File Title
1 US embassy in Tokyo warns of 'suspected racial profiling' by Japanese police
2 Suu Kyi sentence reduced to two years from four, says Myanmar state TV
3 Next pandemic could be more lethal than COVID, vaccine creator says
4 Chinese President Xi Jinping calls for tightening controls over religious affairs to boost national security
5 Nepal detects first two cases of Omicron variant: Health ministry
6 Five questions about the Michigan shooting addressed by school officials
7 'Extreme' vaccine discrimination risks leaving Africa behind: Report
8 When the biggest spenders aren't coming back any time soon
9 Spike in Omicron variant cases puts Europe on edge
10 US chief medical adviser Anthony Fauci says early reports encouraging about Omicron variant
11 Putin hopes WHO soon approves Russia's Sputnik V vaccine
12 Attorney: CNN told of harassment claims before Cuomo firing
13 Omicron variant found in nearly one-third of U.S. states
14 Senate leader, presidential candidate Bob Dole dies at 98
15 Western countries express concern over Afghan reprisals, Taliban reject accusations
16 South Africans protest against Shell oil exploration in pristine coastal area
17 Antarctica Might Melt for a Millennium
18 The First Iodine-Propulsion System Successfully Tested in Space
19 If it looks like a cat and meows like a cat, it must be...a robot!
20 Could an Anti-Cancer Drug Treat Diabetes?
21 What's a T Cell COVID Vaccine and Could It Be Better than What We Have?
22 Who is at Risk for Postoperative Delirium After Cardiac Procedures?
23 Cactus Spines Inspire Diagnostic Tools Without the Prick
24 Battling Bacterial Pneumonia, No Antibiotics Required
25 Analyzing Cells with Virtual Reality
26 How Microbes Use Copper to Make an Antibiotic
27 Heavily Mutated COVID-19 B.1.1.529 Variant Emerges, WHO Names It Omicron
28 Twin Study Reveals Epigenetic Links to Type 2 Diabetes
29 Genetic Analysis Reveals Ongoing Evolution in Europeans
30 A Gut Microbe that Improves Bees' Memory
31 Scientists Gain Insight into How Bacteria Become Resistant to Drugs
32 Climate Migrants and Social Justice
33 Another Study Links Aspirin Use to Poor Heart Health
34 An Amino Acid Can Improve Radiation Therapy for Metastatic Brain Cancer
35 What is the Value of MRI After Acute Spinal Cord Injury?
36 A CRISPR-Based Technique to Make New Antibiotics
37 How the Hepatitis B Virus Promotes Liver Cancer Development
38 Researchers Discover a New Type of Cell in the Retina
39 Extinction of Ancient Grazing Species Caused an Increase in Global Fires
40 Stretchable Sensors Could Improve Prosthetics and Robotics
41 HEX and Human Aggression: Sniffing Chemicals Emitted from Babies' Heads Leads to Different Responses in Men and Women
42 A Gene Underlying Cat Fur Colors
43 Perseverance Captures Challenges Faced by Helicopter on Mars
44 Ultrathin Bone Computer Tracks Healing
45 Sweet Escape: A Sugar Molecule Helps HIV Remain Incognito
46 The Body Makes Its Own Anti-inflammatory 'Cannabis' After a Workout
47 Spent Hemp Biomass as Animal Feed
48 Historical land dispossession makes Native Americans more vulnerable to climate change
49 Terpene-Mediated Modulation of Cannabinoid Activity
50 Don't Deep Fry a Frozen Turkey: The Science Behind Thanksgiving Explosions
51 To Trust or Not to Trust the Process: Bioreactive Chemical Variation in Cannabis Extracts Based on Extraction Method
52 Once-in-a-Generation Discovery of New Tardigrade Species in Amber
53 Disordered Protein Interactions are Crucial Transcription Regulators
54 Is GDF-15 a Valuable Biomarker for Congestive Heart Failure?
55 Researchers develop a novel drug that can combat diabetic tissue damage
56 Children Exposed to Famine Have a Lasting Epigenetic Impact
