File Title
1 WhatsApp pushes privacy update to comply with Irish ruling
2 El Salvador plans first 'Bitcoin City,' backed by bitcoin bonds
3 Khashoggi's fiancee urges Justin Bieber to cancel Saudi performance
4 Exit polls: Bulgarian president wins apparent reelection
5 Vancouver is marooned by flooding and besieged again by climate change
6 Sudan military leaders reinstate deposed prime minister
7 How the US lost ground to China in the contest for clean energy
8 He sold away his people's heritage, he's in the jungle to get it back
9 As hopes for nuclear deal fade, Iran rebuilds and risks grow
10 As thanksgiving approaches, US virus cases tick upward once more
11 Angry and divided, Austrians argue over a lockdown and vaccine mandates
12 In hard times, Afghan farmers are turning to opium for security
13 Afghanistan: Taliban issue guidelines against women actors
14 Former Netanyahu aide testifies in ex-Israeli PM's corruption trial
15 Jobs lost, middle class Afghans slide into poverty, hunger
16 Xi Jinping says China will not seek dominance over Southeast Asia
17 Indian-origin man sentenced to 8 yrs. corrective training, caning in Singapore
18 IMF deal with Pakistan would revive $6 billion bailout
19 Sri Lanka's former police chief indicted in 2019 Easter Sunday terror attack
20 56 years ago, he shot Malcolm X. Now he lives quietly in Brooklyn.
