File Title
1 Apple HomePod mini 2021 review: Smarter, more colourful
2 'Harnaaz was clear, she wanted to wear something sustainable': Saisha Shinde on designing Miss Universe finale gown
3 Explained: Why is WPI inflation at a record high and what are the implications?
4 The kind of engineering education we need
5 Wicketkeeper-batsman KS Bharat proves patience & perseverance can take him to Team India reckoning
6 JK Rowling once again accused of transphobia on Twitter
7 Spider-Man No Way Home hits all the right notes, say critics
8 Doc Ock fights Tom Holland's Spidey in this extended clip from Spider-Man No Way Home. Watch
9 NIA nabs 28-year-old Afghan man in Mundra port drug haul case
10 Parents say excessive phone usage hurting relationship with children: vivo-SwitchOff 2021 report
11 Log4j security flaw puts the entire internet at risk: What top tech companies are saying
12 Vishal Shah: 'Metaverse not replacement of physical experiences, but new way to experience the Internet'
13 Interview with NASA astronaut candidate Dr. Anil Menon: 'Spending time in India really helped set me up for the job'
14 Medicago's plant-based vaccine trial shows 75.3 percent efficacy against Delta variant
15 Japan billionaire Maezawa to fulfil childhood dream with space flight
16 Japanese billionaire Maezawa blasts off to International Space Station
17 Combining 150,000 images, astrophotographer captures stunning details of Sun
18 This robot looks like a pancake and jumps like a maggot
19 Where does wind power make sense?
20 NASA launches new X-ray observatory to explore universe's most extreme, mysterious objects
21 With lab help, whiskey distillers skip oak barrel-aging. But how does it taste?
22 Footprints in Spain show meat-eating dinosaurs were fast and furious
23 New 'super-Jupiter' breaks the mold on where planets can exist
24 Volcanic eruptions contributed to collapse of ancient Chinese dynasties: Study
25 'Webb telescope will certainly search for Earth-like planets': Project scientist
26 Comet Leonard to make its closest approach to Earth tonight
27 Five ways reindeer are perfectly evolved for pulling Santa's sleigh
28 Daughter of pioneering astronaut Alan Shepard soars to space aboard Blue Origin rocket
29 Unraveling how an extinct mollusk got its strange shell
30 How often do you poo? New research shows bowel habits are written in our DNA
31 New high-tech sleeping bag to solve vision issues in space
32 Can an athlete's blood enhance brainpower?
33 Interview: Japanese tourist says space trip 'amazing'
34 IISER Bhopal develops easy process to produce nanomaterials to be used as antimicrobial agents
35 UN agency confirms record 38 degrees Celsius heat for the Arctic
36 Norwegian archaeologists find late Iron Age longhouses
37 Indian-origin Anil Menon among NASA's 10 new astronaut recruits
38 Carbon capture and storage: where should the world store CO2? It's a moral dilemma
39 How bat moms give bat pups their sense of direction
40 Scientists developing chewing gum that could cut COVID-19 transmission
41 Scientists use stem cells to create models of pre-embryos
42 Hot little planet as dense as iron zips around red dwarf star
43 How are our rivers moving over time? Global database documents 40 years of change
44 Work and play in space? NASA awards $415.6 million for new space hubs
45 One year on this exoplanet is just 16 hours long
46 Tanzania footprints offer clues on origin of human upright walking
47 This dinosaur found in Chile had a battle ax for a tail
48 'So many dimensions': A drought study underlines the complexity of climate
49 This 41,500-year-old pendant could be Eurasia's oldest piece of jewellery
50 Singapore tests out 'smart bandage' for remote recovery
51 World's underground fungal life to be mapped for first time
52 This ocean invaded its neighbour earlier than anyone thought
53 UK court hears Nirav Modi extradition appeal on mental health grounds
54 Philippines' Rodrigo Duterte quits senate race in new election twist
55 Kim Jong Un's decade of rule: Purges, nukes, Trump diplomacy
56 Pfizer confirms COVID-19 pill's results, potency versus omicron
57 Official: Gasoline truck explodes in Haiti; dozens killed
58 Thousands without heat, water after tornadoes kill dozens
59 Vladimir Putin and Xi Jinping to discuss 'aggressive' talk from US and NATO, Kremlin says
60 Pfizer vaccine protecting against hospitalisation in South Africa Omicron wave: study
61 Malta Parliament set to approve cannabis for personal use
62 British PM Boris Johnson faces rebellion in parliament over COVID-19 measures
63 South Korea has long wanted nuclear subs, a new reactor could open a door
64 Canada: Teacher transferred for wearing hijab; students, politicians outraged
65 Hong Kong officials distance themselves from Nanking footage
66 Japan's PM Fumio Kishida opens door to new guidelines on corporate buybacks
67 Russia blocks UN Move to treat climate as security threat
68 Canada apologizes to victims of military sex misconduct
69 Boris Johnson is in trouble. The question is, how much?
70 US reluctance to lift all Iran sanctions main hurdle to reviving 2015 pact: Iranian official
71 Indonesia lifts tsunami alert after powerful undersea quake
73 Hong Kong activists get up to 14 months in prison for banned Tiananmen vigil
74 US House panel recommends contempt charge for ex-Trump aide Mark Meadows
75 Sri Lanka President prorogues Parliament until January 18, leaves for Singapore
76 Elon Musk named Time's 2021 'Person of the Year'
77 Taliban seek ties with US, other ex-foes
78 North Korea's Kim at critical crossroads decade into rule
79 One dead, 13 injured in shooting at vigil in Texas: Sheriff
80 Turkey's Central Bank intervenes as currency hits record low
81 New German government to revamp incentives for electric cars
82 'Phenomenal' Omicron spread accounts for 40% of London infections
83 First person dies from Omicron variant in United Kingdom
84 G7 ministers issue warnings to Iran, Russia
85 Tornado death toll rises as states assess damage
86 Two lions being transported abroad get out of their container triggering mild panic at Singapore's Changi Airport
87 'Our boat was surrounded by dead bodies,' witnessing a migrant tragedy
88 Boris Johnson: UK faces 'tidal wave' of omicron cases
89 South African President Cyril Ramaphosa contracts COVID-19 as infections reach record high
90 Heavy snowfall wreaks havoc in Serbia and much of Balkans
91 'I've got towns that are gone,' Kentucky Governor Beshear says
92 Dubai world's first govt. to become 100% paperless: Crown Prince Sheikh Hamdan
93 Israeli leader begins first visit to UAE as Iran tensions surge
94 Vladimir Putin says he drove a taxi after fall of Soviet Union
95 Austria ends lockdown restrictions for vaccinated people
96 New Caledonia votes to stay in France; separatists boycott
97 Three dead, six missing in explosion in Sicily caused by gas leak
98 UK opens up COVID boosters to all over 30s in Omicron fight
99 Four dead, seven missing after cargo ship sinks off China's coast
100 Major multi-day storm headed toward Northern California
101 First fires, then floods: Climate extremes batter Australia
102 Biden warns Putin: Russia will pay 'terrible price' if it invades Ukraine
103 Echoes of Trump at a rally for France's far-right upstart
104 Helicopters and high-speed chases: Inside Texas' push to arrest migrants
105 California man charged in Jan 6 US Capitol riot flees to Belarus
106 COVID: New Zealand man probed for having 10 vaccine shots
107 Israeli study finds Pfizer COVID-19 booster protects against Omicron
108 South African doctors see signs omicron is milder than delta
109 Afghanistan: Donors back release of $280 million in aid
110 Margaret Giannini, champion of people with disabilities, dies at 100