
31 Machine learning generates realistic genomes for imaginary humans
32 Audiovisual professionalisation affects how the brain perceives media content
33 Researchers find a way to increase spatial resolution in brain activity visualization
34 New research studies 'domino effects' and synchrony in brain activity
35 'Runway Roadkill' rapidly increasing at airports across the world, UCC study finds
36 Ural Federal University scientists developed a new way of synthesis of high-purity zircon
37 In-silico modelling helps with the integrated study of the intervertebral disc in health and disease
38 Computer can determine whether you'll die from COVID
39 Drop the stress
40 Energy harvesting: Printed thermoelectric generators for power generation
41 Novel immunotherapy approach to treat cat allergy
42 Trapping gases better with boron nitride "nanopores"
43 Sensor and detoxifier in one
44 Raised mortality from cardiac arrest in people with COVID-19
45 Biosensors to detect P. jirovecii, responsible for Pneumocystis pneumonia
46 Packing more juice in lithium-ion batteries through silicon anodes and polymeric coatings
47 Non-teleost ray-finned fishes exhibit mosaic genomic features of lobe- and ray-finned fishes
48 Anticancer drug may improve outcome for severe COVID-19 patients
49 Signs of burnout can be detected in sweat
50 Mathematics developed new classes of stellar dynamics systems solutions
51 Establishment testing standards for particulate photocatalysts in solar fuel production proposed
52 Today's stem cell special: Small intestine on a plate!
53 Chinese scientists use knowledge from climate system modeling to develop a global prediction system for the COVID-19 pandemic
54 New AI tool can thwart coronavirus mutations
55 SSRgenotyper: A new tool to digitally genotype simple sequence repeats
56 Research establishes a new method to predict individual risk of cognitive decline
57 Peginterferon-lambda shows strong antiviral action to accelerate clearance of COVID-19
58 The Lancet Public Health: Survey taken after France's first COVID-19 wave indicates almost one-third of working-age people could reject a vaccine
59 COVID-19: Schools urgently need guidelines on improving ventilation in classrooms
60 At the core of the Integrator complex
61 Pushed to the limit: A CMOS-based transceiver for beyond 5G applications at 300 GHz
62 Sleep studies in children with sleep disordered breathing could influence treatment
63 Genes for face shape identified
64 Fingerprint for the formation of nitrous oxide emissions
65 Pandemic caused 'staggering' economic, human impact in developing counties, research says
66 Silicon anode structure generates new potential for lithium-ion batteries
67 Nehandertals' gut microbiota and the bacteria helping our health
68 New drug targets for childhood cancer neuroblastoma identified
69 Drug 'breakthrough' gives longest-ever survival in nonresectable liver cancer patients
70 Climate change may have driven the emergence of SARS-CoV-2
71 If healthy people are purposefully infected with COVID-19 for the sake of science, they should be paid
72 New study shows pandemic's toll on jobs, businesses, and food security in poorer countries
73 Mapping hotspots of undersized fish and crustaceans may aid sustainable fishing practices
74 Civil engineers find link between hospitals and schools key to community resilience
75 Shuffling bubbles reveal how liquid foams evolve
76 Happy childhood? That's no guarantee for good mental health
77 Researchers Put Ukraine on Global Genome Map
78 Astronomers Discover 38 New Cool Brown Dwarfs in Solar Neighborhood
79 Dire Wolves Split from Living Canids 5.7 Million Years Ago: Study
80 Hubble Observes Young Supernova Remnant in Small Magellanic Cloud
81 Well-Preserved Fossil of Jurassic-Period Shark Unearthed in Germany
82 Hubble Snaps Image of Barred Spiral Galaxy NGC 4535
83 Volta's Electric Eels Hunt in Packs
84 TESS Confirms Sub-Saturn Exoplanet in Triple-Star System KOI-5
85 Archaeologists Find Traces of Tobacco, Mexican Marigold in Ancient Maya Flasks
86 Alien Debris Passed through Solar System in 2017, Astronomer Says
87 Super-Puff Exoplanet WASP-107b is Even Stranger than Thought
88 Physicists Propose New Way to Extract Energy from Black Holes
89 250-Million-Year-Old Archosauriform Footprints Found in Italy
90 Astrophysicists May Have Found Evidence of Long-Sought Axions
91 Two New Giant Radio Galaxies Discovered
92 99-Million-Year-Old Bioluminescent Beetle Found Preserved in Amber
93 Hubble Sheds New Light on Formation of Planetary Nebulae
94 New Species of Ancient Caiman Unearthed in Texas
95 Cretaceous Mosasaur Had Shark-Like Cutting Teeth
96 Australian Lungfish Genome Sequenced
97 Paleontologists Reconstruct Cloacal Opening of Non-Avian Dinosaur
98 Astronomers Discover 1,210 New Strong Gravitational Lenses
99 Bioactive Compounds Found in Catnip and Silver Vine Protect Cats against Mosquito Bites
100 Titan's Largest Methane Sea is Over 100 Meters Deep
101 Neonicotinoid Insecticides Disrupt Sleep of Bees and Fruit Flies, New Research Shows
102 Fossil of Cretaceous-Period Praying Mantis Found in Canada
103 Stupendously Large Black Holes Could Be Hiding in Universe
104 Cloudless Hot-Jupiter Exoplanet Spotted
105 Hubble Spots Beautiful Planetary Nebula
106 Scientists Sequence Genome of Rare Parasitic Flowering Plant
107 TESS Discovers Sextuply-Eclipsing Six-Star System
108 Israeli Archaeologists Find 1,500-Year-Old Christian Inscription
109 Nearby Orange Dwarf Hosts Unique System of Six Planets
110 Tyrannosaur Hatchlings Were as Big as Medium-Sized Dog