File Title
1 Iron-Rich Sub-Earth Exoplanet Found Orbiting Gliese 367
2 Physicists Observe Quantum Spin Liquid for First Time
3 New Type of Binary Star Observed
4 Western Honeybees May Have Originated in Asia, New Study Says
5 Hubble Looks at Spiral Galaxy NCG 7329
6 Higgs Boson Has Tiny Lifespan, New Research Confirms
7 Study: Early-Life Education and Adulthood Occupational Complexity May Cut Dementia Risk
8 Scientists Detect New Type of Fluid-Injection-Induced Earthquake
9 Astronomers Measure Mass and Age of Beta Crucis A
10 5-Million-Year-Old Pig-Nosed Turtle Fossil Found in South-Eastern Australia
11 Migratory Birds are Lighter Colored, New Study Shows
12 Astronomers Discover New Dark-Matter-Free Galaxy
13 Rare 2,000-Year-Old Coin Found in Israel
14 New Species of Bird Discovered in South America
15 Caffeine Intake Improves Reaction to Moving Targets, New Study Suggests
16 Fossils Reveal Unique Walking Behavior of Quetzalcoatlus
17 Astronomers Spot Double-Helix Structure in Messier 87
18 Subantarctic Armored Dinosaur Had Bizarre Tail Weapon
19 Chamaeleon Infrared Nebula Captured by Gemini South Telescope
20 3D Tomography Scans Reveal Jurassic Ammonite's Soft-Body Parts
21 SPHERE Directly Images Wide-Orbit Gas Giant in Nearby Binary System
22 Archaeologists Find 2,700-Year-Old Assyrian-Style Leather Armor in China
23 Human Skin Triglycerides Repel Bed Bugs, Study Shows
24 Non-Avian Dinosaurs May Have Had Bright-Colored Skin, Scales and Beaks
25 Astronomers Spot Nuclear Jet near Milky Way's Supermassive Black Hole
26 Chicxulub Impact Occurred during Northern Spring or Summer: Study
27 New Species of Mouse Opossum Discovered in Panama
28 Hubble Space Telescope Snaps Beautiful Image of NGC 3568
29 Ethiopian Megalithic Stelae Much Older than Previously Thought
30 Jupiter-Like Planetary Object Spotted 146 Light-Years Away
31 120-Million-Year-Old Footprints of Fast-Running Dinosaurs Found in Spain
32 2,400-Year-Old Tea Residue Found in China
33 Novel Copper Surface Shows Exceptional Bactericidal Efficacy
34 Study Sheds New Light on Origin of Whole-Body Endothermy
35 Paleontologists Take Fresh Look at Carboniferous Tetrapodomorph Fish
36 Study: Different STEVE Emissions are Driven by Same Narrow Region in Earth's Magnetosphere
37 Cretaceous-Period Bird Had Hyper-Elongated Tongue
38 Astronomers Find Fossil Spiral Arms in Milky Way Galaxy
39 OneZoom: Researchers Create Interactive Tree of Life
40 Astrophysicists Make Most Precise Measurement Yet of Milky Way's Central Black Hole Mass
41 Parker Solar Probe Enters Magnetized Atmosphere of the Sun
42 Planetary Scientists Solve Mystery behind Mysterious Polygonal Structures on Pluto
43 Meditation Enhances Immune System without Activating Inflammatory Signals, Study Says
44 Israeli Archaeologists Unearth 2,000-Year-Old Synagogue
45 New Record-Setting Species of Millipede Has 1,306 Legs
46 Ingenuity Helicopter Completes Its Seventeenth Flight on Mars
47 Deep-Sea Fish with Transparent Head Caught on Camera
48 Why onions make you cry
49 COVID: why working from home leaves the lowest paid at more risk of infection
50 A step toward "living biotherapeutics"
51 Research finds potential mechanism linking autism, intestinal inflammation
52 COVID litter: we mapped discarded masks and gloves in 11 countries with the help of citizen science
53 Vaccines are necessary, but not sufficient without better healthcare and ventilation
54 Measuring cancer cell state can reveal drug susceptibility
55 Machine-learning system flags remedies that might do more harm than good
56 A tool to speed development of new solar cells
57 We've proved that wild primates suffer from tooth decay--and chimps are among the worst
58 Afghanistan whistleblower's account of evacuation was right--trying to get my colleagues out was chaos
