File Title
1 Humans were using tobacco at least 12,000 years ago
2 Strange radio waves coming from the heart of the Milky Way stump scientists
3 Australian-built rover to head to moon in 2026 in joint mission with NASA
4 New findings a 'complete reversal' in understanding why Earth became hospitable to life and its 'twin' didn't
5 Giant planet found orbiting a dead star shows what may happen when our sun dies
6 Over a thousand cosmic explosions traced to mysterious repeating fast radio burst
7 Leprosy seen in wild chimpanzees for the first time
8 This dead star offers a glimpse of our solar system's eventual fate
9 New NASA telescope will observe star birth and death in the Milky Way's evolution
10 Vikings were in the Americas exactly a thousand years ago
11 Some elephants are evolving to have no tusks as a response to brutal poaching
12 The moment domesticated horses changed the course of human history is now revealed
13 Vikings explored the Americas long before Christopher Columbus
14 The climate crisis is messing with birds' body shapes
15 Lobsters and crabs are sentient beings and shouldn't be boiled alive, UK report says
16 Why we're grateful for the tiny Ingenuity helicopter on Mars
17 Mars rover scrapes at rock to 'look at something no one's ever seen'
18 A rare 'cotton candy' lobster named Haddie was caught in Maine this week
19 NASA launches mission to crash into a near-Earth asteroid to try to change its motion in space
20 Meat-eating vulture bees have evolved special gut bacteria to feast on flesh
21 Two Senate Democrats urge Biden not to keep Jerome Powell at the helm of the Fed
22 Senior Pentagon official warns the US military is 'not ready' for climate change
23 Young progressives warn that Democrats could have a youth voter problem in 2022
24 Coast Guard investigating reports of an oil sheen near area of October's oil spill off southern California coast
25 Residents evacuated from Italian island Vulcano over carbon dioxide levels
26 The mysterious symbols found carved in Qatar's deserts
27 Bamboo has been used for thousands of years in Asia. Now, it could help solve construction's sustainability problem
28 Portugal's power production goes coal-free long before deadline
29 Colombia's indigenous activists protect the environment. Now they too are under threat
30 La Nina to batter Australia with rain over the summer in a wet and windy holiday period
31 Not just the supply chain: Going green is hiking prices, too
32 Biden announces release of oil reserves, but says gas prices will not drop overnight
33 A silent killer is choking India's capital. For millions, there's no choice but to breathe it in
34 Mammoth tusk recovered from an unlikely place: the bottom of the ocean
35 British people are more concerned than ever about climate, ahead of COVID and Brexit, poll shows
36 How close are we to guilt-free flying?
37 The surprising reason why Ocean Spray cranberry sauce labels are upside-down
38 Great Barrier Reef explodes into life in 'magical' spawning event
39 San Francisco declares a water shortage emergency and urges residents to cut usage
40 Finalists for the prestigious Woolmark Prize, championing sustainable design, announced
41 White House creates new climate-focused division within Office of Science and Technology Policy
42 This startup wants you to like coffee-free coffee
43 Oil Futures Settle Sharply Higher
44 Tia Mowry shares the one dish she can't pass up during the holidays: 'There's history when it comes to soul food'
45 Met Police colleague of Sarah Everard's murderer charged with TWO more rapes as cops probe sex offences against 4 women
46 New unemployment claims fall to 52-year low: Here are the best and worst states for jobs
47 US pharmacy chains CVS, Walgreens and Walmart perpetuated opioid crisis, jury finds
48 8-year-old boy injured in Wisconsin attack dies, bail for suspect set at $6.8m
49 Biden administration seeks to reinstate workplace COVID-19 vaccine rule
50 COVID-19: New AY.4.2 variant of Delta makes up 15% of UK cases--does that mean you're more likely to catch COVID again?
51 Kate Middleton was 'bullied' at school: 'Absolutely hated it'
52 Man charged with 'murder' of married couple found stabbed to death at home
53 Opinion: Our Economic Policy Needs a New Grand Narrative
54 Hook, line and release? Young enthusiasts want to teach anglers how to fish sustainably
55 Indo-Pacific a priority for France's EU presidency, foreign minister says
56 Seven months' jail for Chinese national who harboured visa overstayers: ICA
57 Need for groups in Singapore to listen, compromise as they engage with one another: Lawrence Wong
58 Brian Laundrie died of self-inflicted gunshot to head, family's lawyer confirms
59 COVID 19 Delta outbreak: Did scandal-mired former Health Minister David Clark ignore Pfizer's vaccine meeting request?
