File Title
1 Trees are biggest methane 'vents' in wetland areas--even when they're dry
2 Climate change impact apparent in most weather-linked fluctuations on Earth
3 The tipping point for legislative polarization
4 New German chancellor Scholz makes European debut
5 Father, son charged with starting huge California forest fire
6 Florida manatees will be fed to prevent starvation
7 Study: Hydras regenerate heads by changing way their genes are regulated
8 Thailand plots sustainable comeback for DiCaprio beach
9 China's November consumer inflation rises on pork, vegetable prices
10 China grants emergency approval for its first COVID drug
11 HIV infections drop, but COVID hampers fight: WHO
12 Record number of journalists jailed in 2021: CPJ
13 Overseas Hong Kong activists urge boycott of 'patriots-only' polls
14 DARPA transitions synthetic biomanufacturing technologies to support national security objectives
15 Oak Ridge National Laboratory, Tuskegee University collaborate on advanced bioderived materials research
16 S. Africa energy minister defends oil exploration plans
17 EU eyes overhaul of app workers' conditions
18 EU extends free roaming to 2032
19 Volkswagen cranks up electric car investment
20 Rocket Lab to launch three dedicated Electron missions for EO firm Synspective
21 BlackSky continues operational momentum with two back-to-back launches in six days
22 UK virus cases highest since January: minister
23 Southwest France hit by flooding after heavy rains
24 Morocco businessman jailed over 29 deaths in factory flood
25 Transforming materials with light
26 Artificial material protects light states on smallest length scales
27 These tiny liquid robots never run out of juice as long as they have food
28 Technique enables real-time rendering of scenes in 3D
29 Machines that see the world more like humans do
30 Scientists use sunlight and modified sawdust to reversibly capture carbon dioxide
31 Development of a single-process platform for the manufacture of graphene quantum dots
32 Low concentrations of CO2-CO direct conversion technology
33 Scientists propose novel bilayer structure for crystalline silicon solar cells
34 Microgrids and solar reduce risk of power outages
35 Lightweight space robot with precise control developed
36 Sri Lanka chemical ship wreck to be salvaged: operators
37 Climate change impact apparent in most weather-linked fluctuations on Earth
38 Poor soil, water putting food security at risk: FAO
39 Physicists exploit space and time symmetries to control quantum materials
40 Wetlands destruction driving 'sensitive' dragonflies to brink
41 England tree scheme takes root amid climate emergency
42 Brazil burns boats in crackdown on wildcat Amazon gold miners
43 Ottawa 'disappointed' by US decision to double Canadian lumber tariffs
44 Hope takes root with tree planting in war-wrecked Iraq city
45 EU forest plan 'protectionist,' say Brazil soy farmers
46 Lower atmospheric processes are crucial to understanding Martian water loss
47 High-tech sleeping bag could solve vision issues in space
48 San Andreas Fault-like tectonics discovered on Saturn moon Titan
49 LCO Scientists Confirm the Discovery of the First Moving Microlensing Arcs
50 Gravitational 'kick' may explain the strange shape at the center of Andromeda
51 Shares of EV maker Lucid slide after disclosing SEC subpoena
52 Toyota to build $1.3 billion battery plant near Greensboro, N.C.
53 Norwegian archaeologists find late Iron Age longhouses
54 Scientist behind UK vaccine says next pandemic may be worse
55 NASA's 10 new astronauts: pilots, doctor, physicist, cyclist
56 Scientists slam German tabloid's pandemic coverage
57 Trump media venture gets scrutiny from US market regulators
58 Montana seeks to end protections for Glacier-area grizzlies
59 New study outlines high costs of extreme heat in Phoenix
60 Omicron v. delta: Battle of coronavirus mutants is critical
61 Looted Gilgamesh tablet returns to Iraq in formal ceremony
62 Study can't confirm lab results for many cancer experiments
63 US-Apple-Apps-Top-10
64 Stellantis wants to outfit cars with AI to drive up revenue
65 Where's the snow? Rockies winter starts with a whimper
66 Hawaii recoups from big storm amid lingering flood threats
67 Major outage at Amazon disrupts businesses across the US
68 Japanese tourists dock at International Space Station
69 Panel: Consider tinkering with oceans to suck up more carbon
70 Explainer: What caused Amazon's outage? Will there be more?
71 Experts say climate impact is a question mark if space tourism takes off
72 Chinese astronauts give science lesson from space station
73 Food waste becomes California's newest climate change target
74 GM reaches supply deals for electric vehicle motor magnets
75 Vaccine makers racing to update COVID shots, just in case
76 To learn about climate quality, scientists turn to drones
77 GM exec: Cruise to start autonomous taxi service next year
78 Footprints show some two-legged dinosaurs were agile
79 NASA's newest X-ray telescope rockets into orbit
80 Darwin in a lab: Coral evolution tweaked for global warming
81 DNA match solves case of California waitress killed in 1996
82 Uber helping detectives solve Florida 'grandparent scams'
83 Mountain lion kittens found under picnic table in California
84 Pandemic mystery: Scientists focus on COVID's animal origins
85 Gaming while driving: Tesla allows it, Mercedes does recall
86 FAA: No more commercial astronaut wings, too many launching
87 Denver gets first snowfall after breaking 87-year-old record
88 'The internet's on fire' as techs race to fix software flaw
89 New Zealand's plan to end smoking: A lifetime ban for youth
90 How will the world decide when the pandemic is over?
91 A tale of two New Yorks: COVID-19 hospitalization rate surging upstate
92 Australia's deputy leader tests positive for virus in the US
93 Slovakia to pay people over 60 if they are vaccinated
94 Africa CDC: Nations might turn to COVID-19 vaccine mandates
95 Italy dentist with fake silicone arm gets vaccine--for real
96 Denmark orders eateries to close early, bans large concerts
97 UK reports unprecedented jump in early season bird flu cases
98 Ukraine spa town stands out amid nation's vaccine hesitancy
99 Germany vaccine panel OKs shots for children aged 5-11
100 Austrians who flout vaccine mandate face fines up to $4,000
101 WHO warns fears of omicron could spark new vaccine hoarding
102 For NYC businesses, vaccine mandates put damper on holiday
103 US expands Pfizer COVID boosters, opens extra dose to age 16
104 Pandemic nurse shortage: Kentucky gov. declares an emergency
105 Brazil to quarantine unvaccinated airline visitors
106 Monsanto to plead guilty to illegal pesticide use in Hawaii
107 COVID-19 reunion: Tearful patients, nurses share memories
108 Anti-vaccine group targets California's medical director
109 Jordan detects its first two cases of omicron variant
110 With nearly 5 million children getting COVID vaccines, no safety problems have been seen, CDC director says