59 Machines that see the world more like humans do
60 Study reveals a protein's key contribution to heterogeneity of neurons
61 A system for designing and training intelligent soft robots
62 Awkwafina and Sandra Oh's Sister Comedy Gets Bumped from Netflix
63 Garmin: Garmin's next smartwatch could compete with the Apple watch
64 Tencent acquires Back 4 Blood developer Turtle Rock Studios
65 Toronto's Citizen Lab uncovered Predator, a Pegasus-like spyware, on iPhones
66 Teaching map literacy is important part of having an informed public
67 Universal Audio Volt review
68 The Emperor's New Clothes
69 What do the WhatsApp checkmarks mean?
70 Friday 'Nite: Fortnite Fans Think They've Found the Last Members of the Seven
71 Colin Trevorrow Shares Image of "Real" Dinosaur Used
72 iOS 15.3 looks like it won't change much on your iPhone
73 SpaceX CRS-24 launching multiple life science investigations to the International Space Station
74 Limpets no longer just 'famine food' and the 'fish of death'
75 Freezing-thawing attenuation coefficient helps evaluate dynamic characteristics of frozen surbage soil
76 Warning over long-term increase in inequality caused by the pandemic
77 Meteorological and Astronomical Winter. What's the Difference and Does It Matter?
78 Study re-examines the decay of 185Bi using state-of-the-art technologies
79 A biopolymer hydrogel with amino-functionalized bioactive glass for accelerated bone regeneration
80 Ultra-rare, bizarre fish that washed ashore near San Diego is California's third this year
81 Paving the way to thriving in space
82 Using math to significantly improve modeling of surface and subsurface water flow in complex landscapes
83 Spider-man: Spider-Man: No Way Home content reportedly coming to Battlegrounds Mobile India
84 Explained: Why many flagship phone reviews pop up at the exact same time
85 Verizon tries to defend collecting browsing data on its network
86 Samsung Galaxy Tab A Kids with 8.7-Inch Screen, 5,100mAh Battery Launched
87 Apple's noise-cancelling Beats Studio Buds score unprecedented discount with 1-year warranty
88 Amazon Christmas delivery date 2021: When is last day YOU can place order with Amazon?
89 H&R Block is suing Block, formerly Square, over its new name
90 Millennial Millionaires Plan to Add to Their Crypto Investments in 2022, Reveals Survey
91 Your ultimate UK Christmas TV specials guide and how to stream from abroad
92 Intel Core i9-12900KS CPU May Push Alder Lake to New Levels
93 MediaTek: After Dimensity 9000, MediaTek teases the Dimensity 8000 chip
94 Listen to Apple Music 12 Months for Free with SiriusXM Platinum VIP
95 Google reportedly under investigation for how it treats Black female workers
96 RBI Asking Companies to Not Save Customers Card Details Said to Hit E-Commerce, Food Delivery
97 Amazon shareholders are calling for independent audit of how the company treats workers
98 Meta cracks down on mysterious companies spying on Facebook users
99 Stunning close-up reveals secrets of Milky Way's neighbour
100 Workers welcome shortened work week, research study finds
101 To Hide from Ukraine's Drones, Russian Troops Could Lay Smoke Screens
102 New Research Explores How Psychedelics Can Change One's Personality
103 COVID-19 testing is complicated. Here are answers to 6 big questions
104 Meta-analysis of two types of molecular stresses reveals common factors
105 Blood glacier and creative climate storytelling for an uncertain future
106 Why this Ancient Civilization Fell Out of Love with Gold for 700 Years / Science
107 How the humble limpet helped humans develop, survive and thrive
108 Lost touch with friends during lockdown? How to reconnect (and let go of 'toxic' ones)
109 Human disturbance affecting little penguins
110 Four Life Sciences Trends to Watch Out for in 2022 (and How I Fared with My Outlook for 2021.)