File Title
1 Charge radii of exotic potassium isotopes challenge nuclear structure theory
2 States with more gun laws have lower youth gun violence, Rutgers study finds
3 U.S. Air Force Academy intervention reduces unwanted sexual contact by over 40 percent
4 Garlic and selenium increase stress resistance in carps, says a RUDN University biologist
5 Imaging technique provides link to innovative products
6 Switching nanolight on and off
7 Large-area periodic perovskite nanostructures for lenticular printing laser displays
8 Zinc may help with fertility during COVID-19 pandemic, researchers report
9 Role of cell cycle on analyzing telomerase activity with a fluorescence off-on system
10 Using Artificial Intelligence to prevent harm caused by immunotherapy
11 Comb-like etching regulated growth for large-area graphene nanoribbon arrays
12 An optical coating like no other
13 Mysterious organic scum boosts chemical reaction efficiency, may reduce chemical waste
14 Surface effect of electrodes revealed by operando surface science methodology
15 Studies use mathematics to analyze the semantics of dream reports during the pandemic
16 Food allergies are more common among Black children
17 DNA-based technique allows researchers to determine age of living beluga whales in Alaska
18 Study reveals how air pollution may increase the risk of cardiovascular disease
19 COVID-19 health threat increases psychological distress among Black Americans
20 Ultimately, beneficial fungi could be more effective than pesticides against nematodes
21 How elephants evolved to become big and cancer-resistant
22 Human-elephant conflict in Kenya heightens with increase in crop-raiding
23 Dementia-related psychosis: GSA experts identify ways to improve care
24 Unusual 2019-2020 flu season linked to more transmissible strain
25 Uncovering a link between inflammation and heart disease
26 Pharmacologist offers plan to solve disparities in designing medicine
27 Scientists optimized technology for production of optical materials for microelectronics
28 CU offers plan for improving mental health care for resident physicians
29 Molecule from nature provides fully recyclable polymers
30 MARLIT, artificial intelligence against marine litter
31 Songbirds exposed to lead-contaminated water show telltale signs about human impacts
32 School gardens linked with kids eating more vegetables
33 Horse remains reveal new insights into how Native peoples raised horses
34 Time management can work but in unexpected ways, according to new research
35 'Stealthy' stem cells better for treating tendon injuries in horses
36 Best of both worlds: A hybrid method for tracking laparoscopic ultrasound transducers
37 New combination therapy offers chance of healing hepatitis B
38 In Ethiopia, mother's wealth more protective against child marriage than father's
39 NANOGrav finds possible 'first hints' of low-frequency gravitational wave background
40 Emory MVA COVID-19 vaccine safe and effective in animal models
41 New quantum receiver the first to detect entire radio frequency spectrum
42 Clients of female sex workers should be targeted for HIV prevention and treatment in South Africa
43 COVID-19 vaccine from new vaccine platform effective in mice
44 Dialysis patients have 4-fold greater risk of dying from COVID-19
45 Study shows flu vaccine lessens COVID-19 symptoms in children
46 Probiotics or prebiotics? Exploring the complex world of 'gut' health
47 Imaging of a living brain can help clearly differentiate between two types of dementia
48 New eco-friendly technique protects rice plants against devastating fungal infection
49 New technique rapidly quantifies immune response following vaccination
50 Surprising new research: We're more like primitive fishes than once believed
51 Mast cells: Sentinels and high-speed messengers of the immune defense
52 Quasicrystal-clear: Material reveals unique shifting surface structure under microscope
53 SARS-CoV-2 under the helium ion microscope for the first time
54 New guidance on how cardiac patients with diabetes can exercise more safely
55 How metal atoms can arrange themselves on an insulator
56 Book developed at Cincinnati Children's helps identify risks of reading difficulties
57 Father's early-life exposure to stress associated with child's brain development
58 Sweden ahead of Denmark in the public sector organic food race
59 NUI Galway demonstrate the promise of precision genomics in cancer treatment
60 Fossil pigments shed new light on vertebrate evolution
61 Polymer-derived carbon as metal-free, "green" alternative to catalysts and nano carbons
62 A single-molecule guide to understanding chemical reactions better
63 Researchers from NUS create 'whirling' nano-structures in anti-ferromagnets
64 City, University of London academic tracks COVID-19 dark web marketplaces
65 Scientists extract pigments from algae for food supplements
66 Innovation from Vienna: Ultrasound in the treatment of brain diseases
67 Exercise caution after working out in virtual reality
68 New methods for exploring the 'dark matter' of biology
69 A new tool in the search for axions
70 Solving chronic pain during intercourse
71 Help for borderline personality disorder
72 'Where did I park my car?' Brain stimulation improves mental time travel
73 Dual treatments help PTSD and depression
74 New biomarker may predict which pancreatic cancer patients respond to CD40 immunotherapy
75 Battling bugs help solve mysteries of weapon evolution
76 Nickel phosphide nanoparticle catalyst is the full package
77 Toshiba's new algorithms quickly deliver highly accurate solutions to complex problems
78 Spicy perfection isn't to prevent infection
79 Deadly white-nose syndrome changed genes in surviving bats
80 The Lancet Public Health: Weekly testing and two-week isolation most cost-effective strategy to control spread of COVID-19 in high transmission areas, US study suggests
81 Cancer leading cause of death among people with diabetes
82 Machine-learning model helps determine protein structures
83 Harvard scientists use trilayer graphene to observe more robust superconductivity
84 Repeated testing for COVID-19 is vital, economic and public health analysis shows
85 New report explores effect of coffee through our daily sleep and wake cycles
86 California's rainy season starting nearly a month later than it did 60 years ago
87 Helping consumers save more by bursting their bubble of financial responsibility
88 Clinical trial: Using MRI for prostate cancer diagnosis equals or beats current standard
89 People infected with COVID-19 have a higher risk of dying after a cardiac arrest
90 Severely frail individuals with COVID-19 are three times more likely to die, study finds
91 Human immune cells have natural alarm system against HIV
92 Hidden world just below the surface
93 Global survey reveals heavy toll of COVID-19 first wave on liver cancer care
94 Scientists discover ocean 'surface slicks' are nurseries for diverse fishes
95 Female breast cancer surpasses lung as the most commonly diagnosed cancer worldwide
96 Adolescent involvement with firearms linked to gun violence in adulthood
97 In a desert seared by climate change, burrowers fare better than birds
98 Two separate bouts of COVID-19 infection may be possible, doctors warn
99 Gout drug help cuts need for oxygen therapy and hospital stay in COVID-19 patients
100 Electronic health records can be valuable predictor of those likeliest to die from COVID
101 Some sperms poison their competitors
102 Drinking green tea, coffee lowers risk of death for stroke and heart attack survivors
103 New study finds cage-free egg-laying hen mortality declines over time
104 Global warming found to be culprit for flood risk in Peruvian Andes, other glacial lakes
105 Fecal microbiota transplants help patients with advanced melanoma respond to immunotherapy
106 City, University of London academic tracks COVID-19 dark web marketplace before vaccine
107 Fecal transplant turns cancer immunotherapy non-responders into responders
108 Deforestation is stressing mammals out
109 Fast-flying bats rely on late-night updrafts to reach great heights
110 Can a fin become a limb?
111 Researchers replicate a potential step of the fin-to-limb transition in zebrafish
112 Study links brain cells to depression
113 The proton conduction mechanism in protic ionic liquids