File Title
1 Aromatherapy Spray Recalled Because of Deadly Bacterial Contamination
2 Glial Cells May be an Underappreciated Part of Our 'Second Brain'
3 Fighting Sea Lamprey in the Great Lakes
4 New Treatment Approach Uses Bacteria to Deliver Drugs to Cancer Cells
5 Can Lung Viruses Trigger a Genetic Form of Diabetes?
6 Could Pomegranates Play a Role in Cancer Prevention or Treatment?
7 Bacteria Easily Share Mobile Genetic Elements that Confer Resistance to Phages
8 How Fat Cells May Influence Cognitive Decline
9 Illuminating Blips in Blood Flow to the Brain
10 Flaxseed Could Help Improve Inflammation and Oxidative Stress in Diabetes and CKD
11 Spaceflight Seems to Raise Levels of Circulating Cell-Free Mitochondrial DNA
12 Latest Cannabis Extraction Developments
13 The Labroots 2021 Cell Biology Virtual Event Poster Winner: 5-Azacytidine Treatment & Lung Cancer
14 Recognizing Dementia as a Risk Factor for COVID-19
15 This Wooden Knife is Harder than Steel & Cuts Through Steak
16 Two Different Arms, Twice the Cancer-Killing Potential?
17 AI Diagnostic Looks for Bad Blood
18 A Strategy to Improve the Efficacy of Antibiotics
19 In a First, Bach1 Protein Linked to Parkinson's, Revealing Potential Treatment
20 Glomalin, the Protein that Can Heal the Earth
21 Does Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy Help and What Are Some Techniques?
22 Are Certain Anti-inflammatory Agents an Effective Treatment for Heart Disease?
23 Climate Change Is Making Freshwater Food Chains More Toxic
24 Frankenworld: Should We Be Afraid of Playing God or Failing to Love Our Monsters?
25 Very, Very Frightening: Why We Love Horror Movies
26 To Combat Deforestation, Research Reveals that Policy Timing is Key
27 A novel drug delivery device to treat macular degeneration.
28 Lasers Stimulate Stem Cells to Grow & Specialize Faster
29 Revealing the Helpful or Acne-Causing Microbes on Human Skin
30 NF-[kappa]B: a Trick or a Treat for Cancer?
31 Asthma Diagnostic Detects Leaky Airways
32 Unlocking a New Target to Treat Gut Inflammation
33 New Electroceutical Device Targets Splenic Nerves for Therapeutic Benefit
34 Smart Bandage Measures Moisture Level of Healing Wounds
35 Research Suggests Bacteria & Fungi Interact Far More than We Knew
36 RIP Indica/Sativa Cannabis Distinction--Trick, Treat, or Terpene?
37 The Production & Export of Ribosomal Subunits is Caught on Video
38 What do Student Doctors and Medical Professionals Think of Cannabis?
39 A novel analogue of psilocin to treat mental health disorders
40 #BlackinPhysics Week Celebrates Black Physicists
41 Recycled Lithium Batteries: Better than New?
42 New "Dark-Field" X-ray Technology Improves Diagnostic Abilities for Pulmonary Conditions
43 Common Antidepressant Reduces COVID-19 Hospitalizations by 30%
44 The Happenstance Discovery of Delta 10 THC
45 Air Pollution Linked to Brain Inflammation and Reduced Sperm Count
46 Hempcrete's Role in Energy Efficient Building Materials
47 Poor Sleep May Disrupt Heart Rhythms
48 Can Playing Tetris Help Patients with PTSD?
49 An Ancestor of Modern Humans is Given a Proper Name
50 Human Brains React Fastest to the Smell of Danger
51 Microplastics and Aquatic Plants, Problem or Solution?
52 Researchers Create & Sustain Otherworldly 'Superionic' Ice
53 Exploring the Mystery of Archaea in the Vertebrate Gut
54 Unraveling the History of the Tarim Basin Mummies
55 Gut Microbiota Promotes Resistance to Prostate Cancer Therapy
56 How SARS-CoV-2 Evades Antiviral Defenses
57 Genetic Connnections to Osteoarthritis
