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1 Iron release may contribute to cell death in heart failure
2 How plants stabilize their water pipes
3 Warmer climate may make new mutations more harmful
4 Air pollution poses risk to thinking skills in later life, a study says
5 Iron release may contribute to cell death in heart failure
6 How do electrons close to Earth reach almost the speed of light?
7 Air-guiding in solid-core optical waveguides: A solution for on-chip trace gas spectroscopy
8 Genetic SD-card: Scientists obtained new methods to improve the genome editing system
9 Inspiring leadership, resilience and new challenges: The keys to efficient work teams
10 What did the Swiss eat during the Bronze Age?
11 Fine tuned: adjusting the composition and properties of semiconducting 2D alloys
12 Curtin study finds native bees under threat from growing urbanization
13 A fine-grained view of dust storms
14 Ergodicity of turbulence measurements upon complex terrain in Loess Plateau
15 Recycling face masks into roads to tackle COVID-generated waste
16 A show of force: Novel polymer that toughens up and changes color upon mechanical stress
17 NTU Singapore team develops portable device that creates 3D images of skin in 10 minutes
18 Tracking cells with omnidirectional visible laser particles
19 Bottoms are up at the HIV Research for Prevention Virtual Conference
20 Child head injury guidelines created
21 Snake micro scales reveal secrets of sidewinding and slithering
22 Breast cancer-on-a-chip for testing immunotherapy drugs
23 Big name corporations more likely to commit fraud
24 Study indicates US cities underestimate their GHG emissions by nearly 20%
25 Significant cancer rates in California sea lions has major human health implications
26 Research news tip sheet: Story ideas from Johns Hopkins Medicine
27 Study aims to break the chains of incarceration in African American males
28 Body and mind: hormones in the brain may explain how exercise improves metabolism
29 New evidence sheds light on treatment for patients with respiratory failure from COVID-19
30 Biomedical basis of the Barker hypothesis uncovered
31 In survey of those with uncontrolled asthma, half smoked cannabis
32 Test for early detection of heart problems reduces risk of heart damage from chemotherapy
33 US adults report highest stress level since early days of the COVID-19 pandemic
34 Imaging identifies breast cancer patients unlikely to benefit from hormone therapy
35 Say goodbye to the dots and dashes to enhance optical storage media
36 Survival tip: Start at normal weight and slowly add pounds
37 Cancer research expands body's own immune system to kill tumors
38 NYUAD researchers propose programming to support adolescent mothers in areas of conflict
39 Study finds recommended ICU sedatives equally safe, effective
40 Tiny 3D structures enhance solar cell efficiency
41 Harvard researchers use machine learning models to study health impacts of walnuts
42 Coral decline--is sunscreen a scapegoat?
43 Gene mutations linked to worse outcomes from leukemia in Hispanic and Latino children
44 Scientists uncover potential antiviral treatment for COVID-19
45 South Africa: the rising temperatures will cost up to 20% of per capita GDP
46 Teaching pupils empathy measurably improves their creative abilities
47 The secrets of 3000 galaxies laid bare
48 Generation of conjunctivae in a dish
49 Why food sticks to nonstick frying pans
50 Delaying colonoscopy following abnormal stool test increases risk of colorectal cancer
51 Racial disparities: Young, Black adults had significantly worse heart transplant outcomes
52 Sea level will rise faster than previously thought
53 Vet tranquilliser now implicated in third of fatal opioid overdose cases in Philadelphia
54 Nearly third of US young people prescribed psychoactive drugs admit misusing them
55 Study shows aspirin before a diagnosis may lower colorectal cancer mortality
56 Temperature, humidity, wind predict second wave of pandemic
57 Surgery to heal inflamed gut may create new target for disease
58 X-Stop vs. Laminectomy for lumbar spinal stenosis: Quality of life and cost-effectiveness
59 Biosensors require robust antifouling protection
60 Scientists find promising avenue to restore cognitive function impaired by Alzheimer's disease
61 Ultrasound technique treats prostate cancer with minimal side effects
62 The benefits of reading outdoors
63 Researchers identify "rescue" mechanism that helps cells survive malfunctioning split
64 Liver cancer 'signature' in gut holds clues to cancer risk
65 Stanford research could lead to injectable gels that release medicines over time
66 Stopping intestinal bacteria in their tracks
67 Senolysis by glutaminolysis inhibition ameliorates various age-associated disorders
68 Researchers explore link between 'Alzheimer's gene' and COVID-19
69 Story of COVID's mental health impact--a thread
70 Solving a puzzle
71 Engineering immunity
72 Genetics study finds ancestral background can affect Alzheimer's disease risk
73 Pregnant questions
74 How does pain experienced in everyday life impact memory?
75 Dynamic 3D printing process features a light-driven twist
76 Poll shows inequality in older adults' ability to isolate a COVID-positive person at home
77 Inside the battery in 3D: Powerful X-rays watch solid state batteries charging and discharging
78 New global 'wind atlas' propels sustainable energy
79 Heightened immigration enforcement has troubling impact on US citizen children
80 Kangaroo overgrazing could be jeopardising land conservation, study finds
81 RUDN University mathematicians developed new approach to 5g base stations operation
82 Hypoxia, a feature inside solid cancer tumors, reprograms methylation of ribosomal RNAs
83 New clues to how muscle wasting occurs in people with cancer
84 New piezoelectric material remains effective to high temperatures
85 MSK scientists learn how genes and environment conspire in pancreatic cancer development
86 Feed Fido fresh human-grade dog food to scoop less poop
87 Study examines role of biomarkers to evaluate kidney injury in cancer patients
88 First-in-human clinical trial confirms HIV vaccine approach by IAVI and Scripps Research
89 Study reveals neurons responsible for rapidly stopping behaviors, actions
90 Women at higher-risk of fatal, nightime cardiac arrest
91 Rescheduling drugs to lower risk of abuse can reduce use, dangers
92 State-funded pre-K may enhance math achievement
93 Biodiversity is its own catalyst--to a point
94 A team of climatologists is studying how to minimize errors in observed climate trend
95 Research identifies more sustainable, cost-effective approach to treating citrus canker
96 The quick choice might be a choice-overload avoidance strategy
97 Politicians must be held to account for mishandling the pandemic
98 Ground-breaking evidence reveals scalp cooling physically protects hair follicles
99 Drone and landsat imagery shows long-term change in vegetation cover along intermittent river
100 Moffitt researchers discover mechanism that regulates anti-tumor activity of immune cells
101 How SARS-CoV-2 mutates to escape antibody binding
102 Scientists discover plants' roadblock to specialty oil production
103 Fungus that eats fungus could help coffee farmers
104 New ink jet approach offers simple way to print microdisk lasers for biosensing
105 What the Biden-Harris administration means for chemistry
106 Popular breast cancer drugs don't work the way we thought they did
107 Nanotech plastic packaging could leach silver into some types of foods and beverages
108 Standard water treatment eliminates enveloped viruses--like the coronavirus
109 Most vulnerable often overlooked in clinical trials of new treatments for COVID-19
110 Research highlights the need to incorporate nutritional counseling in cancer treatment