57 New Technique for Detecting Egg Allergies
58 Researchers Use the Internet to Control Animal Brains Remotely
59 Debris on White Dwarf Stars Reveals Planets with Compositions Unlike Earth's
60 Researchers Use Ultrasound to Remove Diseased Brain Cells
61 The Two Closest Supermassive Black Holes
62 A New Method to Enhance Immunotherapy in Mouse Tumors
63 Medical Waste Littering the Globe, Pandemic Microplastics
64 Digital Oculus Sees Diseased Cells like Never Before
65 A 'Bispecific Antibody' to Fight Crimean-Congo Hemorrhagic Fever
66 Gut Bacteria Slip into the Pancreas, Cause Cancer
67 New mRNA Vaccine Stops Ticks, Prevents Lyme Disease
68 Antibodies Seem to Keep Gut Fungi in Check, Except in Crohn's Patients
69 Can Cannabis Help Manage Autistic Spectrum Disorder?
70 Car Emissions Could Be a Much Larger Source of Ammonia Pollution than We Realize
71 Senate Bill 8 Increases Demand for Birth Control
72 Researchers Create Living Robots that Can Self-Replicate
73 Using CRISPR to Edit the Genomes of Microbes in the Gut
74 New Laser Destroys Drug-Resistant Bacteria
75 A Reduced-Meat Diet is Good for Your Body and the Environment, New Study Says
76 FDA approves new imaging drug to make ovarian cancer tumors glow.
77 What is a Sustainable Diet, and How Can We Balance Health with Sustainable Foods?
78 Modulating the CBD/Apelinergic System Interaction as a COVID-19 Treatment?
79 Researchers Find a Lyme Disease Diagnostic & Treatment Target
80 New Cell Imaging Method Sees Inside & Outside of Cell Simultaneously
81 Researcher Who Alerted Us to Omicron Encourages Collaboration
82 Genes Linked to Suicide Are Not All Associated with Mental Disorders
83 Young Patients with Lymphoma Benefit from Chemotherapy Combination Treatment
84 This Biodegradable Velcro is Made from a Plant
85 Can Behavioral Science Strategies Improve Vaccination Rates?
86 New Type of Antibiotic Targets the Bacterial Ribosome
87 Bacterial Toxins and Advances in Detecting Bloodstream Infections
88 Learn How Spatial Biology Can Advance Your Research
89 Ultra-Processed Foods May Pose Health Risk Even if They Contain Nutrients
90 IBS and Depression Have Genetic Risk Factors in Common
91 New Species of Duckbill dinosaur discovered in Missouri
92 Solar-Powered Robots that Could Clean Up Oil Spills
93 University of Washington studies potential health risks of working in the cannabis industry
94 Benefits of Cannabis Tissue Culture
95 Sino Biological Launched Omicron Variant Research Reagents
96 How Some Tissues 'Breathe' When There's No Oxygen
97 Do Your Antibodies Protect Against Omicron? Rapid Test Delivers Answers in Minutes.
98 Ancient Medicine and Synthetic Biology Collide to Combat Chemo Resistance
99 Gut Microbes Could Help Protect Us from Viral Infection, Including COVID-19
100 Plastic Pollution is Creating New Oceanic Communities
101 Young People Fear Future Environmental Doom
102 Scaling Down to Go Big: An Overview of the Lab-on-a-Chip
103 Expanding the Gene-Editing Toolbox
104 GenElute-E Single Spin DNA and RNA Purification Technology
105 This Scorching Hot Planet Orbits Its Star in Eight Hours
107 Drilling Begins for Antarctica's Oldest Ice
108 Nighttime eating and circadian misalignment leads to glucose intolerance
109 Inflammation: Naughty or Nice List?
110 Nanoparticles in Vaccines Amplify Protective Immune Responses
111 Stopping the Spread of COVID by Chewing Gum?
112 Needle in the haystack: How to remove human background when you want to detect microorganisms
113 GenElute-E Kits for Sustainable Nucleic Acid Purification
114 What is the Effect of Green Tea and Resistance Training on Blood Pressure?
115 Considering Cannabinoids as a COVID-19 Treatment