File Title
1 How a fly's brain calculates its position in space
2 Cracking the mystery of nitrogen ice dynamics on Pluto
3 Dynamic gating process observed at sub-2 nm speed in nanochannels
4 South Jersey town's drinking water exceeded a 'forever chemical' standard
5 Quantum physics requires imaginary numbers to explain reality
6 Earth's early oceans may have been heavy on the salt
7 Fossil find reveals giant prehistoric 'thunder birds' were riddled with bone disease
8 A new concept for high-performance detectors
9 Scientists find climate-driven tree mortality and fuel aridity increase wildfire fuel availability
10 Global loss of floristic uniqueness due to spread of alien plants
11 Consumption behavior identifies boy-girl gender discrimination in Chinese households
12 Forgiveness and well-being at work can boost employee morale
13 How do you study facial bias without bias?
14 2021 Arctic Report Card reveals a (human) story of cascading disruptions, extreme events and global connections
15 A sociologist argues that society's messages about masculinity need to change
16 'Forever chemicals' latch onto sea spray to become airborne
17 E-waste recycling emits emerging synthetic antioxidants
18 Identifying schools with high lead levels in drinking water
19 NASA Delays $10 Billion Space Telescope Yet Again. It Could Now Launch on Christmas Day
20 Black bears could play important role in dispersal of pathogen-carrying ticks
21 Archaeologists Discover Oldest Domesticated Dog Remains in Americas / Science
22 Increased protection for rare bird species' habitats in Russia
23 Reactions that store carbon underground can cause cracking, which is good news
24 Supposedly similar microplastic particles show different levels of toxicity
25 In 2021, COVID-19 vaccines were put to the test. Here's what we learned
26 Vampire fly threat is changing parental behavior
27 Webb telescope launch delayed by communication problem
28 Montana advances grizzly bear plans that could allow hunting
29 States to sign voluntary cutbacks of Colorado River water
30 City allotments match farming productivity per square meter
31 South Africa snips lions to manage species in small reserves
32 Roman ruins provide building blocks for Serbian village
33 Volunteers raise oyster gardens to help restore reefs
34 Webb Telescope placed on top of Ariane 5 rocket
35 Despite cleaner air, pollution disparities for people of color remain across the US
36 NASA'S Parker Solar Probe Touches the Sun's Searing Upper Atmosphere
37 The Most Inspiring Immigration Stories of 2021
38 Scientists connect diet and temperature to metabolism in opaleye fish
39 Study finds that classrooms with more Black and Latinx students receive lower quality of teaching
40 NASA selects 4 CubeSats for space weather tech development
41 Einstein finally warms up to quantum mechanics? Research team redefines energy to explain black holes
42 NASA enters the solar atmosphere for the first time, bringing new discoveries
43 Team engineers directed-evolution of translation system for efficient unnatural amino acids incorporation
44 Advanced analysis of Apollo sample illuminates Moon's evolution
45 Soils in old-growth treetops can store more carbon than soils under our feet
46 Finding new potassium channels to selectively target pest insects
47 Using citizen-science data to investigate unseasonal flowering in Joshua trees
48 Nonprofits show resilience and initiative during second year of pandemic
49 Testing disruption leaves UK 'flying blind' over scale of omicron wave
50 Novel plantibodies show promise to protect citrus from greening disease
51 Melting Arctic Creating New Crises--From Infrastructure Collapse to A Beaver Invasion--Researchers Say
52 Energy-saving strategy helps hummingbirds fuel their long migrations
53 Citrus greening disease can infect an entire tree weeks before symptoms appear
54 Scientists urge creating strategic forest reserves to mitigate climate change, protect biodiversity
55 Experiments riding 24th SpaceX cargo mission to space station study bioprinting, crystallization, laundry
56 Study identifies how much artificial light is too much for two coastal species
57 Being Conscientious and Agreeable Matters in Healthcare Occupations
58 New tools will yield better estimates of methane emissions from permafrost
59 NASA's Webb telescope will have the coolest camera in space
60 How to turn tension into transformation
61 A spacecraft has 'touched' the sun for the first time
62 Evidence for shared earthquakes between San Andreas and San Jacinto faults
63 Study combines climatic, tectonic models to explain Andean conundrum
64 Astronomers just got better at finding 'bright' black holes
65 Research shows household income impacts of storms, need for more equitable climate resilience planning for cities
66 Transistor-based sensors offer hope for rapid diagnosis and treatment for COVID-19 and other infections
67 Direct writing of customized structural-color graphics with colloidal photonic inks
68 Tiny meteors leave smoke in the atmosphere, and NASA's studying it
69 The top articles of 2021
70 Record highs, rain and beaver damage in Arctic
71 Plastic-degrading enzymes increasing in correlation with pollution
72 Debilitating human parasite transmitted via dogs eating fish
73 How sleep may boost creativity
74 15-minute wait after COVID vaccines set to be scrapped as rollout accelerated
75 Mars' missing water might be stored in clay mineral
76 Vast majority of American workers like their jobs, even as a record number quit them
77 The first quantitative study[of bread waste] in Sweden
78 A snapshot from Southern California of life in an altered climate
79 UN weather agency affirms 2020 Arctic heat record in Siberia
80 New academic algorithm identifies elevated domestic violence levels during lockdown
81 Study finds women with low 2D:4D finger ratios tend to have stronger grip strength
82 Live cell DNA architecture in real time
83 Computer Models Suggest that Australia's Extinct Megafauna Was Vulnerable to Climatic Change and Human Land Use
84 Marathon experiment reveals quirks of quarks
85 A bacteria-virus arms race could lead to a new shigellosis treatment
86 First comprehensive study on gun violence in Europe identifies alarming trends
87 COVID restrictions needed until February, senior government scientist warns
88 Why reception year is so crucial to a child's development
89 Clocks Are Models of Time
90 How sex workers navigated pandemic relief efforts
91 Study finds 'angry' bees have more potent, medicinally valuable venom
92 Scientists cautious as erupting Spanish volcano falls quiet
93 Iconic reef giants not immune to climate's harmful touch
94 How to see comet Leonard, according to the researcher who discovered it
95 New Data Confirms COVID Antiviral Drug 89% Effective at Preventing Hospitalizations and Death, Pfizer Says
96 Cicada science heats up when Brood X emerges. 2021 was no exception
97 Are tornadoes linked to climate change? The science isn't yet definite
98 Queen's genes determine sex of entire ant colonies
99 A New Study Shows that Medication Abortions and the Abortion Pill RU-486 Are Safe
100 Melting sea ice forces polar bears to travel farther for food
101 Winter tornadoes to get more powerful as world warms
102 The complex world of the Japanese eel
103 Rocket scientists and brain surgeons are no brighter than general population, study finds
104 Earliest adorned female infant burial in Europe significant in understanding evolution of personhood
105 70 million years on earth, 40 years of decline: the endangered eel
106 Vulnerable to climate change, New York constructs seawall
107 Indonesia lifts tsunami alert after powerful undersea quake
108 Visually stunning tree of all known life unveiled online
109 16-country study shows how news shapes governments' humanitarian aid
110 New method to measure spin waves brings us one step closer to spin superfluidity