File Title
1 RUAG Space: First fully U.S.-made fairing to fly into space
2 Rocket Lab readies Electron for lift-off in fastest launch turnaround yet
3 NASA awards Artemis contract for future SLS boosters
4 Galileo launch postponed
5 SpaceX successfully launches latest Starlink fleet from Florida
6 Sol 3319: Shoot the Gap
7 Onwards and Sidewards for Curiosity on Sol 3313
8 Rover escapes from sand trap
9 ESA's Mars Express unravels mystery of martian moon using 'fake' flybys
10 Ingenuity heading north into Seitah for Flight 17
11 Sols 3314-3315: Bountiful, Beautiful Boulders!
12 Brief presence of water in Arabia Terra on Mars
13 Eyes on the Sky
14 First crew of space station provide a full update on China's progress
15 Growing trend shows demand for maintenance students at commercial space firms
16 Exploring the heart of space weather with the Geospace Dynamics Constellation
17 Ben Griffin explains how Oneweb's LEO Constellation will change the IFC Market
18 Soon, 1 out of every 15 points of light in the sky will be a satellite
19 ESA moves forward with your ideas for 11 pioneering missions
20 NASA and industry embrace laser communications
21 Researchers develop novel 3D printing technique to engineer biofilms
22 New 'Halo' game debuts as Xbox turns 20
23 Researchers team up to get a clearer picture of molten salts
24 Reshaping the plastic lifecycle into a circle
25 Major Swedish initiative in new materials for a sustainable future
26 Airbus will build ESA's Ariel exoplanet satellite
27 Giant planets could reach "maturity" much earlier than previously thought
28 TESS discovers a planet the size of Mars but with the makeup of Mercury
29 An eight-hour year
30 Gas bubbles in rock pores--a nursery for life on Early Earth
31 Bolstering planetary biosecurity in an era of space exploration
32 Iron integral to the development of life on Earth--and the possibility of life on other planets
33 Discovery Alert: 172 Possible Planets? A New Roadmap to Distant Worlds
34 Are Water Plumes Spraying from Europa
35 Iraqi fishermen caught in net of water frontiers
36 Albanian bunkers ravaged by rising tides as erosion takes toll
37 Climate change is making one of the world's strongest currents flow faster
38 Sentinel-6 returning most precise data ever on sea level
39 Climatic changes and overfishing depleted Baltic herring long before industrialization
40 British regulator concerned about Suez-Veolia merger
41 Headwater refuges
42 Space dust analysis could solve mystery of the origins of Earth's water
43 Coral reefs of western Indian Ocean at risk of collapse: study
44 UK watchdog urges halt to DR Congo dam project
45 Albanian bunkers ravaged by rising tides as erosion takes toll
46 China's lunar rover spots cube-like object on Moon, sparking curiosity
47 China's manned moon landing possible before 2030: scientist
48 Lunar radar data uncovers new clues about moon's ancient past
49 Asteroid material deposited during large impacts record the moon's ancient magnetic field
50 High-Speed Lunar Surface Transportation
51 NASA receives special cosmic delivery of asteroid sample from Japan
52 NASA's next-generation asteroid impact monitoring system goes online
53 New study shows the largest comet ever observed was active at near-record distance
54 NASA Returns Hubble to Full Science Operations
55 Unique look at the self-destruction of a star is presented in 3D
56 Beads of glass in meteorites help scientists piece together how solar system formed
57 Webb fuelled for launch
58 Evidence emerges for dark-matter free galaxies
59 Harvard-led researchers document the presence of quantum spin liquids, a never-before-seen state of matter
60 Combining two cognitive computing nano-elements into one
61 The uneven universe
62 Record-breaking simulations of large-scale structure formation in the universe
63 Texas astronomers discover strangely massive black hole in Milky Way satellite galaxy
64 AFRL celebrates launch of small-sat ascent to GEO
65 Northrop Grumman makes critical contributions to STP-3 Mission
66 Space Force mission blasts off from Florida after multiple delays
67 US Army tests multi-orbit solutions leveraging MEO capabilities amid SES's upcoming O3b mPOWER launch
68 South Korea unveils model for hypersonic weapon prototype
69 China calls on Canada to ignore Huawei risks 'invented' by US
70 Hong Kong launches China-style tracking app for mainland travel
71 China to repatriate Taiwan murder suspect in rare deal
72 Lithuania says China blocking its exports over Taiwan
73 Beijing summons Japan envoy over ex-PM's 'erroneous' Taiwan remarks
74 China 'hunting' Taiwanese abroad through deportation: rights group
75 China's Taiwan jet incursions at second-highest level in November
76 Helicopter crashes with India military chief on board
77 Israel strike targets Iran weapons in Syria port: monitor
78 Hiroshima attack flame offered for Pearl Harbor memorial
79 Motorcycle bomb kills four in Iraq: official
80 From art shows to theatre, Baghdad sees cultural revival
81 Incomplete Saddam-era marquee mosque lays bare Iraq divisions
82 Iraq's 'wasta' system favours lucky few, frustrates many
83 China threatens 'countermeasures' if US boycotts Olympics
84 Governments help arms firms avoid COVID slump: report
85 Boeing excluded from Canada fighter jet procurement
86 Ukraine urges NATO for 'deterrence package' against Russia
87 China-developed UAV completes marine meteorological observation test
88 Putin lauds India with eye on military, energy ties
89 US vows to boost military presence if Russia attacks Ukraine
90 Iran nuclear talks set for pause amid European 'concern'
91 Israel PM calls on US to halt Iran nuclear talks
92 US warns it will not let Iran 'slow walk' nuclear talks
93 'No cause for optimism' on Iran nuclear deal: US
94 Chinese govt. summons Evergrande founder after warning on funds
95 Most Asia markets rise with oil prices on easing Omicron fears
96 Chinese developer Kaisa faces default as debt swap plan rejected
97 US accuses China of 'economic warfare' against Australia
98 Global economy rebounds, but for how long?
99 Asian markets hit by Moderna vaccine warning over Omicron
100 IMF sees China's growth 'slowing notably'
101 Asia markets up as Omicron fears ease
102 China cuts reserve ratio, pledges housing support after latest default
103 Evergrande misses debt repayment, looks to restructure
104 China's export growth lost steam in November: official
105 Evergrande looks to restructure, sets up risk committee
106 More migrants flown back to Iraq from Belarus
107 Death toll from Kenya bus accident rises to 31
108 Study: People choose to learn about health, world news based on feelings
109 UN says aid needs will surge in 2022 amid pandemic, conflict
110 Twitter is the social network most resistant to conspiracy theory beliefs