File Title
1 What We Can Learn from Non-Fatal Shark Bites
2 We've Found A Unique Giant 'Tatooine' Planet that Orbits Two Stars Say Scientists
3 Declining Car Emissions Saved U.S. $270 Billion in One Year, Researchers Say
4 Giant Forest to reopen months after fires threatened sequoias
5 Minnesota lakes have lost about 2 weeks of ice coverage over last 50 years as winters warm
6 Want to limit carbon and curb wildfire? Create a market for small trees
7 Antarctica's Thwaites Glacier ice shelf could collapse in 5 years
8 Quantum algorithms bring ions to a standstill
9 The Tornado--Climate Change Debate Is Distracting
10 Einstein's theory passes rigorous 16-year tests
11 Warm-bodied ties between mammals and birds more ancient than previously recognized
12 Team develops the world's first optical oscilloscope
13 New study explores lunar pits and caves
14 NASA to launch four Earth science missions in 2022
15 Swirling bacteria mimic Van Gogh's 'The Starry Night'
16 Dow Drops More than 300 Points Ahead of Fed Meeting, Tesla Sinks While Pfizer, Moderna Jump
17 A computer made of floppy rubber
18 New bushfire spread prediction model keeps firefighters ahead of the fire front
19 Banned decades ago, PCBs still posing threat to wildlife
20 Researchers identify and characterize a sour receptor conserved from fruit flies to humans
21 A missing link in the MHC class divergence puzzle: Class II came first
22 An enemy within: Pathogens hide in tissue
23 China is building the world's largest national park system
24 NASA begins testing robotics to bring first samples back from Mars
25 With fuzzy nanoparticles, researchers reveal a way to design tougher ballistic materials
26 Want to help Florida's manatees? Don't feed them yourself
27 Hospital workers told to get own lateral flow tests amid NHS shortage
28 Farmed seafood supply at risk if we don't act on climate change
29 US tornado deaths at 78, likely to rise
30 Artificial intelligence can create better lightning forecasts
31 Air flow key to ensuring black soldier fly larvae thrive as a sustainable food source
32 Brood X Cicadas left their mark on soils
33 Do Callous Personalities Win in Business? New Research Suggests Not
34 New spin amplifier accelerates search for dark matter
35 A missing genetic switch at the origin of embryonic malformations
36 Japanese tourist says space trip 'amazing'
37 Low-cost AI soil sensors could help farmers curb fertilizer use
38 Here Are Some Remaining Holes in U.S. Pandemic Preparedness
39 New resistance-busting antibiotic combination could extend the use of 'last-resort' antibiotics
40 Five ways a pulsar duo sheds light on general relativity and more
41 Modern cooking fuels connected to quicker demographic transition
42 Challenging Einstein's greatest theory with extreme stars
43 Super-bright stellar explosion is likely a dying star giving birth to a black hole or neutron star
44 The cosmic 'Cow' may have produced a new neutron star or black hole
45 New supernova remnant detected by astronomers
46 Discovery of 'split' photon provides a new way to see light
47 Pressure on river management leads to more frequent flooding
48 Prioritise teachers for booster jabs to avoid mass school closures, scientists warn
49 Key mechanism of photosynthesis elucidated
50 Hacking Your Weekend to Neutralize the Sunday Scaries
51 Consumption work in the circular economy: A research agenda
52 Teacher gender bias is real and has lasting effects on students' marks and study choices
53 More than 300,000 New Zealanders owe more than they own. Is this a problem?
54 Why did the early warning system fail to save the lives of residents around Mount Semeru?
55 Ancient fish's brain adapted for life on the land
56 Here's what it would take to end emissions from fossil fuels
57 Worldwide study finds differences in avian fear of the unknown
58 New research explains Earth's peculiar chemical composition
59 Making and manipulating capsule-like DNA structures for use in artificial molecular systems
60 The Real Science Behind 'Don't Look Up' / Science
61 Five weird things that happen in outer space
62 Scientists use NASA data to predict corona of December 4 Antarctic eclipse
63 Hubble snaps a stunning spiral's side
64 New cell line is capable of giving rise to red blood cells outside the body
65 Five questions about space weather and its effects on Earth answered
66 How 2021 research showed mating across groups drove human evolution
67 NASA's 'Eyes on Asteroids' tool reveals near-Earth object neighborhood
68 Neutralizing antibodies for emerging viruses
69 Predicting future tsunamis using historical records alone may lead to miscalculations, warn scientists
70 Indigenous communities hold a huge and unique source of ecological knowledge
71 Using airborne DNA to monitor insect biodiversity
72 Solar parks could boost bumble bee numbers in a win-win for nature
73 Scientists decode why asthma symptoms get worse at night
74 U.K. Raises COVID-19 Alert Level as Omicron Coronavirus Variant Spreads
75 Race to rescue survivors as US tornadoes kill at least 94
76 Severe weather 'new normal,' US emergency chief warns after tornadoes
77 Spanish island volcano eruption hits local record of 85 days
78 Satellite images, expert suggest Iranian space launch coming
79 Was tornado outbreak related to climate change?
80 Vienna exhibition tests ethics of displaying human remains
81 Who will be the judge of countries' climate plans?
82 Devastating but still not well understood
83 Gas field tremor terror haunts Dutch villages
84 Strahan flies to space with astronaut's daughter: 'Wow!'
85 Government pilot set to trial hospital air purifiers in plan to limit COVID outbreaks
86 Vaping Associated with Over 2x the Erectile Dysfunction Risk, Study Says
87 Powerful tornadoes kill at least 78 in five US states
88 Asteroid Nereus Cruised Past Earth Today. In 39 Years It Could Be Mined for $5 Billion in Precious Metals
89 Deadly Tornadoes Were Predicted but 3 Worst-Case Scenarios Played Out
90 Rare fossil reveals prehistoric Melbourne was once a paradise for tropical pig-nosed turtles
91 Scientists' caution over use of new antiviral pill in people with weak immune systems
92 Mountain lion kittens found under picnic table in California
93 Climate cycles create California precipitation uncertainty
94 No more commercial astronaut wings, too many launching
95 S&P 500 Closes at New Record Despite Inflation Hitting Nearly 40-Year-High
96 Smelling Moms' Scent May Help Infants Bond with Strangers / Science
97 A new window to the Cretaceous world from 110 million years ago
98 Experiment finds evidence for a long-sought particle comprising four neutrons
99 A new mechanism for generation of vesicles that transport molecules and vaccine nanoparticles into living cells
100 Can diamonds originate methane?
101 Widespread plants displace rarer species across habitats
102 Data shows surge and then fall in population activity ahead of last Christmas
103 Forest mammals eavesdrop on messy monkeys
104 Turkey and neighbours pledge to clean up Mediterranean
105 Denver sees first snowfall after breaking 87-year-old record
106 Storytelling is a secret weapon for increasing service sales and overcoming employee resistance to change
107 The benefits of savanna fire management in Africa
108 Researchers develop advanced catalysts for clean hydrogen production
109 Disrupting flow of wood from rivers to oceans impacts marine environments
110 California's heavy-duty trucks don't have to get smog-checked. Why that's about to change
111 Exotic six-quark particle predicted by supercomputers