60 U.S. Senate panel to hold December 1 hearing on FCC nominee
61 COVID-19 Delta outbreak: RIP MIQ--travel and tourism react to border plans
62 NZ dollar, wholesale rates fall as Reserve Bank takes a considered approach
63 Man, 28 who stabbed university student, 25, is jailed for eight years
64 Brexit warning! UK fishermen told to prepare for upcoming rule change
65 Up to 2000 victims skipped: Survivor with PTSD exposes scale of compensation loophole
66 Gibraltar Brexit deal explained: What is the latest?
67 Boris on brink of Tory axe as PM hit with worst ever opinion poll--Sunak aides circle
68 Labour deputy calls PM 'corrupt, spineless and cowardly' as MP Sir Geoffrey Cox seen working as barrister for BVIs again
69 Elderly couple say autistic son has been trapped in hospital for 20 years
70 Southwest Airlines passenger is fined $40,000 for unruly behavior
71 Meghan Markle's Lawyer Addresses 'Difficult Boss' Claims: It's 'Just Not True'
72 Sandra Bullock on Keanu Reeves dating rumors
73 Taliban's new media guidelines ban TV dramas with female actors, make women journalists wear hijabs
74 'Do not be alarmed': Strange odour in the air near towns in state's east
75 Woman felt 'physically sick' after finding caterpillar crawling in sandwich
76 15-year-old arrested in Colorado shooting that injured 6 high school students
77 Apple delays launch of driver's licenses on iPhones until next year
78 Mexico poised for first woman central bank chief after president's U-turn
79 NASA says chances of an asteroid hitting Earth have increased
80 US authorises COVID-19 boosters for all aged 18 and over
81 COVID-19 significantly raises risk of stillbirth: US study
82 Kyle Rittenhouse: Teenage gunman who shot dead two men at Wisconsin protest is cleared of murder
83 Protests across America after teen who shot dead two people cleared of murder
84 US Senate confirms Biden nominee Jonathan Kaplan as ambassador to Singapore
85 Biden turns 79 after getting clean bill of health
86 Henry Kissinger doesn't see China invasion of Taiwan in next decade
87 Former Trump lawyer Michael Cohen freed after 3-year confinement
88 US Thanksgiving holiday air travel week opens briskly
89 Bidens kick off Thanksgiving celebration with visit to US troops
90 Really Priti? UK using drone checks to monitor migrant crossing only five days a week
91 Royal crisis as fans turn on Kate and Prince William after BBC Christmas snub
92 Fears grow for missing mum, 34, last seen 10 days ago
93 Landlord banned from renting out filthy 'house of horrors' infested with rats
94 Almost all COVID patients in intensive care are unvaccinated, doctors claim
95 Queen holds second royal engagement in a week with Bank of England's governor
96 Huge fire sends smoke billowing over Hull after 'explosion' at plastics factor
97 Dozens of people die as boat sinks while trying to cross Channel to UK
98 ECB's Schnabel sees risk of higher inflation: report
99 As LGBTQ attitudes change, Govt. too will consider policy adjustments: Lawrence Wong
100 Philippines navy completes resupply mission after Chinese blockade
101 Teen gang member slashes 16-year-old in the face and leaves him with permanent scar
102 SIA apologises for confusion over e-mail on COVID-19 quarantine requirements in Malaysia
103 Taiwan, US hold second economic partnership dialogue
104 Philippines' Duterte dangles food freebies to hit 15 million COVID-19 shots in 3 days
105 India's parliament panel wants a regulator for Facebook, Twitter
106 Fire at plastics factory as residents warned to stay inside
107 Beto O'Rourke Is Running for Governor of Texas
108 Brexit triumph: UK enjoying 'tax breaks galore' as new freeports open today
109 Migrant crossings: Patel blames rising number arriving on small boats on EU having 'no border protections whatsoever'
110 Charlie Elphicke: Ex-Conservative MP jailed for sexual assault now making benefits claim as he tells court he can't pay 35,000 pounds costs
111 Boris unveils plan to bring 'prickly bugger' Macron to heel--President backed into corner
112 COVID 19 Delta outbreak: Government says move to level 3.3 'unlikely'; expert predicts Auckland cases to peak
113 Peter Bone demands illegal migrants are given a tea and sent back 'Good for UK AND France'
114 Brexit: Moving away from EU rules is 'national necessity' and UK must reduce taxes, says Lord Frost