File Title
1 Ariel: Contract signed to build European planet telescope
2 NASA unveils new class of astronaut candidates
3 Pacific Ocean garbage patch is immense plastic habitat
4 Climate change: Is 'blue hydrogen' Japan's answer to coal?
5 NASA: Belfast mathematician working towards her astronaut dream
6 Gene edited sex selection may spare animal suffering
7 COP26: UK 'nowhere near' meeting targets agreed at Glasgow climate summit
8 2021 hurricane season was third most active
9 Quest begins to drill Antarctica's oldest ice
10 Germany's Scholz seals deal to end Merkel era
11 The small nuclear power plants billed as an energy fix
12 'I've seen irreversible change but hope too for planet'
13 What is the James Webb Space Telescope and when will it launch?
14 NASA Dart asteroid spacecraft: Mission to smash into Dimorphos space rock launches
15 Upcoming Moon missions spur the search for new spacesuits
16 Universities to combat race bias in research
17 Storm Barra: Snow and wind hit Scotland
18 Storm Barra: Wales sees power cuts and ferry cancellations
19 Storm Barra brings strong winds, heavy rain and snow to NI
20 Storm Barra: Weather warnings for most of UK as gales and snow hit
21 Storm Barra: Heavy winds rip off part of Manchester ski centre roof
22 Historic Apperley Lane Bridge to shut for flood prevention work
23 Storm Barra: Severe gales cancel Manx ferries and close roads
24 Edinburgh Zoo's giant pandas to stay another two years
25 Indonesia volcano: Toll rises after Mount Semeru buries villages
26 'Detail lacking' in Scotland's climate change plan
27 Trainee police officers were deployed during COP26
28 Storm Barra: Coastal areas braced for strong winds
29 T.rex gets Christmas jumper at Natural History Museum in London
30 Bird flu: Two new North Yorkshire cases
31 Ubisoft NFTs, called 'Digits,' launch for in-game items
32 Instagram announces changes ahead of political grilling
33 Vishal Garg: US boss fires 900 employees over Zoom
34 US watchdog probes Tesla over solar-panel safety
35 Far-right target critics with Twitter's new media policy
36 Rohingya sue Facebook for $150 billion over Myanmar hate speech
37 Virgin Media O2 'completes' gigabit upgrade after two years
38 EA says NFTs are part of the future of games industry
39 Buying a pink NFT cat was a crypto nightmare
40 Wall Street watchdogs probe Trump media firm deal
41 Byju's and the other side of an edtech giant's dizzying rise
42 BitMart: Crypto-exchange loses $150 million to hackers
43 Using virtual reality to treat pain and anxiety
44 Uber prices could rise 20% after UK ruling
45 Africa's patchy transport network gets a tech boost
46 The tech helping shops--and Santa--deliver this Christmas
47 How to spot the software that could be spying on you
48 Grammy Awards: Drake withdraws nominations
49 Lara Croft: 25 years of Tomb Raider and a British gaming icon
50 Online Safety Bill: What to expect
51 Trump social media firm says it has raised $1bn
52 Fraud: 'I had 18,000 pounds stolen after my drink was spiked'
53 Stansted Airport: Drone came within 6ft. of Boeing 737, report says
54 Uber to pay $9 million in sex-assault report settlement
55 US challenges Nvidia takeover of chip designer Arm
56 Little Mix taking break after '10 amazing years'
57 Too many children left at risk too long--Ofsted
58 University strikes: Students react as staff walk out
59 School COVID absence up 60% in England in two weeks
60 University strikes: Will classes be cancelled?
61 COVID: Secondary school pupils in England advised to wear masks
62 COVID: Schools asked to test on-site after Christmas
63 Cambridge sculpture makes a stand on culture wars
64 How the UK's teacher of the year inspired me at school
65 Mental health: Anxiety, depression and self-harm on rise among teens
66 The mums using Instagram to offer advice to new parents
67 Ysgol y Deri: Equipment worth thousands stolen from special needs school
68 Injection spiking: UEA student says experience left her scared and angry
69 Arthur Labinjo-Hughes: Killers 'should never see light of day'
70 COVID-19: Avoid school closures 'at all costs' says principal
71 Omicron: What are the COVID self-isolation rules now?
72 House price growth highest for 15 years, says Halifax
73 COVID in Scotland: More schools and firms 'will face Omicron closures'
74 Colston: More Bristol organisations distance themselves
75 Malala's message to an Afghan schoolgirl
76 Abersoch: School governors refuse to do council's 'dirty work'
77 Colston's School to change its name amid slave trader association
78 Michael Sheen turns himself into a 'not-for-profit' actor
79 Horsham mother speaks out over poverty as COVID debt rises
80 COVID-19: Irish primary school mask policy to be revised
81 UEA and NHS project to look at COVID's effect on mental health
82 COVID in Uganda: The man whose children may never return to school
83 Arthur Labinjo-Hughes: National inquiry into boy's death
84 Senedd must become more family-friendly, politicians say
85 Sarah Gilbert: Next pandemic could be more lethal than COVID
86 Nearly 70 Spanish medics COVID positive after Christmas party
87 Viagra may be useful against Alzheimer's dementia
88 COVID-19: Italy tightens restrictions for unvaccinated
89 COVID: South Africa new cases surge as Omicron spreads
90 COVID: Trigger of rare blood clots with AstraZeneca jab found by scientists
91 Bolsonaro: Brazilian Supreme Court opens investigation into vaccine comments
92 COVID vaccine: Why our black and South Asian friends and family still won't have a jab
93 'I had to move across America when I became allergic to the sun'
94 What are the COVID variants and will vaccines still work?
95 Is Omicron more harmful than other COVID variants? And other questions
96 COVID: Is it safe to hit the office Christmas party?
97 COVID 19: More Omicron cases in the West Midlands 'certain'
98 What are the travel rules for France, the US, and other popular destinations?
99 Jumping in Puddles founder recognised for cancer charity work
100 Dr. Michael Watt: Neurologist to contest appeal to his register removal
101 Bedford Borough Omicron case linked to 'international travel'
102 COVID: Early signs Omicron spreads more easily, says No. 10
103 COVID-19: Omicron case confirmed in Suffolk
104 COVID testing: New PCR rules throw plans into disarray
105 Quarantine hotels: Returning Brits struggle to book
106 West Midlands firefighter picks up Queen's Medal for COVID work
107 COVID-19: Younger patients receiving end-of-life care at NI hospices
108 COVID lockdown quizmaster Jay Flynn given MBE by Prince William
109 Omicron: Brighton has first case, health boss confirms
110 Downing Street party: Johnson says he is satisfied no rules were broken
111 Biden and Putin hold talks amid Russia-Ukraine tensions
112 Is Russia preparing to invade Ukraine? And other questions
113 Google sues alleged Russian cyber criminals
114 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics: China criticises US diplomatic boycott
115 Jamal Khashoggi: Suspect in murder of journalist arrested in Paris
116 Amazon services down for thousands of users
117 Emmett Till: US closes investigation without charges
118 Long December looms for US Democrats
119 Bob Dole: From WW2 casualty to top Republican
120 Ghislaine Maxwell trial: Key moments from the first week
121 When Jesus is used to steal from his flock
122 Gilgamesh Dream Tablet: Iraq puts looted artifact on display
123 Michael Steinhardt: US billionaire hands over antiquities worth $70m
124 Western leaders urge Russia to lower Ukraine tensions
125 US diplomats to boycott 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics
126 Haiti kidnappers release three more missionaries after abduction
127 Amid shortage, Canada taps into emergency maple syrup reserves
128 New York's workers must all have vaccine by 27 December