File Title
1 Common Pesticides Stop Bees and Flies From Getting a Good Night's Sleep and Disrupts Their Memories
2 Century of Data Shows COVID-19 Likely to Impact the Brain Long-Term
3 Meet NASA Astronaut & Artemis Team Member Kayla Barron [Video]
4 Egg Experiment Reveals Scrambling of the Brain on Impact to Find Answers About Concussions
5 Do Simulations Actually Represent the Real World at the Atomic Scale?
6 Pioneering Sensory Neuron Replication: New Technique to Fast-Track Pain Research
7 The Moon Controls the Release of Methane in Arctic Ocean--Unexpected Finding With Big Implications
8 Giant Ambush-Predator Worms May Have Colonized the Seafloor Around 20 Million Years Ago
9 A Frankenstein of Order and Chaos: Researchers Discover a Hybrid Quantum System
10 New Form of Lab-Made Meat Promises More Natural Flavor and Texture + Customized Marbling to Your Taste
11 Back to the Spectacular Firestorm of Star Birth at the Beginning of the Universe: Probing the First Galaxies With Webb
12 Sustainable Plastics: Scientists Make Versatile Polymer From Sugars in Wood
13 Energy Harvesting From Skin Temperature for Battery-Free, Wearable Electronics
14 Global Solar Wind Structure Instrument for the Interstellar Mapping and Acceleration Probe Will Help Chart Earth's Astronomical Neighborhood
15 Examining Infection Fatality Rates: COVID-19 Is Dangerous for Middle-Aged Adults, Not Just the Elderly
16 Solar System Formation in Two Steps--Explains Composition and Features of Planets, Asteroids and Meteorites
17 Low-Fat, Plant-Based Diet Compared to Low-Carb, Animal-Based Diet in Clinical Trial--Here Are the Results
18 The Neurobiology of Thirst: The Brain Mechanisms That Control Hydration
19 Potent Atmospheric Rivers Soak the Pacific Northwest
20 Brain Tissue Analysis Yields Clues to Causes of PTSD
21 Testing Whether Einstein's Theory of General Relativity Is Right With a Record-Breaking Laser Link
22 New Research Finds Lasting Benefits From Growing Up in a Bilingual Home
23 New Results From Monkeys Infected With SARS-CoV-2 Suggest COVID-19 Vaccines Will Be Successful
24 Elves Seen From Space [Video]
25 Magnetic Resonance Imaging Helps Unravel the Mysteries of Sleep
26 How Chess Plays Out at MIT: Shaping the Future of the Game
27 NASA's Juno Mission Expands Into the Future--To Explore Jupiter and Its Rings and Moons
28 Stanford Researchers Develop an Innovative New Way to Predict Beach Water Quality
29 UN Warns: Aging Dams Pose Growing Threat--Most of Humanity Could Be at Risk
30 Magnetic Waves Explain Mystery of Sun's Puzzling Outer Layer
31 Something Is Happening to the Bees--25% of Known Bee Species Haven't Appeared in Public Records Since the 1990s
32 Massive Rotating Stars in the Pleiades Cluster
33 Extinct Pinatubo Volcano Mouse Rediscovered on Volcano That Erupted 30 Years Ago
34 Quantum Computer Breakthrough: New Blueprint for Better, Faster Qubits
35 Solving a Long-Debated Scientific Controversy: Climate and Carbon Cycle Trends of the Past 50 Million Years Reconciled
36 Wormholes May Be Lurking in the Universe--Here Are Proposed Ways of Finding Them
37 Exploring Earth From Space: Sardinia--The Second-Largest Island in the Mediterranean Sea
38 New Technique Builds Super-Hard Metals by Smashing Tiny Nanoparticles Together
39 Spacecraft Detect Giant Flare in Nearby Galaxy
40 Light-Induced Twisting of Weyl Nodes Switches on Giant Electron Current--Useful for Spintronics and Quantum Computing
41 Harvard Scientists Reconstruct the Game-Changing Evolution From Fin-to-Limb in Early Tetrapods
42 Tapping Into an Ancient Evolutionary Survival Mechanism: Cancer Cells Hibernate Like Bears to Evade Harsh Chemotherapy
43 Physicists Search for Axions--Hypothetical Dark Matter Particles--From Nearby Star Betelgeuse
44 NSAIDs--Such As Advil and Meloxicam--Might Exacerbate or Suppress COVID-19 Depending on Timing
45 Dissecting the Anatomy of Planetary Nebulae Using the Hubble Space Telescope
46 Making Protein "Superfood" From Single-Cell Marine Algae
47 NASA's Upcoming Roman Space Telescope Could Image 100 Hubble Ultra Deep Fields at Once
48 Mighty Morphing 3D Printing: New Shape-Changing Nozzle That Could Revolutionize "4D Printing"
49 Brain Cells That Help Drive Bodily Reaction to Fear, Anxiety Identified--Neuroscience Breakthrough Could Lead to Mental Health Treatments
50 Neuroscientists Find Thin Line Between Love and Hate in the Mouse Brain
51 More Metasurface Moire Results in Thinner, Lighter Wide-Range Lenses
52 Big Differences in Long-Term Immunity Resulting From Mild vs. Severe COVID-19 Cases
53 Explore NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory With the New Virtual Tour--Museum, Mission Control, Building Space Robots, etc.
