File Title
1 Daughter of first American astronaut launches on Blue Origin flight
2 Russia ready to 'fight' for space tourism supremacy
3 Daughter of first American astronaut launches on Blue Origin flight
4 Blue Origin plans to launch largest crew yet Saturday
5 SpaceX launches Turksat-5b
6 Two Astronauts Receive Assignments for NASA's SpaceX Crew-6 Mission
7 Raytheon Intelligence and Space to build Space Force weather satellite prototype
8 NCAR's mini-satellite to measure howling winds high in atmosphere
9 China Pursues Helium-3 on the Moon
10 Northrop Grumman completes environmental testing for Next Gen. OPIR GEO payload
11 India May Become 1st in Line to Buy Russian Air Defense System S-500
12 Tornado destruction in Kentucky 'almost beyond belief': Biden
13 Connecting online, tornado victims track down lost treasures
14 Biden tours tornado-ravaged Kentucky town
15 Biden visits Kentucky to tour tornado-ravaged towns
16 Webb space telescope launch delayed: NASA
17 Biden heads to tornado-struck Kentucky to pledge support
18 WTO members to target fossil fuel subsidies, plastic
19 After mega tornado, Kentucky desperate for Christmas salve
20 Crews begin 'Herculean' task of removing tornado debris in Kentucky
21 Taliban blamed for at least 72 extrajudicial killings: UN
22 Oracle to buy medical records firm Cerner for $28.3bn
23 China's SenseTime relists Hong Kong IPO after US blacklisting
24 'Cyborg' artist who 'hears' color turns to time travel
25 NASA confirms December 24 telescope launch
26 Asia tech conference calls off 2022 event citing virus fears
27 EU lawmakers back rules to curb Big Tech
28 Trump media group plans subscription video service
29 Nike buys virtual sneaker firm as metaverse buzz grows
30 G7 condemns 'erosion' of democracy in Hong Kong polls
31 US announces new 'special coordinator' for Tibet
32 Western allies condemn Hong Kong's 'patriots only' polls
33 Western allies express 'grave concern' over Hong Kong election: joint statement
34 China's 'livestreaming queen' fined $204 million for tax evasion
35 Hong Kong leader hails 'patriots only' vote despite record low turnout
36 Asian markets tumble on Omicron spike, Biden spending bill blow
37 China's SenseTime relists Hong Kong IPO after US blacklisting
38 Record low turnout for Hong Kong's first 'patriots only' polls
39 Out of the Shadows of the Maria Gordon notch: Sols 3328-3329
40 Cliffs and notches keeps Curiosity team busy: Sols 3330-3332
41 NASA's Perseverance Mars Rover Makes Surprising Discoveries
42 Sols 3326-3327: Backing away from the cliff
43 Rock composition determines how deadly a meteorite impact is
44 Space-bound research a step toward feeding Earth's people
45 Oldest documented grave of infant girl in Europe found
46 'Baby talk' helps infants learn words, study finds
47 Who were the first to permanently settle the Tibetan Plateau
48 Prehistoric mums may have cared for kids better than we thought
49 Poll: 81% of parents think their children are ungrateful
50 Chemical in human body odor triggers aggression in women, but not men
51 Perceptual links between sound and shape may unlock origins of spoken words
52 Toddlers regulate emotions better after watching adults calm themselves
53 Study finds a striking difference between neurons of humans and other mammals
54 NOAA's Arctic report card finds 'alarming' trend in climate crisis
55 'Alarm bells' as UN validates record Arctic temperature
56 Solely European supply chain for space-qualified Alexandrite laser crystals on the horizon
57 MDA announces Chorus as new commercial EO mission
58 NASA to launch 4 Earth Science Missions in 2022
59 Rocket Lab to launch three dedicated Electron missions for EO firm Synspective
60 Earth from Space: White Nile, Sudan
61 Swarm and Cluster get to the bottom of geomagnetic storms
62 New research explains Earth's peculiar chemical composition
63 Dinosaur faces and feet may have popped with color
64 Dinosaurs and amber: a new window to the Cretaceous world from 110 million years ago
65 Fleshing out the bones of Quetzalcoatlus, Earth's largest flier ever
66 Bringing 400-million-year-old fossilized armored worms to 'virtual' life
67 MicroCarb first European mission to characterise greenhouse gas fluxes on Earth's surface
68 Resolving the puzzles of graphene superconductivity
69 A research strategy for ocean carbon dioxide removal and sequestration
70 Low concentrations of CO2-CO direct conversion technology
71 A quantum view of 'combs' of light
72 Discovery of split photon provides a new way to see light
73 Atom laser creates reflective patterns similar to light
74 Transforming materials with light
75 Artificial material protects light states on smallest length scales
76 Molecular device turns infrared into visible light
77 EU eyes nuclear, gas as 'green' on sustainable energy list
78 Iran says inspecting new IAEA cameras for nuclear site
79 European powers warn Iran nuclear talks nearing 'end of road'
80 UN nuclear chief casts 'doubt' on missing Iran data
81 Iran nuclear deal negotiators to take stock before pause
82 Australia nuclear sub deal in line with non-proliferation treaty: US official
83 Iran says UN can't see nuclear images until sanctions end
84 Finland's Olkiluoto nuclear plant to power up 12 years late
85 Iran, UN agree on replacing nuclear site's damaged cameras
86 Myanmar junta used helicopters in raid on anti-coup fighters: spokesman
87 UN agency calls for 'urgent access' to Myanmar refugees
88 US cities remain locked in a grim spiral of record homicides
89 Iraqi museum restores treasures destroyed by jihadists
90 Two Chinese firms to build 1,000 schools in Iraq
91 French army probes 'unacceptable' skidding in front of migrants
92 Two rockets fired at Baghdad's Green Zone
93 Mind-controlled robots now one step closer
94 Grip or slip; robots need a human sense of touch
95 These tiny liquid robots never run out of juice as long as they have food
96 COVID rules shutting down Hong Kong's aviation industry: Qatar Airways boss
97 AFRL'S Aerospace Systems Directorate opens new subsonic wind tunnel facility
98 Finland to buy 64 US F-35 fighters in huge deal
99 British F-35 that plunged into Mediterranean recovered
100 Long-Range Discrimination Radar Reshapes Adversaries' Calculus for Attacks Against US Homeland
101 European powers warn Iran nuclear talks nearing 'end of road'
102 US Navy says rescues Iran drug smugglers after blast
103 Iran, UN agree on replacing nuclear site's damaged cameras
104 Tehran getting ready for space satellite launch
105 Are the Iran nuclear talks facing collapse?
106 Iran losing 'precious time' with nuclear stance: European diplomats
107 Iran sees progress at nuclear talks
108 UN nuclear chief casts 'doubt' on missing Iran data
109 Researchers identify new meteorological phenomenon dubbed "atmospheric lakes"
110 Kitesurfing the white wilderness for polar science