File Title
1 Preventive anti-clotting therapy does not boost survival of critically ill COVID patients
2 The business of bees
3 How modern robots are developed
4 Extreme blood sugar swings in people with type 2 diabetes may increase heart disease risk
5 Research indicates gender disparity in academic achievement and leadership positions
6 COVID-19 vaccination for patients with Parkinson's disease recommended
7 Scientists believe studies by colleagues are more prone to biases than their own studies
8 Pioneering technique paves way for fast and cheap fabrication of rapid medical diagnostic tools
9 Study finds consensus for arming school resource officers, division on arming teachers and other staff
10 Study reveals gender imbalance in scholarly submissions during pandemic
11 Computerized adaptive screener may help identify youth at risk for suicide
12 Sneakerheads, not hypebeasts: Defining a sneaker-driven sub-culture
13 Research looks at the link between procedures and everyday practice in community pharmacy
14 Intranasal influenza vaccine spurs strong immune response in Phase 1 study
15 Research findings can help to increase population size of endangered species
16 An innovative and non-destructive strategy to analyse material from Mars
17 Intensity not paramount for physical training during cancer therapy
18 Ostriches challenged by temperature fluctuations
19 Synthetic biology reinvents development
20 CDDEP's report 'The State of the World's Antibiotics' highlights the growing threat of AMR
21 True identity of mysterious gamma-ray source revealed
22 Marmoset monkeys eavesdrop and understand conversations between other marmosets
23 Increased risk of dying from COVID for people with severe mental disorders
24 Quantum tunneling in graphene advances the age of terahertz wireless communications
25 Dishing up 3D printed food, one tasty printout at a time
26 Maternal mental health needs attention during COVID-19 lockdowns
27 Fish in warming Scottish seas grow faster but reach a smaller size
28 Hierarchical dynamics
29 3D-printed bioresorbable airway stent
30 Ghost particle ML model permits full quantum description of the solvated electron
31 CABI study updates safer options for fall armyworm control in Africa
32 New discovery sheds light on human history of symbols
33 From waste heat to electrical power: A new generation of thermomagnetic generators
34 European hibernating bats cope with white-nose syndrome which kills North American bats
35 Artificial skin brings robots closer to 'touching' human lives
36 A deadly fungus is killing frogs, but the bacteria on their skin could protect them
37 Flower diversity may mitigate insecticide effects on wild bees
38 Life changes influence physical activity
39 Thanks to machine learning, the future of catalyst research is now!
40 Modern anti-cancer drugs work via tiny molecular motions
41 A revolutionary approach to increasing crop yield in rice
42 In vitro study helps explain how Zika virus passes from mother to fetus during pregnancy
43 Dynamics of radiocesium in forests after the Fukushima disaster: Concerns and some hope
44 Blink! The link between aerobic fitness and cognition
45 First images of muon beams
46 Two studies shed light on how, where body can add new fat cells
47 Digital health divide runs deep in older racial and ethnic minorities
48 Aging-US: Sulforaphane promotes C. elegans longevity and healthspan
49 Experiences of post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) linked to nutritional health
50 Retrained generic antibodies can recognize SARS-CoV-2
51 Epigenomic map reveals circuitry of 30,000 human disease regions
52 Huge methane emission rise follows extreme rainfall in East Africa
53 Experts 'scan horizon' to help prepare governments for next major biosecurity threat
54 Potentially toxic plankton algae may play a crucial role in the future Arctic
55 Personalized screening to identify teens with high suicide risk
56 Some food contamination starts in the soil
57 Study finds childhood diet has lifelong impact
58 Soil bacteria hormone discovery provides fertile ground for new antibiotics
59 CO2 laser therapy helps improve sexual function in postmenopausal women with breast cancer
60 This is what Germany's eSports athletes eat
61 BU study: New vaginal film, MB66, is safe
62 Brain-related visual problems may affect one in 30 primary school children
63 Tool predicts which mini-strokes could lead to major strokes
64 Thoughts on plant genomes
65 Scientists propose new way to detect emotions using wireless signals
66 Cancer patients not receiving life-saving heart attack treatment
67 On the dot: Novel quantum sensor provides new approach to early diagnosis via imaging
68 New stem cell therapy in dogs--a breakthrough in veterinary medicine
69 Forming sound memories: Autism gene plays key aspect in birdsong
70 Impact of spokesperson identity on sharing of public health messages
71 More than half of cancer survivors have underlying medical conditions associated with severe COVID
72 Eavesdropping marmosets understood other monkeys' conversations--and they judged
73 More mammals are being struck by aircraft each year
74 Model predicts likelihood of persistent high-dose opioid use after knee surgery
75 Sleep deprivation may exacerbate frailty's effects on mental health in older adults
76 Alcohol, calories, and obesity: Could labelling make a difference?
77 'Zoombombing' research shows legitimate meeting attendees cause most attacks
78 High intake of refined grains linked to higher risk of heart disease and death
79 Prolonged high dose use of hormone drug linked to increased brain tumour risk in women
80 Spanish scientists identify a mechanism through which dendritic cells improve their antiviral and immunotherapy strategies
81 Study suggests environmental factors had a role in the evolution of human tolerance
82 The Arctic Ocean was covered by a shelf ice and filled with freshwater
83 Insulin can be stored out of refrigeration in hot settings!
84 Martian landslides caused by underground salts and melting ice?
85 Study may help pregnant women and others 'scratch' spinal morphine-induced itch
86 Shelf-stable vaccines avoid waste, expand access
87 Urban agriculture in Chicago does not allow consumers to rely solely on local food
88 Standard water treatment technique removes and inactivates an enveloped virus
89 Load-reducing backpack powers electronics by harvesting energy from walking
90 Discoveries at the edge of the periodic table: first ever measurements of einsteinium
91 Moms with MS at no more risk of pregnancy complications than moms without MS
92 13-year analysis sheds new light on wheat crop disease patterns in Ethiopia
93 New study uncovers rare "mud carapace" mortuary treatment of Egyptian mummy
94 Tactile books adapted for blind children
95 How blood and lymph vessels remain separated after development
96 Student astronomer finds galactic missing matter
97 Ensuring healthy family mealtimes is important--and complicated
98 UTA engineers develop programming technology to transform 2D materials into 3D shapes
99 Dartmouth-invented technology allows doctors to see beam field during radiation treatment
100 New study examines addiction medicine treatment in Vietnam
101 Imaging the first moments of a body plan emerging in the embryo
102 New test provides fast and accurate diagnosis of liposarcomas
103 Experimental vaccine blunts the deadliest of synthetic opioids
104 In symbiosis: Plants control the genetics of microbes
105 Duration of antibody response varies among adults naturally reinfected with RSV
106 Scientists establish multiple primate models of SARS-CoV-2 airborne infection
107 The strange impact of the first consumer review
108 A personal benefit of social distancing: lower odds of getting COVID-19
109 Synthesized very-long-chain polyunsaturated fatty acids improved retinal function in mice
110 'Audeo' teaches artificial intelligence to play the piano