File Title
1 Device Scavenges Body Heat, Allows Crowds to Gather Safely
2 Wikipedia, but Make It Immune Cells
3 Can this Cat Parasite Become a Tumor Treatment?
4 A New Light: How a Particle Accelerator Helped Solve a COVID Mystery
5 It Seems a Single Molecule Can Govern Ant Behavior
6 10 Facts You May Not Know About Carl Sagan
7 How to Search the Cyagen Knockout Catalog Models Resource?
8 Ancient Egyptian Bees in Danger
9 A Protein that Helps Mitochondria Get the Antioxidants They Need
10 Does Cannabis Use Reduce the Risk of Cancer?
11 CBD-Hemp Valorization: Essential Oils and Enhanced Cannabinoid Composition as a Sustainable Solution?
12 Glow in the Dark Worms Illuminate the Secrets of Regeneration
13 Inflammation during pregnancy can affect normal brain development
14 The Symmetry of Sea Stars Reveals More About Development
15 Can Low Blood Sugar in Older Patients Lead to Serious Vascular Complications?
16 Meet Leti, a fossilized Homo naledi child skeleton
17 Turning Plastic Bags into Fuel
18 Zinc for Respiratory Infections
19 US Military Veterans: Cancer Risk and Cancer Research
20 Why Arthritis Tends to Affect the Same Joints Repeatedly
21 Is Coronavirus Spillover More Common than We Knew?
22 In the Immortal Words of Bob Marley, "Get up! Stand Up!" for Your Mental Health
23 Malaria Researchers Make a Surprising Antibody Find
24 Chatty Chatbots Learn to Cope with Figurative Language
25 Cancer Pathologist Burnout? AI to the Rescue.
26 Some Patients Left Vulnerable to COVID Even After Getting Vaccinated
27 The Taconic-Cyagen Academic Model Generation Alliance
28 Available Data for Cancer-Diagnosing AI Lacking Diverse Imagery
29 T-Cell Signature Distinguishes COVID-19 Immunity from Other Respiratory Infections
30 Researchers Reveal Changes in Jupiter's Spot
31 Battle of the Cannabinoids: Which Cannabis Compound Could Most Effectively Treat IBD?
32 First Results from 100,000 Genomes Project Gives Hundreds Their Answer
33 Human Waste Contributions to Global Pollution Exceed Expectations
34 Cancer Drug Target Could Actually Worsen Disease
35 Beneficial Bacteria May Help Fight Ear Infections Caused by Bacterial Pathogens
36 A Delivery System that Enables Gut Microbes to Communicate with the Body
37 Dogs Get Cancer Too
38 Is the Gut Microbiome--Autism Link Due to Diet?
39 Rockfish Hold Some of the Genetic Secrets to Longevity
40 Injectable Therapy Reverses Paralysis within 4 Weeks
41 AI Interprets Eye Movements from MRI Scans
42 Could Green Tea Offer Anti-Aging Benefits?
43 An Atlas of Regulatory Elements in the Genome of Different Cell Types
44 Alpha-synuclein as a Biomarker for Parkinson's Disease
45 Gene-Edited Barley Can Secure the Beer Supply in a Changing Climate
46 How a BBQ Lighter Inspired a New Vaccine Technology
47 Still a Way to Go Before AI Can Help Patients on Ventilators
48 Algorithm Mines Big Data, Finds Gene Linked to Psychiatric Disease
49 Modeling the Separation of Liquids in Cells
50 Psilocybin and Cannabis to Treat Anxiety and Addiction
51 Climate Change is Affecting the Shape and Size of Amazon Birds
52 Are Disinfectant Byproducts in Tea a Cause for Concern?
53 Legal Loopholes Permitting Dangerous Air Pollution
54 Turkey, Tryptophan, and Cancer
55 Black Friday: A Shopper's Heaven or Hell?
56 Drinking Tea and Coffee Linked to Reduced Dementia and Stroke Risk
57 Large Flu Outbreak at the University of Michigan Draws CDC's Attention
58 Device Helps Study How COVID-19 Infection Affects the Intestines
59 Apes and humans communicate similarly when completing tasks
60 FDA greenlights clinical trials for novel COVID-19 vaccine and delivery system
61 Native American Plant Extract Treats Pain and Diarrhea
62 Nutrients for Reducing Autoimmune Disease Risk
63 Is Cannabis Useful for Symptoms of Endometriosis?
64 Ultrasound Helps Shuttle Cancer-Killing Antibodies to the Brain
65 Some Gene Isoforms are Exclusively Expressed in the Brain
66 Sequencing and AI Combo Powers Up ADHD Diagnostics
67 Could Maternal Antibodies Contribute to Autism Development?
68 What is TurboKnockout Gene Targeting Technology?
69 Bacteria Stressed by Antibiotics May Become 'Disrupted' & Survive to Thrive
70 How Much Should You Walk for a Healthy Heart?
71 Nitrous Oxide is Too Cheap
72 Observing Iron Under Extreme Pressure
73 Could Cannabis-Based Compounds Be the Next New Class of Antibiotics?
74 Increase in Cannabis Use Disorder in Prenatal Hospitalizations
75 A New Type of Heart Cell is Identified
76 Transcriptomics Method Can Reveal Genes Behind Venom Production
77 Exercise Fights Inflammation by Increasing Body's Own Cannabis Production
78 Could Your Heart Rate Indicate the Health of Your Relationship?
79 Artificial Intelligence Could Predict Risk of Atrial Fibrillation
80 Introducing the Human Proteoform Project
81 Topical CBD Reverses UV-Induced Changes in Skin
82 Space Taco: NASA grows Hatch Green Chiles in space
83 Viral RNA Can Hijack the Host by Assuming a tRNA-Like Structure
84 Fear balance--the brain and body communicate to maintain fear within an adaptive range
85 Brazil and COP26--Deforestation Hypocrisy
86 Crucial Developmental Genes Found to Still be Active in Adulthood
87 For Blood Stem Cells, Size Matters
88 Rare Genetic Variant Can Make People Susceptible to Bird Flu H7N9
89 A New Treatment Option for Patients with Cancer in the Eye
90 Researchers Solve the Structure of the HIV Capsid, May Be a New Drug Target
91 Can Nanotechnology Prevent Corneal Graft Rejection?
92 Understanding an Unusual Receptor that's Linked to Depression
93 Important Considerations in the Humanization of Antibodies
94 The Lungfish is a Living Antimicrobial Sponge
95 Happify Health Pursues Prescription Digital Therapeutic for Migraine Headaches
96 Revealing the Battle Between Organisms & Selfish Genetic Elements
97 The Malaria Parasite Gives Its Mosquito Host Advantages
98 Stopping COVID False-Positives from Slipping Through the Cracks
99 Obesity Drives Inflammation, Puts Teeth at Risk
100 Scientists Enter Uncharted Territory of the Cancer Genome, Emerge Victorious
101 Female Condors Reproduced Asexually Even Though Males Were Available
102 No Short Term Effects of THC-positive Breast Milk
103 Diet Filled with Leafy Greens Ends Man's 12-Year Battle with Migraines
104 MIT Scientists Record Butterfly Wing Development
105 Can Cannabis Treat Chemotherapy-induced Peripheral Neuropathy?
106 Deep Learning Tool Identifies 301 New Exoplanets
107 Stressed Mitochondria from Fat Cells Are a Warning to the Heart
108 A Wearable Device for Detecting and Reversing Overdoses
109 A prescription digital therapeutic to treat alcohol use disorders
110 A Plant-Based Antiviral for COVID-19 Infection