File Title
1 Hong Kong warns WSJ of 'incitement' in editorial
2 Asia's biggest flower market makes stars out of influencers
3 Beijing's Macau envoy given new 'national security' role: state media
4 France seeking EU response after US Olympics boycott
5 Macau junket firm closes VIP salons after boss arrest
6 China extends maternity leave to boost births
7 'I'm traumatised': Indonesia volcano rains destruction on village
8 Dutch hospital welcomes back troops amid COVID surge
9 UN biodiversity summit postponed over new COVID variant
10 Biden marks World AIDS Day with plan to eradicate disease
11 Chinese city suspends rail imports after fresh COVID outbreak
12 Vietnam gives longest ever jail term for trading rhino horn: NGO
13 Nepal starts census of endangered Royal Bengal tigers
14 Satellites reveal Ethiopian elephants under threat
15 Nearly 30 percent of UK birds endangered, report warns
16 Endangered gazelles spring back in Jerusalem park
17 Rare wild bees find has English country estate buzzing
18 Two mountain gorillas born in Virunga park, Twin pandas named Yuandudu and Huanlili
19 Fears for Bangladesh elephants after spate of killings
20 India's born-again elephants repel four-legged rampages
21 Indonesia volcano erupts again, hampering rescue operations
22 Austria avalanche kills three
23 More than 20 drown as bus swept into flooded river in Kenya
24 Kremlin slams US Olympics boycott, France seeking EU response
25 Suu Kyi down but Myanmar democracy movement not out, say analysts
26 International outcry as Myanmar junta jails Suu Kyi for two years
27 Myanmar chief meets Suu Kyi party stalwart; Soldiers ram car into protest
28 The candidates seeking to unseat France's Macron
29 Shuttered Hong Kong democracy paper wins press freedom award
30 Melting glaciers may create new Pacific salmon habitat, study finds
31 Coral reefs of western Indian Ocean at risk of collapse: study
32 Nobel winner Ressa to fly to Oslo after Philippine courts approve trip
33 US hits Iran with new sanctions for human rights abuses
34 UN peacekeeper succumbs to wounds after November Mali attack
35 Attack on DR Congo park ranger kills one, injures three
36 The shifting fortunes of Ethiopia's massive army
37 China pledges to support Africa without 'imposing its will'
38 West warns Bosnian Serb leader over secession moves
39 Denmark extends navy detention of four pirates off Africa
40 Motorbike bombing in Iraq's Basra targeted officer: PM
41 DR Congo, UN forces sign accord on tackling armed groups
42 Hunger stalks jihadist-battered Niger
43 Two Benin soldiers killed in jihadist attack in north: military sources
44 Global warming not responsible for Madagascar famine: study
45 Croatia's truffle hunters seek habitat protection amid climate change
46 Countries must brace for future food 'shocks': FAO
47 Battery 'dream technology' a step closer to reality with new discovery
48 Combined heat and power as a platform for clean energy systems
49 US eyes NordStream pipeline as Russian pressure point over Ukraine
50 Protesters hit S. Africa beaches to oppose oil exploration
51 Shell exits North Sea oilfield project
52 ExxonMobil aims to double profits on restrained spending
53 Lhyfe and DORIS sign MOU for first floating wind turbine for integration with hydrogen production
54 Senegal president fears 'fatal blow' to dreams of gas wealth
55 Norway rules out 2022 oil licences in 'virgin areas'
56 Intel says plans to take car tech unit Mobileye public
57 Physicists exploit space and time symmetries to control quantum materials
58 Shrinking qubits for quantum computing with atom-thin materials
59 A simpler design for quantum computers
60 Programmable interaction between quantum magnets
61 UArizona researchers develop ultra-thin 'computer on the bone'
62 Pushing the limits of electronic circuits
63 Study challenges standard ideas about piezoelectricity in ferroelectric crystals
64 Lithography-free carbon nanotube arrays: The simple way to grow an army of tiny superheroes
65 Adding sound to quantum simulations
66 Why the world needs a better LED light bulb
67 Framatome and Rosatom sign long-term cooperation agreement
68 GE Hitachi Nuclear Energy selected by Ontario for Darlington Nuclear Project
69 NASA, INL take next step toward developing dynamic radioisotope power system
70 Framatome delivers industry's first complete accident tolerant fuel assembly
71 Options for the Diablo Canyon nuclear plant
72 Macron says France to build more nuclear reactors
73 Greenland passes law banning uranium mining
74 Climate crisis could give nuclear energy a second wind
75 Low public support for nuclear energy development in Southeast Asia
76 Framatome delivers first machining simulators to the Louis Armand vocational school in Jeumont
77 Framatome's fuel fabrication technology licensed for new Kazakhstan manufacturing facility
78 Tiny crystal of power
79 Air quality models can improve the accuracy of forecasts of daily solar power production in the future
80 Efficient organic solar cells processed from green solvents
81 Ultrathin solar cells get a boost
82 Israel, Jordan agree US-brokered solar power for water deal
83 Making solar energy even more sustainable with light-powered technology
84 This light-powered catalyst mimics photosynthesis
85 Light-powered soft robots could suck up oil spills
86 NGO awards triple-A climate rating to just 14 firms
87 When variations in Earth's orbit drive biological evolution
88 Autonomous passenger shuttle service trialled in Oxfordshire
89 Study: Sound improves detection of electric cars for pedestrians
90 Oak Ridge National Laboratory, Tuskegee University collaborate on advanced bioderived materials research
91 Chemical researchers invent bio-petroleum for sustainable materials
92 How sugar-loving microbes could help power future cars
93 Feeding sugar to bacteria may lead to less harmful fuel for cars, trucks
94 Recycling CO2 to fuel a carbon-neutral future
95 Converting methane to methanol--with and without water
96 Diesel worth $2 million stolen from US base in Romania
97 Britain's RAF claims world first e-fuel flight
98 Perovskite solar cells soar to new heights
99 Directional management of interface defects achieved in perovskite solar cells
100 Mystery of high performing novel solar cell materials revealed in stunning clarity
101 Researchers develop new membrane for uranium extraction from seawater
102 Robotics specialists share their ongoing projects
103 Framatome completes purchase of Rolls Royce Civil Nuclear Instrumentation and Control
104 NGO awards triple-A climate rating to just 14 firms
105 Crisis a chance to green Lebanon: environment minister
106 Nissan plans 50% electric vehicle sales by 2030
107 Nissan touts 'pioneer' status with new electric vehicle targets
108 Jihadist jailbreak in Iraq foiled, one prisoner killed
109 New restoration works shore-up Iraq's historic Arch of Ctesiphon
110 12-year-old girl's marriage causes stir in Iraq