File Title
1 A decade in, Kim Jong Un's challenges ruling North Korea mount
2 To clean up East Baltimore, this mentor shores up buildings--and youths
3 G-7 ministers warn Russia against any Ukraine invasion
4 Political breakup: Nicaragua allies with China, ices out Taiwan
5 Beauty pageant boycott: Why Miss South Africa is on her own in Israel
6 'I had fun lol': How social media is shaping January 6 riot sentences
7 Mississippi quilting display remembers victims of racial violence
8 Kentucky candle factory: More survivors found safe after tornado
9 California governor models Texas abortion law to ban gun sales
10 Recovery efforts begin after night of 'incredible' storms across five states
11 Healing the Russia-Ukraine faith divide
12 Pass the mic: Amplifying voices of the unheard
13 When peace enters quietly
14 Why economists think inflation could drop in the new year
15 New York Starbucks may become first location to unionize
16 Amazon outage emphasizes weak links in internet concentration
17 Global pinch: Pressures from inflation felt worldwide
18 Airlines face 'unruly passenger' test as holiday travel rebounds
19 Pollution is starving Florida manatees. Can this plan feed them?
20 Reefs are in serious trouble. Can lab-raised corals help?
21 Plastic as fuel? Why 'advanced' recycling gets mixed reviews.
22 Wings and a prayer: Monarch surge brings hope for butterfly recovery
23 In Pictures: These women used to cut trees. Now they save them.
24 Why Rohingya refugees are suing Facebook for $150 billion in US court
25 As Twitter CEO steps down, company looks forward to the future
26 Facebook whistleblower says metaverse adds more privacy concerns
27 Could 3D printing help solve the housing crisis?
28 Robots roll to the rescue amid surging demand for food delivery
29 Asteroid blasting and moon dust mitigation: You can major in that
30 As lava flows, Spain's volcano offers a rare look at Earth's core
31 Russian missile test pushes space junk swirling near astronauts
32 Beyond 'Trail of Tears': Tracing Indigenous land dispossession in US
33 No more tusks in Mozambique? Poaching alters elephant evolution.
34 Emerson and Thoreau led a second independence movement--this time of thought
35 Another year in the books: Best reads of 2021
36 Beyond the tiara: How the Miss America pageant launched careers
37 'The Chancellor' expands on the exceptional life of Angela Merkel
38 A family at the 'Crossroads' faces crises of faith and a test of its bonds
39 'Mild symptoms': Ramaphosa in 'good spirits' after COVID-19 infection, says Presidency
40 UK's red list to be scrapped--reports
41 COVID-19: Pathcare jumps on board to reduce PCR test price
42 SA reverses plan to send 200,000 Zimbabweans home
43 PSL boss says upcoming exco meeting will discuss Kaizer Chiefs' COVID-19 matter
44 Eskom finds evidence of sabotage at Lethabo Power Station--pylon supports were cut
45 Explosions, leaks and fires: Eskom's technical woes that escalated load shedding to Stage 4
46 TRIBUTE: Lindiwe Mabuza was a feminist icon who used art to fight for democracy
47 The ultimate Porsche you can't buy in real-life, but can own in Gran Turismo on PS5
48 Heart disease risk from saturated fats may depend on what foods they come from--new research
49 Group donates dogs to bolster canine unit that protects Table Mountain
50 Crayfish quota increased after protests by fishers
51 Cape Town beachgoers urged to be cautious as sharks return to False Bay
52 Standard Bank on delay in telling public about data breach: 'We complied with the law'
53 Garbage bags full of cash: Major UK bank fined R5.6bn after money laundering scandal
54 Panel proposes gradual start to basic income grant in SA
55 'Unacceptable regression'--Mining companies ramp up efforts to stem rising death rate
56 The latest travel bans have cost SA half a billion rand--just in film production
57 Elon Musk is TIME's person of the year
58 The MSC Orchestra just returned to Durban after its first trip--now all cruises are suspended
59 China reports first Omicron case
60 Saudi Arabia sees first budget surplus since 2013 as oil rises
61 Congo president says Ugandan troops' presence will be temporary