58 Honeybees Social Distance to Limit the Spread of Infectious Diseases
59 A Robotic Cat Could Help People with Dementia
60 Is this Closed Barrier Why Psychiatric & Bowel Disorders are Linked?
61 How Our Understanding of Cellular Reprogramming May Redefine Transplant Medicine
62 No More Antibodies: COVID Test Uses Glowing Nanotubes
63 Green Tea Isn't an Antioxidant After All (But It's Still Good for You)
64 Syphilis is on the Rise, and Infants are Paying a High Price
65 Amino Acid Supplements May Prevent Neuronal Death & Dementia
66 Mini Sensors Help Detect Neuromotor Abnormalities in Infants
67 Can Digital Applications Improve Outcomes for Patients Post-Percutaneous Coronary Intervention?
68 COVID vaccines have saved 245,000 lives and counting
69 Managing Leachates like Heavy Metals in E-waste
70 New American Heart Association Guidelines: Diet Recommendations, Environmental Sustainability
71 How to Profit from Solar Power at Home
72 First Planet Discovered Outside of Our Galaxy
73 A Samoan Plant May Reduce Inflammation as Well as Ibuprofen
74 Gene Therapy Could Make Parkinson's Drug More Effective
75 The Right Amount of Sleep for Stable Cognition in Older Adults
76 Giving the Immune System a Kickstart to Improve Immunotherapy Efficacy
77 The Coronavirus Infects Inner Ear Cells
78 Trial Flop: Experimental Asthma Treatment Makes Symptoms Worse
79 Tech Offers a Brighter Tomorrow for Difficult-To-Treat Epilepsy Patients
80 In the Immortal Words of Bart Simpson, Always Thinking Two Moves Ahead: Forward Thinking and Social Control
81 Can Cannabidiol Be Used to Treat a Wide Variety of Seizure Disorders?
82 Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation Improves Depression in 80% Patients
83 The Future of Data Storage: Fluorescent Molecules
84 Sperm Will Swim in Different Directions to Locate the Egg
85 Investigating the Gut Virome
86 The first FDA approved eye drops to treat presbyopia and correct poor near-vision.
87 Understanding of the Social Lives of Dinosaurs--Herd Behavior Identified for the First time in Argentina
88 The Labroots 2021 Cancer Research and Oncology Virtual Event Poster Winner
89 Advances in Medical Cannabis for Treating Autism Spectrum Disorder
90 THC & ASD: A Crucial Contributor to Symptom Alleviation
91 The Health Risks of Daylight Savings Time Changes
92 Second Most Common Malaria Parasite is an Underappreciated Threat
93 Solution to a Pigeon Genetic Mystery Provides Insight into Development
94 Agriculture Subsidies Should Prioritize Water Conservation
95 How Cells Use Messengers to Signal to One Another
96 New Model Teaches Us More About Why the Delta Variant is So Infectious
97 Studying the Genetic Impact of a Common Viral infection
98 Genetic Explanation for Low Cancer Incidence in Elephants
99 How Has the COVID-19 Pandemic Impacted Adolescents with Eating Disorders?
100 Understanding How Problems in Bone Marrow Transplants Arise
101 Pfizer Claims Their New COVID-19 Pill Reduces Hospitalization Risk by 89%
102 Revealing Gene Expression Networks in Human Embryonic Stem Cells
103 Sample Prep Possibilities: How to Gauge Your "Good Enough"
104 Landmark Study of Hemp Seed Genetics
105 A case study of CBD's tumor shrinking potential
106 COVID-19 Vaccines Approved for Children 5-11
107 Violent Video Games Can Make Players More Aggressive, Just Not Towards Other People
108 Over 900 genes are expressed during human pregnancy, a new study finds
109 People Taste Things Differently, Depending on their Diet
110 How Mutations in a Huge Gene Can Cause a Common Heart Disorder