File Title
1 Shifting Colors for On-Chip Photonics to Power Next Generation Quantum Computers and Networks
2 Magnificent View of Kainji Lake, Nigeria from Space
3 Worried About Empty Store Shelves? Here Are the 5 Commodities that Will Be Hardest to Find
4 NASA's DART Kinetic Impactor Spacecraft Launches in World's First Planetary Defense Test Mission
5 Black Hole Collision May Have Exploded with Light
6 New Possibilities for Life in the Strange, Dark World at the Bottom of Earth's Ocean--And Perhaps in Oceans on Other Planets
7 Good News! Drinking Coffee May Lower Your Risk of Alzheimer's Disease
8 Computer Conservation: Lily Xu Uses Artificial Intelligence to Stop Poaching Around the World
9 Bioenergy: Friendly Fungi Boost Growth for Biofuel Source
10 Extreme Isolation in Antarctica, for Science
11 Black Hole Star Destroyer: Scientists Fling Model Stars at a Virtual Black Hole to See Who Survives
12 Astronomers Discover Ancient "Failed Star" with Lithium Deposits Intact
13 COVID-19: How Well Do Damp Masks Work to Contain Droplets?
14 How Is It Raining Plastic?! [Video]
15 One of a Pair: Hubble Space Telescope Peers into a Beautiful Spiral Galaxy
16 New Method Developed to Study Ions Around Comets in Space
17 The Hunt for COVID Variants: How the New Omicron Variant Was Found and What We Know So Far
18 COVID-19 Linked to Myocarditis--Potentially Dangerous Heart Inflammation--In College Athletes
20 Atomic Disorder in Surface Materials Is Key to Better Hydrogen Storage
21 Steel or Timber? New Tools Help Builders Reduce Carbon Footprint of Truss Structures
22 Study Reveals Wide Spectrum of COVID-19 Brain Complications--Including Stroke, Hemorrhage, and Other Fatal Complications
23 Calling All "Fusioneers"! New US Fusion Energy Website Launched
25 Extraordinary Roman Mosaic and Villa Complex Discovered Beneath Farmer's Field in England
26 New Chest Imaging Database Assists AI in the COVID-19 Fight
27 Ultrafast Polaronic Exciton Dissociation Mechanism in 2D Perovskites
28 Russian Anti-Satellite Weapon Test: What Happened and What to Do Now?
29 New Technology Shows Climate Change Is Making One of the World's Strongest Currents Flow Faster
30 Blood Microbubbles to Acoustically Detect Oxygen Levels
31 How and When the Earth and Moon Formed
32 COVID Long-Haulers May Experience Abnormal Breathing and Chronic Fatigue Syndrome
33 The Strange Story of Turkey Tails Speaks Volumes About Our Global Food System
34 Sound Science: Great Headphones Blend Physics, Anatomy and Psychology
35 Mystery of the Origins of the Earth's Water: Sun Is a Surprising Likely Source
36 Leaf Hunting in Japan: Momijigari Can Last into Early December in the Country's Southern Regions
37 Xenobots: Scientists Build the First-Ever Living Robots that Can Reproduce
38 Muscle Loss Can Be Counteracted with Early Interventions
39 Astronauts Ready for Today's Spacewalk to Replace Faulty Space Station Antenna System
40 Does COVID-19 During Pregnancy Harm the Baby's Brain?
41 Dancing Ghosts--a New, Deeper Scan of the Sky Throws Up Big Surprises for Astronomers
42 One of the World's Most Precise Microchip Sensors Created--Thanks to a Spiderweb
43 Transformative Technology: To Understand Biology, Scientists Turn to the Quantum World
44 Supermassive Black Holes on a Collision Course: Closest Pair of Supermassive Black Holes to Earth Ever Discovered
45 Breakthrough Infection Study Compares Decline in COVID Vaccine Effectiveness: Pfizer vs. Moderna vs. J&J
46 NASA DART Launch: Key Step Forward in Planetary Defense
47 Popular Blood Thinners May Lead to Brain Bleeding and Death After Head Injury
48 Astronomers Discover Largest-Known Comet Was Active at Near-Record Distance
49 Advanced Echolocation: Bats Use Echoes of Own Vocalizations to Anticipate Location, Trajectory of Prey
50 COVID-19 Infection Increases Complications in Pregnancy and Birth
51 Neuroimaging Is Leading to Much Better Understanding of Brain Function During Speech and How Stuttering Arises
52 Crystal Clues: Earth's Early Magma Oceans Detected in 3.7 Billion Year-Old Greenland Rocks
53 Stanford's Simple New Quantum Computer Design: Photonic Computation in a Synthetic Time Dimension
54 A Third of First Year University Students Have Moderate to Severe Depression/Anxiety
55 Rice University Creates Effective Recipe to Decontaminate Disposable COVID Facemasks at Home
56 Kyhytysuka: 130-Million-Year-Old Hypercarnivore "Fish Lizard" Discovered
57 Vaccines Are Less Effective at Protecting Against Severe COVID-19 in Immunocompromised Adults
58 Sentinel-6 Mission Returning Most Precise Data Ever on Sea Level
59 Hubble Space Telescope Team Recovers the Cosmic Origins Spectrograph Instrument
60 MRI Reveals Significantly Altered Brain Structure in Fetuses Exposed to Alcohol