62 Police claim to have killed militia leader in Mozambique
63 European Union provides 100 million euros for COVID-19 fight in 12 African countries
64 Cheetah cubs threatened by pet trade, global warming in Somaliland
65 Gothic novelist Anne Rice dead at 80
66 Brazil's samba symbol Monarco dead at 88
67 'I can only do so much': we asked fast-fashion shoppers how ethical concerns shape their choices
68 Ariel Winter reveals she was body-shamed: 'I was fat-shamed at the age of 13--it was 'rough'
69 Now you use your Mercedes-Benz hands-free drive system in your S-Class in Germany
70 No F1 crown for Hamilton, but his knighthood to be bestowed just days after title heartbreak
71 Mercedes set to appeal over race director Masi's safety car call
72 Verstappen's mum Sophie Kumpen 'begged angels' for F1 title miracle
73 Polo Vivo, Amarok ensure Volkswagen is second best-selling automaker in SA for November
74 Miracle baby Mihle gets an early Christmas present--a perfectly healthy baby sister
75 Cape Town pastor on church's role in children's spiritual, emotional development in lockdown
76 'Am I still having twins?': Jennifer Aniston opens up about the scrutiny she faced for not having children
77 W.A.T.C.H. reveals 10 most dangerous toys of 2021
78 COVID-19 booster doses: Who needs them, and are they safe and effective?
79 SA study determines COVID-19 risk in pregnant women--with and without HIV
80 Scientists develop hi-tech sleeping bag that could stop astronauts' eyeballs squashing in space
81 How to unlock your iPhone with an Apple Watch
82 How to clear the cache on your PS4 to help it run faster
83 How to use FaceTime on your Android or Windows PC
84 You can now make all the messages in a WhatsApp group disappear--but you shouldn't trust it
85 African style riding shirts are great for summer
86 The Munga / R220k after 36,000 calories in 57 hours
87 Oil slick cycling jacket makes night riding safer
88 Joining cycling's travelling circus
89 Greg Minnaar's rookie race was a mudfest
90 Alleged unrest instigator too sick for court
91 KZN councillor who allegedly raped and impregnated teen says 'she was a loose child'
92 Fauci says it's 'tough to tell' if there will be a need for annual COVID-19 booster
93 Britain says Omicron accounts for 40% of London infections
94 US imposes sweeping human rights sanctions on China, Myanmar and North Korea
95 Russian teenager 'blows himself up' at Orthodox school
96 Hope amid the rubble: Kentucky tornado death toll could fall, company says
97 A full Chinese invasion of Taiwan will be very hard, report claims
98 A Spanish village that dropped the name 'Fort Kill the Jews' hit with anti-Semitic graffiti
99 G7 warns Russia of "massive consequences" over Ukraine
100 A lab worker in Taiwan tested positive for COVID-19 after a bite from an infected mouse
101 A skeleton found in England is evidence of Roman crucifixion, archeologists say
102 Omicron: Evidence shows it evades immunity from earlier infection more than other variants
103 South Africa must address hesitancy to increase COVID-19 vaccination: Here's how
104 Increasing coffee consumption linked to decreased prostate cancer risk
105 How a healthy brain paralyses you while you sleep
106 ANALYSIS: Will red tape hold back mix-and-match vaccine boosting in SA?
107 COVID-19 vaccines: Latest on when Pfizer and J&J booster shots will likely be rolled out
108 Five things SA's latest health review tells us about the country's COVID-19 response
109 Back pain: Why exercise can provide relief--and how to do it safely
110 A new report shows worrying growth of the diabetes pandemic
111 Six ways to make your Friday fast-food run healthier
112 Work-life balance: What really makes us happy might surprise you
113 Fruits to avoid and enjoy this summer if you have Type 2 diabetes
114 Foods high in added fats and refined carbs are like cigarettes--addictive and unhealthy
115 Five reasons South Africa isn't ready for health claims on food labels
116 Pandemic increased eating disorders among young people--but signs aren't what parents might expect
117 Six things you want to know about ultra-processed foods, and what you can do about it
118 Can the secret to weight loss be found in the spice aisle?