File Title
1 UAE buys record 80 French fighter jets as Macron starts Gulf tour
2 China gives long-awaited approval to Boeing 737 MAX after crashes
3 Hong Kong quarantine pushes Cathay pilots to 'breaking point'
4 Zimbabwe's main airport operating without radar
5 First in-flight 100 percent sustainable-fuels emissions study of passenger jet shows early promise
6 Texas bears brunt of US plastic pollution
7 'Drowning in garbage': Ukraine struggles with trash crisis
8 Delhi shuts schools again after court warning to curb pollution
9 Study outlines challenges to ongoing clean-up of burnt and unburnt nurdles along Sri Lanka's coastline
10 Anti-Black Friday groups push for greener, less consumerist future
11 Delhi's choked roads worsen India's toxic smog crisis
12 Illegal miners clog Amazon tributary in new gold rush
13 'It's killing us': Delhi's smog-choked roads take their toll
14 'We thought he had COVID but it was smog': Life in polluted Pakistan
15 Ocean plastic is creating new communities of life on the high seas
16 United States is world's biggest plastic polluter, report finds
17 A rocky fate for greenhouse gases
18 30,000 UK homes still without power after storm
19 Accelerated renewables-based electrification paves the way for a post-fossil future
20 China's carbon emissions fall for first time since COVID lockdowns
21 Satellites to enable monitoring of CO2 emissions
22 Europe carbon price hits new record
23 Graphene-like 2D material leverages quantum effects for ultra-low friction
24 COVID-19 mobile robot could detect and tackle social distancing breaches
25 Breakthrough sensing technology explores seafloor, opens US oceans to green economy
26 Seoul trials pint-sized robots in nursery schools
27 Quantum computers getting connected
28 China's millennial 'new farmers' opt to live off the land
29 Secret General Atomics drone reportedly packs double the firepower of current fleet
30 Airbus demonstrates aircraft inspection by drone at Farnborough
31 Testing mini-radar to peer inside asteroid
32 LeoLabs Australia announces Aussie Space Radar Project
33 Rocket Lab launches 109th satellite to orbit
34 Spire Global selects Virgin Orbit for late-load addition to next flight
35 Redwire announces supplier agreement with Terran Orbital to support satellite manufacturing
36 Los Alamos National Laboratory awards satellite mission contract to NanoAvionics US
37 New rocket test facility under construction in Scotland
38 Kleos' Patrol Mission Satellites Ready and Shipped to Launch Site
39 NASA's eventual farewell to tiny Mars helicopter could be emotional
40 Mars helicopter flies again; encounters radio interference on 17th flight
41 New German government plans 60-bn-euro 'future' fund
42 James Webb Space Telescope: A giant leap towards 'other Earths'?
43 Webb telescope to look for first light of cosmic dawn
44 Webb telescope aims to answer astronomy's 'biggest questions'
45 At UN, a call to recognize climate change causes conflict
46 Hunger striking dad claims 'victory' in Swiss climate struggle
47 England tree scheme takes root amid climate emergency
48 Biden calls for carbon neutral federal government by 2050
49 Five things to know about the James Webb Space Telescope
50 Worker victories over gig economy giants
51 Facebook misidentified thousands of political ads: study
52 EU eyes overhaul of app workers' conditions
53 EU extends free roaming to 2032
54 Hong Kong mandates COVID tracing app for most adults in bars, restaurants
55 EU seeks to clarify status of delivery app workers
56 US targets Chinese, North Korean firms with sanctions
57 Hackers steal research data from Sweden's Volvo Cars
58 Hong Kong to require quarantine camp stay for travellers from US
59 Uyghur genocide report 'deeply disturbing,' says UN
60 Cambodian PM orders US weapons destroyed after arms embargo
61 Chinese activists blocked from leaving homes on Human Rights Day
62 China's Evergrande restructuring: What's the plan?
63 Stocks dip in Asia ahead of US inflation figures
64 Nicaragua switches diplomatic recognition from Taiwan to China
65 Asia markets follow Wall Street to dip at open
66 James Webb Space Telescope: A giant leap towards 'other Earths'?
67 Webb telescope to look for first light of cosmic dawn
68 Five things to know about the James Webb Space Telescope
69 Webb telescope aims to answer astronomy's 'biggest questions'
70 NASA launches new mission to explore universe's most dramatic objects
71 Biden sends warning as 'difficult' Iran talks resume
72 Biden orders preparations in case Iran nuclear diplomacy fails
73 Diplomats return to 'difficult' Iran nuclear talks
74 Israel's top diplomat in Egypt for talks on Gaza, Iran
75 US to decide quickly if Iran serious about nuclear talks
76 Russia says NATO's Ukraine, Georgia invite should be 'officially' scrapped
77 Nobel winner Ressa says social media firms fuelling 'toxic sludge'
78 CORRECTED: Finland to buy 64 US F-35 fighters in 8.4bn euro deal
79 Macron hails Scholz as Europe's new power couple meets
80 'Hold the line': Maria Ressa fights for press freedom under Philippines' Duterte
81 France to open classified Algerian War archives
82 Russia strikes deal with NASA for first cosmonaut on SpaceX flight
83 AFRL celebrates successful rocket launch at STEM Academy
84 Orbex begins construction of new rocket launchpad in the UK
85 Europe opens up a new space to commercial services
86 Airbus and DLR intensify cooperation
87 ESO telescope images planet around most massive star pair to date
88 Airbus will build ESA's Ariel exoplanet satellite
89 Planet decision that booted out Pluto is rooted in folklore, astrology
90 Study confirms importance of Southern Ocean in absorbing carbon dioxide
91 Meet the Oystamaran
92 Two new satellites mark further enlargement of Galileo
93 Mirror, mirror, on the Moon
94 NASA Goddard helps ensure asteroid deflector hits target
95 Comet Leonard soon visible to naked eye?
96 Gravitational waves could be key to answering why more matter was left over after Big Bang
97 NASA's IXPE X-ray telescope will study neutron stars, pulsars, black holes
98 OFFSET Swarms take flight in final field experiment
99 Oculus Observatory set to disrupt space situational awareness globally
100 Macron lays out agenda for 'powerful, sovereign' EU
101 Biden sends warning as 'difficult' Iran talks resume
102 US-led anti-IS coalition ends Iraq combat mission
103 Three Turkish soldiers killed in Iraq: ministry
104 Russia scrambles jets to escort US, French aircraft
105 Champions of press freedom to accept Nobel Peace Prize
106 India defense chief's body arrives in Delhi after helicopter crash
107 Jimmy Lai among three Hong Kong activists convicted over Tiananmen vigil
108 Australia fights bushfires in west, floods in east
109 Researchers find wildfire smoke poses neurological hazards
110 Colombian Amazon: casualty of peace