61 Researchers Uncover Bone Disease in Tyrannosaurus rex Jaw
62 Caffeine's Effects: That Morning Coffee Might Be Even More Helpful than You Think
63 Revealing Failure Mechanisms of Energy Storage Devices
64 How Molecular Clusters in the Cell Nucleus Interact with Chromosomes
65 Tread Lightly: Strange "Eggshell Planets" Possible Around Other Stars
66 Cosmic Pearl: The Jewel of Human Cooperation and Ingenuity Shines Brightly in this Incredible ISS Image
67 Are Water Plumes Spraying from Jupiter's Moon Europa? NASA's Europa Clipper Spacecraft Is on the Case
68 Variations in Earth's Orbit Drove Biological Evolution of Coccolithophores
69 NASA SOFIA Observations Reveal a Spiral Galaxy's Invisible, Opposing Arms
70 Sing On: Certain Face Masks Prevent COVID-19 Transmission Without Distorting Voice
71 Rhythms of the Krill: Exploring Response to Visual Changes During Arctic Night
72 Busted for Not Social Distancing by a COVID-19 Mobile Surveillance Robot
73 Stanford and Google Team Up to Create Time Crystals with Quantum Computers
74 Acoustic Tools Reveal Food Paradox Answer--Shows How Ocean Life Survives
75 Moderna COVID-19 Vaccine Remains Very Effective 5 Months After 2nd Dose
76 Snow Monkeys Living in One of the World's Coldest Regions Go Fishing to Survive Harsh Winters
77 Extracting Lithium from Geothermal Brine to Develop a Domestic Source of Critical Energy Resource
78 Deep Tech Start-Up's Breakthrough Technology, VIPER, Brings Robotic Laboratories to Ocean Floor
79 Archaeology Mystery Solved: Strange Footprints from Laetoli, Tanzania, Are from Early Humans
80 How Close Is Fukushima Nuclear Accident Contaminated Water to Us?
81 Incredible Dinosaur Treasure Trove in Italy Rewrites History, Geography, and Evolution
82 UVSC Pathfinding Experiment to Study Origins of Solar Energetic Particles--Sun's Most Dangerous Form of Radiation
83 Regenerative Nanotransfection: Innovative Nanochip Can Reprogram Biological Tissue in Living Body
84 Volcanic Fertilization of the Oceans Drove Severe Mass Extinction--Reshaping the Course of Evolution of Life on Earth
85 New Research Finds Eating Lots of Avocados Has Public Health Benefits for Issues like Obesity
86 Sub-Earth Planet Discovered by Astronomers: Boiling New World Is Ultra-Light and Super-Fast
87 NASA Laser Communications Demonstration--Here's How to Watch the Launch Live
88 Strange Things Happening in Earth's Atmosphere: NASA Launches Rocket to Investigate Mysterious Area Above the North Pole
89 Astronomers Observe a New Type of Binary Star--"Exciting, Missing Evolutionary Link"
90 New Materials for a Sustainable Future
91 Strangely Massive Black Hole Discovered in Milky Way Satellite Galaxy
92 Gene-Editing Used to Create Single Sex Mice Litters with 100% Efficiency
93 NASA Astronauts Replace Failed Space Station Antenna System
94 Researchers Uncover the Mechanism of Ion Transport in Aqueous Li-Ion Batteries
95 Elevated Resting Heart Rate Linked to Increased Risk of Dementia
96 Study: COVID-19 Delta Variant Has Increased Ability to Evade Protective Response of Vaccines
97 Planetary Scientists Discover that Water Was Once Present in Arabia Terra on Mars
98 Don't Miss the Total Solar Eclipse 2021--Where to See It in Person & How to Watch a Live Stream
99 Human Blood Detected in Bright Red Paint on 1,000-Year-Old Gold Mask from Peru
100 Tour Stunning Hubble Images of Incredible Nebulae in this New NASA Video
101 This Virus Is a Shape-Shifter!--New Research Details How COVID Variants Are Evolving New Ways to Evade Vaccines
102 Brain Drain: Scientists Solve Puzzling Mystery of Why Neurons Consume So Much Energy Even When at Rest
103 World's Eight Worst Wildfire Weather Years on Record Happened in the Last Decade
104 Why Does Cannabis Smell Skunky? New Compounds Detected with 2D Gas Chromatography
105 Skywatching Highlights for December: Don't Miss Comet Leonard and Geminid Meteors
106 Space Station Fires Thrusters to Avoid Dangerous Debris from Pegasus Rocket
107 Chewing Gum Developed that Could Reduce COVID Transmission--Laced with Protein that "Traps" the SARS-CoV-2 Virus
108 Tiny Crystal of Energy Is a Promising Future Source of Power on the Moon
109 Researchers Capture Electron Transfer Image in Electrocatalysis Process
110 Ancient Arts of Origami and Kirigami Inspire Mechanical Metamaterials
111 Study Finds Gradual Increase in COVID-19 Infection Risk After Second Vaccine Dose
112 SLS Solid Rocket Booster Fired Up to Test Improved Design for Future NASA Artemis Missions
113 Plague of Justinian Was Nothing like Flu and May Have Hit England Before Constantinople
114 Pythagoras' Revenge: Humans Didn't Invent Mathematics, It's What the Physical World Is Made Of
115 New Device Rapidly Detects Viruses like COVID-19