File Title
1 These are the viruses that mRNA vaccines may take on next
2 Sexist 'sexplanation' for men's brilliance debunked
3 Testosterone drives the dark side of meerkat success
4 Ocean acidification and warming disrupts fish shoals
5 Melting Arctic ice draws killer whales further north
6 The 'Christmas Comet' Is Getting Brighter. Exactly How, When and Where You Can See Comet Leonard After Sunset this Week
7 A CDC panel recommends mRNA COVID-19 vaccines over J&J's
8 Companies charged with negligence in Orange County oil spill
9 A pioneering visual system for assessment of student competencies
10 Seed microorganisms override soil microorganisms when colonizing plants
11 Research group isolates reaction step that describes energetics of catalysis on materials
12 Coast redwood and sequoia genome sequences completed
13 Meat-eating causes 75,000 Chinese deaths a year through pollution
14 New research reveals a hidden obstacle for women in academia
15 Why Some Drugs Cost $2.1 Million Per Dose and How One Company Plans to Change This
16 Mitigating the environmental impact of herbicides
17 Astronomers spy quartet of cavities from giant black holes
18 The puzzling link between Western wildfires and Arctic sea ice
19 Research team takes important step in quantum computing with error correction
20 Map of transparent butterflies highlights biodiversity hotspot in the Andes Mountains
21 EPA details push to tighten rules for lead in drinking water
22 Room-temperature crystallography aids new study of photosynthetic bacteria
23 Marine life can cling together to buy time in the face of climate warming
24 Watching the blink of a star to size up asteroids for NASA's Lucy Mission
25 Shifting conferences online cuts carbon footprint 94%
26 COVID booster jab triggers immune response in days, not weeks, say scientists
28 A new way to find genetic variations removes bias from human genotyping
29 Temperature variation in rocket box designs
30 New research finds supermarket business model is on knife edge
31 'A test from yesterday is not enough': The perks and perils of at-home COVID testing
32 Researchers identify new meteorological phenomenon dubbed 'atmospheric lakes'
33 How Climate Change Messaging Spun Out of Control During the Tornado Outbreaks
34 Secret embraces of stars revealed by Alma
35 COVID-19 lockdowns lessened global lightning activity
36 Silvopasture could tackle Colombian Amazon's high deforestation rates and help achieve COP26 targets
37 NSF report guides research into climate change's effect on human security
38 Women are homeless in greater numbers than has previously been assumed, new research shows
39 Yet Another Deep-Sea Fish Has Washed Ashore in Southern California
40 Theropod dinosaur jaws became stronger as they evolved, study finds
41 1,500 endangered languages at high risk of being lost this century
42 Almost 17 million vertebrates killed in the 2020 wildfires in Brazil: study
43 A terrifying robot can thwart invasive mosquito fish
44 First millipede with more than 1,000 legs discovered
45 Study sheds new light on Bangladeshi prawn and shrimp industry
46 JCVI classifies pregnant women as at-risk group for vaccination programme
47 Perseverance Makes Surprising Discoveries About Mars' Ancient Past
48 Why people might not jump into a new relationship this winter
49 Why it matters that health agencies finally said the coronavirus is airborne
50 Astronomers detect new brown dwarf orbiting an M-dwarf star
51 Kitesurfing the white wilderness for polar science
52 Sea level fall led to the decline of pre-Columbian societies 2,000 years ago
53 Our Biopharma Industry Is A Critical National Security Asset, and Disarming It Before the Next Pandemic Is Folly
54 California domestic migration has plunged during pandemic
55 How a warming climate may make winter tornadoes stronger
56 Polarization, diversity, and democratic robustness
57 Researchers probe the performance of high-temperature superconductor
58 Toward fusion energy, team models plasma turbulence on the nation's fastest supercomputer
59 Sensor detects toxins in drinking water sources
60 Amazon and UPS Are Betting this Electric Aircraft Startup Will Change Shipping
61 Parasitic honeybee mite jolts in the hive and uses vibrations to sense where it is
62 The recent killer tornado's track is visible from space
63 Study examines social media use during the pandemic
64 The emergence and perils of polarization
65 New DNA sequencing technique preserves cells' locations within tissues
66 Why the coronavirus's delta variant dominated 2021
67 Concurrent heatwaves seven times more frequent than 1980s
68 'Gentrification' changes the personality make-up of cities in just a few years, study suggests
69 Powerful typhoon hits Philippines, nearly 100,000 evacuated
70 As the mercury rises, the urban heat penalty grows, especially at night
71 French bulldogs have higher risk of 20 common health disorders
72 Early High-Velocity Impactors May Have Sealed Venus' Hellish Fate
73 Why reindeer are perfect to pull Santa's sleigh
74 We got an AI to debate itself, so what did it say?
75 Treating 'Undruggable' Diseases; Plus, Omicron in Europe
76 Reconstruction of Cretaceous fossil water plant found in Catalonia using its plant organs
77 NASA's Ingenuity Mars Helicopter reaches a total of 30 minutes aloft
78 A NASA probe is the first spacecraft to visit the sun's atmosphere
79 Researchers make major discovery in the animal kingdom
80 December 15th Spawns A Record-Breaking, Multi-Threat Storm
81 Deep mantle krypton reveals Earth's outer solar system ancestry
82 Scientists reveal the limits of machine learning for hydrogen models
83 Neanderthals changed ecosystems 125,000 years ago
84 Climate change is intensifying extremes, even in the oceans
85 Stronger drought resistance of urban vegetation due to higher temperature, CO2 and reduced O3
86 An Unusually Warm Fall Fuels the Great Lakes Snow Machine
87 How to transform silicon carbide vacancies into quantum information
88 Team achieves breakthrough using CRISPR-Cas9 to target fat cells
89 Prenatal exposure to phthalates damages reproductive tissue in female mice
90 Marine heatwaves can decimate the oldest and youngest coral, raising concerns about the reproductive future of reefs
91 Seagrass is not a miracle solution against climate change
92 60 years of children's books reveal persistent overrepresentation of male protagonists
93 Researchers uncover the surprising cause of the Little Ice Age
94 Using the Earth's noise to see beneath the Greenland ice sheet
95 A mathematical model may give more efficient climate talks
96 Innovative textile vents to release heat when you sweat
97 Tests show lead in Benton Harbor tap water finally dropping
98 Perseverance Mars rover makes surprising discoveries
99 Neandertals were the first known hominids to modify their environment
100 Scientists unveil drug discovery tool to screen more than 11 billion compounds
101 Predicting recovery of mercury-contaminated fish populations
102 High-speed impacts may have shaped Venus' history
103 Crocodile fossils found in Portsmouth seawalls
104 Study clarifies nitrogen's impact on soil carbon sequestration
105 Perceived police bias, community violence amplify youth firearm carriage, study shows
106 Researchers show ability to future-proof crops for changing climate
107 Using molecular fragments to detect deadly opioids
108 Lanthanoids offer great potential
109 Benefits of cacao farms for birds and bats
110 Exotic quantum particles--less magnetic field required