21 White House says Joe Biden intends to run again in 2024
22 US not heading toward COVID-19 lockdown: White House
23 US to pay nearly $130 million to resolve claims over 2018 Parkland school shooting
24 French prime minister positive for COVID-19, as cases rise
25 Probe finds 'overwhelming evidence' of misconduct by New York Gov. Cuomo
26 IMF recommends El Salvador not use bitcoin as legal tender
27 Biden to keep Powell as Fed chair, Brainard gets vice chair
28 Prominent poet Robert Bly, author of 'Iron John,' dies at 94
29 Congo militiamen kill more than 12 at displaced camp in east
30 US House panel probing Capitol riot subpoenas Roger Stone, Alex Jones
31 US issues 'Do Not Travel' COVID-19 warning for Germany, Denmark
32 Man accused of killing 5 at Wisconsin parade had lengthy police record
33 How fake news on Facebook helped fuel a border crisis in Europe
34 Victims at Christmas parade were young musicians and dancing grannies
35 Bus crash in Bulgaria kills at least 45 people
36 Sri Lanka begins trial of 25 accused of plotting 2019 Easter bombings
37 Milwaukee's 'Dancing Grannies' devastated by parade crash
38 Ex-South Korean strongman Chun Doo-hwan dies at age 90
39 China urges 'certain people' to stop 'politicisation' of Peng Shuai situation
40 Brazil's skateboarders who choose self-confidence over crime
41 South Korea: Will dog meat restaurants become a thing of the past?
42 Malikah Shabazz, a daughter of Malcolm X, dies at 56
43 Why China can't bury Peng Shuai and its #MeToo scandal
44 Fighting gas prices, US to release 50 million barrels of oil
45 Have not made determination yet on potential CAATSA waiver to India on S400: US
46 New Zealand to reopen to foreign travellers from April 30
47 Singapore economy seen slowing next year after 7% expansion in 2021
48 Afghans 'marry off' baby girls for dowries as starvation looms
49 In Venezuela's flawed vote, Maduro shows one way to retain power
50 33 hurt in Brazil when sidewalk collapses at Christmas event
51 US to require vaccines for all border crossers in January
52 Jeffrey Epstein's final days: celebrity reminiscing and a running toilet
53 Contending with the pandemic, wealthy nations wage global battle for migrants
54 Virtual real estate plot sells for record $2.4 million
55 Army Cadets tried to get Navy's goat, again. Commanders were not amused
56 Child is 6th death in Waukesha parade crash; suspect charged
57 Declining marriage numbers add to China's demographic conundrum
58 Peppa Pig references, vroom-vroom cars: Boris Johnson's speech sparks concerns in Britain
59 Sudan PM says investigation launched into violations against protesters
60 Einstein notes with sketches of relativity theory sold in Paris auction for $13 million
61 Pakistani cultural capital is now world's most polluted city
62 German parties reach deal for government to end Merkel era
63 Germany to Vietnam: These countries are witnessing a fresh COVID-19 surge
64 Hong Kong sentences youngest person yet under national security law
65 A little known cult is South Korea's latest COVID-19 outbreak
66 What we know and don't know about the Wisconsin parade attack
67 UAE holds talks with Taliban to run Kabul airport: Foreign diplomats
68 Malaysia, Singapore set to reopen borders to some travel
69 Magdalena Andersson becomes Sweden's first female prime minister; resigns within hours
70 Is the four-day workweek finally within our grasp?
71 US Pentagon to form new group to investigate UFOs
72 Pakistan to India: Will allow Afghanistan aid through Wagah
73 London's Big Ben to show fresh face to ring in New Year
74 The Base, Hezbollah get terrorist designation in Australia
75 Apple warns Thai activists 'state-sponsored attackers' may have targeted iPhones
76 Vladimir Putin says he took experimental nasal vaccine against COVID-19
77 Qatar detains two Norway journalists amid World Cup coverage
78 Migrant boat capsizes in English Channel; at least 27 dead
79 Chinese firm gets contract to develop Colombo Port's controversial eastern container terminal
80 Italy targets unvaccinated with restrictions as cases rise
81 The inflation miscalculation complicating Biden's agenda
82 All 3 men charged in Ahmaud Arbery's death convicted of murder
83 Helicopters, clipboards, crew cuts, the President must be in town
84 High-level officials responsible for Ukraine airliner crash in Iran--victims' report
85 A claim of herd immunity reignites debate over UK COVID policy
86 US justice dept. to prioritise prosecuting violence on flights
87 For Afghan refugees, a choice between community and opportunity
88 Army whistleblower's lonely death highlights toll of mental illness
89 Released Sudan official describes ordeal since coup arrest
90 China finds 12 million children that it didn't know existed
91 COVID-19 highlights a geographic split in Germany
92 FBI calls dealing with 'Havana Syndrome' a top priority
93 Libya: Gadhafi son disqualified from running for president
94 Germany mourns 100,000 COVID-19 dead
95 Europe reckons with COVID-19 restrictions as a bleak winter looms
96 Scientist warns of a new COVID variant with high number of mutations
97 France says pregnant women among 27 dead in English Channel
98 Biden picks women of color to lead White House budget office
99 US should not have any illusions about Taiwan, says China
100 EU regulator authorises Pfizer's COVID vaccine for kids 5-11
101 Peng Shuai to Jack Ma: The high-profile disappearances in China
102 US: The Santa experience this year is a mix of laps, distancing
103 Interpol elects controversial UAE official as president
104 Looting and fires break out during COVID protests on France's Martinique: Media
105 South Korea to launch task force on banning dog meat
106 Germany's COVID timeline: from first case to 100,000 dead
107 Earthquake of magnitude 6.1 strikes Myanmar-India border region: EMSC
108 Italy takes in National Geographic's green-eyed 'Afghan Girl'
109 UK raises alarm over new COVID variant which could beat vaccines
110 Czechs order bars and restaurants shut early, president taken to hospital with COVID
111 WHO to meet on Friday to assess new COVID-19 variant detected in South Africa
112 Saudi lifts suspension of direct entry for travellers from 6 countries including India
113 Israel detects its first case of new coronavirus variant
114 Russia: Over 50 people die in Siberian mine accident
115 France lashes out at Britain's latest proposal on migrants
116 New coronavirus variant causes worry across the globe--key developments
117 BioNTech says expect more data on new variant in 2 weeks
118 WHO hosts special meeting on worrying new COVID-19 variant
119 As Europe virus cases surge, UK plows on with its new normal
120 World takes action as new variant emerges in southern Africa
121 How Japanese travel 'abroad' without leaving home
122 South African health minister says travel bans 'unjustified'