54 Avalanching Nanoparticles Break Barriers to Imaging Cells in Real Time
55 Explosive Past of Arizona's Sunset Crater Eruption May Inform Threats of Similar Volcanoes Today
56 Obesity, Impaired Metabolic Health and COVID-19: The Interconnection of Global Pandemics
57 Infrastructure Improvements to Get More Electric Cars on the Road
58 6 Things to Know About NASA's Ingenuity Mars Helicopter on Its Way to Mars
59 Using CRISPR Genetic Technology to Catch Cancer in the Act
60 NASA Analysis Shows 2020 Tied for Warmest Year on Record
61 New Research Shows We May Already Have Some Degree of Pre-existing COVID-19 Immunity
62 World's Most Efficient Swimmer: Jellyfish Create a "Virtual Wall" to Enhance Performance
63 3D-Printed Nanosatellite Thruster Emits Pure Ions for Propulsion
64 Airplanes Could Save Fuel, Time and Emissions by Better Surfing the Wind
65 Lab-Grown Three-Dimensionally Reconstituted Organoids That Are Just Like Human Organs
66 Kraken Mare--a Sea of Liquid Methane on Saturn's Largest Moon, Titan--Estimated to Be 1,000 Feet Deep
67 Most Lungs Recover Well After COVID-19--According to Extensive Health Assessment 3 Months After Recovery
68 Urban Greenery Contributes More to Greenhouse Gas Emissions Than Researchers Anticipated
69 Surprising Study Finds Sweet Taste Can Reduce Appetite
70 New Research Reignites Debate Around the Behavior of the Giant Dinosaur Spinosaurus
71 How to Quickly and Easily Find Mutated Sperm? Just Go FISH
72 NASA's Deep Space Network Welcomes a Super Powerful New Dish to the Family
73 People With High Omega-3 Blood Levels Less Likely to Die From COVID-19
74 Climate Change Trends Revealed by World's Largest Lakes
75 The 7 Rocky Earth-Size TRAPPIST-1 Planets Have Remarkably Similar Densities
76 Crunch! Listen to "Shell-Crushing" Sounds of a Large Marine Predator Captured by Underwater Acoustics
77 New Turbulence Model Could Help Design Aircraft Capable of Handling Extreme Conditions
78 Air Purifiers Can Actually Increase the Spread of Airborne Viruses Like COVID-19
79 New Ceramic Phosphors for High Power LED Lights Could Save 20-30% More Energy
80 A Benchmark for Single-Electron Quantum Circuits
81 Warming Seas Are Undercutting Sverdrup Glacier in Northwest Greenland
82 Genesis of Bizarre Blue Lightning Jetting Into the Stratosphere Detected From International Space Station
83 Evolution From Fins to Limbs: How Forelimb Function Changed As Vertebrates Acquired Limbs and Moved Onto Land
84 Not Obese After All: Captive Asian Elephants Are Actually Less Fat Than the Average Human
85 Discovery of a New Molecule Advances Route to Chemically Recyclable Plastics
86 There's Lots of Water in the Most Explosive Volcano in the World
87 Much of Earth's Nitrogen--A Life-Essential Element--Was Locally Sourced
88 Hidden Climate Risk Posed by Carbon-Chomping Soil Bacteria
89 Kevlar-Inspired Molecular Nanofibers Constructed That Are Stronger Than Steel
90 Deadly Dam Collapse--That Caused One of Brazil's Worst Environmental Disasters--Could Have Been Predicted
91 New "Fast Forward" Algorithm Could Unleash the Power of Quantum Computers
92 Improving COVID-19 Test Sensitivity With Ultra-Absorptive Nanofiber Swabs
93 Bustling Persian Gulf at Night--Spied by Astronaut on Space Station
94 Efficiently Converting Light Energy Into Surface Waves on Graphene
95 Tiny Craters on Bennu Boulders Reveal Asteroid's Age
96 Open-Source Model Created to Help Clinicians Safely Ventilate Two COVID-19 Patients With a Single Ventilator
97 How Heavy Is Dark Matter? For the First Time Scientists Radically Narrow the Potential Mass Range
98 Upsurge of Matter From Deep Beneath the Earth's Crust Is Pushing North and South America Further Apart From Europe and Africa
99 Game-Changer in Future Solar Technology: New Perovskite Solar Modules With Greater Size, Power and Stability
100 Pregnant Women With COVID-19 Develop High Levels of Antibodies--But Transfer to Newborns Is Lower Than Expected
101 New Mosquito Invading African Cities Is Highly Susceptible to Local Malaria Strains
102 Astrophysicists Surprised to Find Extreme Black Holes Have "Gravitational Hair" That Can Be Combed
103 Access to Legal Cannabis Stores Linked to Reduction in Opioid Deaths
104 New Research Finds Consuming Omega-3 Fatty Acids Could Prevent Asthma
105 Prescription Drug Prices in the U.S. Are 2.56x Higher Than Other Nations--Brand-Named Drugs 3.44x Higher
106 First Evidence That Earth's Magnetosphere Can Create Water on the Moon's Surface
107 Welding Underway on Orion Crew Module for First Artemis Mission Landing Astronauts on the Moon
108 Majority of Americans Skeptical Healthcare Costs Will Fall Anytime Soon as Biden Begins Presidency
109 Even if a Black Hole Can Be Described With a Mathematical Model, It Doesn't Mean It Exists in Reality
110 Holographic Display Improvements Poised to Enhance Virtual and Augmented Reality
111 Tracing the History of Hominin Thumb Dexterity by Modeling Ancient Thumbs
112 Tragic Dyatlov Pass Incident: Using Science to Explore One of the Greatest Mysteries in Soviet History
113 Record-Breaking Source for Single Photons Developed That Can Produce Billions of Quantum Particles per Second
114 Researchers Watch Solid-State Batteries Charge and Discharge Using X-ray Tomography
115 Scientists "Farm" Natural Killer Cells Using a Microfluidic Chip in Novel Cancer Fighting Approach
116 High Efficiency at Low Cost: New Catalyst Moves Seawater Desalination, Hydrogen Production Closer to Commercialization