File Title
1 Hubble Sees Elegant Spiral Galaxy: NGC 6984
2 Juno Provides New Information about Jupiter's Enigmatic Atmospheric Features
3 Saber-Toothed Cats were Social Animals, New Study Suggests
4 Temperate Sub-Neptune Found Orbiting Nearby Red Dwarf
5 Early Devonian Fish Had Triangular Head Shield
6 Two Planets in HD 3167 System are on Perpendicular Orbits, Astronomers Say
7 New Type of Neuron Discovered in Mammalian Retina
8 New Research Explores Cause of End-Ordovician Mass Extinction
9 Samoan Medicinal Plant May Be as Effective as Ibuprofen, Study Says
10 'Microchromosomes' are Fundamental Building Blocks of Amniote Chromosomes, Study Finds
11 Astronomers Solve Mystery of Strangely-Shaped Mass of Stars in Andromeda Galaxy's Center
13 Rocky Exoplanets are More Diverse and Exotic than Previously Thought
14 Scientists Sequence Genome of Quillwort
15 ALMA Detects Water and Carbon Monoxide in Distant Star-Forming Galaxy
16 Black Holes Grow along with Universe's Expansion, Study Suggests
17 CERN Physicists Observe Triple J-psi Meson Production
18 Hubble Spots Beautiful Emission Nebula in Large Magellanic Cloud
19 Israeli Archaeologists Find Spectacular Ancient Gold Ring
20 Extreme Heat Led to Episodic Deluges on Ancient 'Hothouse' Earth, Scientists Say
21 Hubble Space Telescope Looks at NGC 2438
22 Paleoanthropologists Find Fossil Remains of Immature Homo naledi
23 Hubble Sees Cleopatra's Eye Nebula
24 Hubble Snaps Beautiful Image of Markarian 1337
25 Astrobiologists Call for New Framework in Search for Extraterrestrial Life
26 ALMA Detects Fluorine in Distant Star-Forming Galaxy
27 Massive Comet Exploded over Atacama Desert 12,000 Years Ago, Study Suggests
28 Archaeologists Unearth Slave Family's Room in Ancient Pompeii
29 VST Spots Superimposed Pair of Spiral Galaxies: NGC 3314
30 World's Thinnest X-ray Detector Created
31 New Herbivorous Dinosaur Species Identified in Greenland
32 New Research Sheds More Light on Electromagnetic Structure of Neutron
33 Hubble Observes Distant Remnant of Type Ia Supernova
34 Fast-Evolving Species More Likely to Become Extinct, Paleontologists Say
35 5,000-Year-Old Engraved Chalk Plaques Found in Stonehenge Region
36 Hubble Finds Free-Floating EGGs in Northern Coalsack Nebula
37 Study: Eastern Honeybees Use Specific Sound to Communicate Threat of Giant Hornets
38 Astrophysicists Detect 35 New Gravitational-Wave Events
39 Hubble Space Telescope Looks at Snowman Nebula
40 Paleontologists Unearth New Species of Iguanodontian Dinosaur
41 Eggshell Exoplanets: Rocky Worlds with Ultra-Thin Brittle Lithospheres Could Theoretically Exist
42 Human Neurons are Strikingly Different from Those of Other Mammals, Study Says
43 Study: Humans Played Significant Role in Extinction of Woolly Mammoths
44 Astronomers Detect Stellar-Mass Black Hole in Large Magellanic Cloud
45 Volcanic Eruptions Contributed to Repeated Collapse of Ancient Chinese Dynasties, Says New Study
46 Earth's Quasi-Satellite Kamo'oalewa Could Be Fragment of the Moon
47 Grape Consumption Modifies Gut Microbiome, Lowers Blood Cholesterol Levels: Study
48 Hubble Sees Majestic Spiral Galaxy on the Edge
49 Scientists Identify Genetic Drivers of Extreme Longevity in Pacific Ocean Rockfishes
50 Large Hoard of 1,400-Year-Old Gold Coins Unearthed in England
51 Hubble Zooms in on Reflection Nebula IC 2631
52 Study: Coffee and Tea Consumption Lowers Stroke and Dementia Risk
53 Fossils of Cretaceous-Period Coelacanth Discovered in Texas
54 New Mineral Found inside Deep-Mantle Diamond: Davemaoite
