File Title
1 Study finds potential therapeutic targets to inhibit colorectal cancer progression
2 'COVID effect' leads to fewer heart surgeries, more patient deaths
3 Women undergo less aggressive open heart surgery, experience worse outcomes than men
4 ERAS program expedites recovery for congenital heart surgery patients
5 TALENT study supports NLCST and NELSON trial results
6 LCMC3: Neoadjuvant atezolizumab safe, meets primary endpoint of pathologic response rate
7 Selected gene mRNA expression is not predictive of improved overall survival
8 Nivolumab effective treatment for malignant mesothelioma
9 Host immune classifier HIC assays may predict treatment response
10 Inherited immune condition reversed by random DNA change
11 New weapon for inflammation
12 Increasing snow depth prevented wintertime soils from cooling during the warming hiatus
13 Wellbeing benefits of wetlands
14 Co-use of alcohol and marijuana and beliefs among teens
15 Socioeconomic, demographic and urban factors influence the spread of COVID-19
16 The application Radar COVID detects twice as many contacts as the manual tracing system
17 Algorithm for algal rhythms
18 Social & structural factors influence racial disparities in COVID-19 mortality
19 Patient-reported outcomes from the randomized phase III CROWN study of first-line Lorlatinib versus in ALK+ NSCLC
20 Not too big, not too small: Goldilocks analogy found in maze navigation
21 Beyond qubits: Sydney takes next big step to scale up quantum computing
22 Tsunamis and tsunami warning: recent progress and future prospects
23 Finding rare birds is never a picnic, contrary to popular Patagonia belief
24 Non-metallic electronic regulation in CuCo. oxy-/thio-spinel as OER electrocatalysts
25 Youth with autism see sharp decline in physical activity between ages 9-13
26 Highly deformable piezoelectric nanotruss for tactile electronics
27 A surprising cycle
28 Tesla's advantage: EVs cannot succeed without developing parallel supercharging networks
29 Nasal spray that protects against COVID-19 is also effective against the common cold
30 New discovery for how the brain 'tangles' in Alzheimer's Disease
31 Neutrons probe molecular behavior of proposed COVID-19 drug candidates
32 COVID-19 news from Annals of Internal Medicine [3 topics]
33 SLAS Technology special collection on AI in process automation available now
34 As climate warms, summer monsoons to produce less streamflow
35 February special issue of SLAS Discovery focuses on hit discovery methodologies
36 Mathematical method developed to predict cancer and drug-specific immunotherapy efficacy
37 Halved risk for severe retinal disease in extremely premature infants
38 New research looks at teen bariatric surgery outcomes by age
39 Why it is harder for Brazilians of African descent to find bone marrow donors
40 Study links intensive BP lowering to reduced CV risk in patients exposed to air pollution
41 UMass Amherst researchers discover materials capable of self-propulsion
42 Guidelines for extracorporeal cardiopulmonary resuscitation in children and adults: New ELSO statements in ASAIO Journal
43 Toxin-antitoxin function fuels antibiotic-resistance research
44 Summer weather conditions influence winter survival of honey bees
45 Wearable sensor monitors health, administers drugs using saliva and tears
46 Prostate drug associated with lower risk of Parkinson's disease
47 Glitch in genome architecture may cause B-cell malignancies
48 Experts put new method of analysing children's play to the test
49 Virtual conference CO2 emissions quantified in new study
50 When rhinos fly: Upside down the right way for transport
51 Study finds revised concussion guidelines shorten duration of symptoms
52 Scientists develop method to detect fake news
53 New protein neutralizes COVID in tiny human kidney
54 Searching for dark matter through the fifth dimension
55 Synthetic biology reinvents development
56 A full-scale prototype for muon tomography
57 Optimized LIBS technique improves analysis of nuclear reactor materials
58 Discovery could lead to self-propelled robots
59 Paving the way for effective field theories
60 Wonder fungi
61 Failed storage tanks pose atmospheric risks during disasters
62 Computer model makes strides in search for COVID-19 treatments
63 Troubles paying rent or being forced to move linked to lower levels of sleep
64 Oncotarget: The pro-apoptotic actions of 2-methoxyestradiol against ovarian cancer
65 Oncotarget: Simvastatin is a potential candidate drug in ovarian clear cell carcinomas
66 Oncotarget: Neuroendocrine carcinoma of uterine cervix findings shown by MRI
67 Data shows strain on ICU capacity leads to more deaths during COVID-19 pandemic
68 Much to glean when times are rough
69 BU researchers identify promising therapeutic agent against melanoma
70 NIH study shows hyaluronan is effective in treating chronic lung disease
71 What makes people want more self-control?
72 Photonics research makes smaller, more efficient VR, augmented reality tech possible
73 Antarctica's ice melt isn't consistent, new analysis shows
74 Stress on every cell:
75 An integrated approach for an effective prevention of Alzheimer's disease
76 How governments address COVID-19 misinformation--for better or for worse
77 New study strengthens claims Richard III murdered 'the Princes in the Tower'
78 Scientific investigations of believed remains of two apostles
79 Subset of COVID-19 patients have increased bleeding risk
80 Controls needed to stop zebra mussels invading Great Britain
81 Physicists have developed new material for water desalination
82 Algorithms relate neural connections in mice with joint movements
83 Skoltech imaging resources used in international experiment with new photocatalysts
84 A study reveals that the brain distributes sensory information highly efficiently
85 Backreaction observed for first time in water tank black hole simulation
86 Researchers describe a molecular mechanism involved in the pathology's neurodegeneration
87 Holonyak lab team creates fast, cheap, accessible COVID-19 antibody test
88 Digitization, key element in the growth potential of agroecological cooperatives
89 Ural Federal University scientists discover ways to increase oil production efficiency
90 Brightening the future of semiconductor-based photocatalytic processes
91 Sport participation levels lower in students from lower socio-economic groups
92 Origami with DNA
93 More than meets the eye (of the storm): Typhoons in Korea amplified wildfires in America
94 UK life expectancy declining after financial crisis
95 Land-use to solve climate change: a focus on livestock
96 Salt battery design overcomes bump in the road to help electric cars go the extra mile
97 Improved model estimates impact of ozone on soy crops
98 Are plastics and microplastics in the Ocean on the increase?
99 Easily assembled gold nanoparticle scaffolding serves as molecular probe
100 Asian-relevant lung cancer research presented at Global Lung Cancer Conference hosted in Singapore
101 Batteries that can be assembled in ambient air
102 Bleeding gums may be a sign you need more vitamin C in your diet
103 COVID-19 intensive care mortality in Sweden lower than in many studies from other countries
104 Research could dramatically lower cost of electron sources
105 Latest review shows intensive care mortality from COVID-19 continued to fall in 2020, but improvement is slowing
106 Double delight: New synthetic transmembrane ion channel can be activated in two ways
107 Early functional SARS-COV-2 specific T cell response may prevent severe infection
108 Supersaturation: The barrier between protein folding and misfolding
109 Astronomers spot bizarre activity from one of the strongest magnets in the universe
110 Research catches up to world's fastest-growing plant