55 Hubble Looks at Absorption Nebula LDN 1165
56 Some Ancient Maya Kingdoms Had Sustainable Agricultural Practices, High Food Yields
57 Germinating Pine Cone Found Encased in Baltic Amber
58 TOLIMAN Space Telescope Will Look for Potentially Habitable Exoplanets in Alpha Centauri System
59 Cretaceous 'Four-Limbed Snake' Turns Out to Be Long-Bodied Lizard
60 Coffee Consumption Has Both Beneficial and Harmful Short-Term Health Effects, Says New Study
61 Hubble Spots Colorful Star-Forming Nebula
62 Marine Biologists Discover New Species of Octopus
63 Amateur Astronomer Discovers New Dwarf Galaxy
64 Hubble Space Telescope Spots Infant Star in IC 2631
65 New Ceratosaur Species Unearthed in Brazil
66 Hubble Observes Solar System's Giant Planets
67 Second HIV Patient Naturally Achieved 'Sterilizing Cure of Infection,' Researchers Say
68 Hubble Spots Gravitationally Lensed Galaxy in Pisces
69 Israeli Archaeologists Unearth 2,100-Year-Old Fortress
70 Martian Rocks May Contain Numerous Types of False Biosignatures, Astrobiologists Say
71 Hubble Snaps Brilliant Image of Flame Nebula
72 Two New Species of Tree Frogs Discovered in Australia
73 Hubble Space Telescope Observes Prawn Nebula
74 Astronomers Spot Rapidly Spinning White Dwarf
75 New Horizons Detects Galactic Lyman-alpha Emissions
76 Hard X-Ray Emission from White Dwarfs Reveals Their Hidden Companions
77 Fossil of 115-Million-Year-Old Bird Found in Brazil
78 Mars Has Multi-Layered Subsurface, New Study Says
79 Higher Coffee Consumption Associated with Slower Cognitive Decline
80 Hubble Looks for Protoplanetary Objects in Flame Nebula
81 Australopithecus sediba Comfortably Walked on Two Legs, but Could Climb like Ape
82 K2 Mission Discovers 366 New Exoplanet Candidates
83 Hubble Captures Bright Protostellar Jet in NGC 1977
84 Researchers Create Ultrahard Diamond Glass
85 NASA Successfully Launches DART Mission to Test Asteroid Deflection
86 Ancient Roman Villa with Magnificent Mosaic Unearthed in UK
87 Study: Gut Bacteria Improve Long-Term Memory in Bumblebees
88 Hubble Spots Herbig-Haro Object in NGC 1977
89 41,500-Year-Old Mammoth Ivory Pendant Found in Poland
90 Curiosity Team Releases Stunning Panorama of Martian Landscape
91 CERN Physicists Detect Collider Neutrinos for First Time
92 Hubble Space Telescope Focuses on NGC 1317
93 Triassic Crocodile Relative was Specialist Herbivore, Study Reveals
94 Ultrahot Gas Giant Found Circling TOI-2109
95 New Species of Armored Dinosaur Discovered
96 Part of Earth's Water Came from the Sun, New Study Suggests
97 Researchers Create Self-Replicating Living Robots
98 VST Sees Messy Result of Cosmic Collision
99 New Species of Hypercarnivorous Ichthyosaur Identified
100 Hubble Spots Beautiful Planetary Nebula: NGC 6891
101 Newly-Discovered Parasitoid Wasp Species Constructs Enigmatic Star-Shaped Cocoons
102 Astronomers Find Two Supermassive Black Holes in NGC 7727
103 Study: Giant Comet Bernardinelli-Bernstein is Among Solar System's Most Distant Active Comets
104 New Zealand's Extinct Giant Bird Killed like Eagle, Ate like Condor
105 Astrophysicists Search for Gravitational-Wave Signals from Ultralight Boson Clouds
106 Study: High Avocado Consumption Improves Family-Level Nutritional Status
107 Tyrannosaurs Suffered from Bone Infections, New Research Shows
108 Dwarf Galaxy Leo I Hosts Strangely Massive Black Hole, Astronomers Say
109 Study: At Least Two Hominin Species with Different Feet and Gaits Coexisted at Laetoli, Tanzania
110 Perching Bird-Like Robot Developed