File Title
1 Exotic New Material Could Be Two Superconductors in One--With Serious Quantum Computing Applications
2 Can the Sun's 11-Year Cycle Explain Global Warming?
3 Solid, Liquid, or Gas? Visual "Fingerprints" Quickly Identify Physical State of Tissues and Cancer Tumors
4 Surprising New Information on How Salt Affects Blood Flow in the Brain
6 Did the CDC's COVID-19 Vaccine Prioritization Strategy Work?
7 Attack of the Galactic Clones
8 Astrophysicists Reveal Largest-Ever Suite of Universe Simulations--How Gravity Shaped the Distribution of Dark Matter
9 Elusive Fundamental Particles--Called Skyrmions--Modeled in Beam of Light
10 Intrauterine Contraceptive Devices (IUDs) Appear to Have Systemic Effects on the Body
11 NASA's OPTIMISM--Upgraded Perseverance Mars Rover Twin--Begins Terrain Tests
12 CDC Expands Eligibility for COVID-19 Booster Shots to All Adults Ages 18 Years and Older
13 Long COVID: Western Medicine Has Reached a Crisis Point
14 NASA's Double Asteroid Redirection Test (DART): Hitting an Asteroid Head On
15 Shortages, High Prices, and Empty Shelves: How the Supply Chain Became So Fractured
16 Scientists Capture Earliest Emergence of Humor in Children
17 Mystery of High Performing Novel Solar Cells Revealed in Stunning Clarity
18 Physical Activity May Improve Alzheimer's Disease by Lowering Brain Inflammation
19 Reversing Development of Alzheimer's Disease and Dementia Using Unique Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy Protocol
20 NASA's "Eyes on the Earth" Real-Time 3D Visualization Tool Puts the World at Your Fingertips
21 New Analysis Finds Gout Drug Colchicine Doesn't Actually Lessen COVID-19 Severity or Stave Off Risk of Death
22 Aspirin Linked with Increased Risk of Heart Failure in New Study
23 Peeking into a Chrysalis, Incredible Videos Capture Butterfly Wings Forming During Metamorphosis
24 Inspired by Spider Silk: Unprecedented New Material with Extraordinary Mechanical Properties
25 Space Station Crew Awaits New Docking Module
26 Specialized MRI Shows Autism Changes Brain's White Matter Significantly
27 Free Green Electricity and Public Transport Could Substantially Reduce Emissions
28 Exposure to Harmless Coronaviruses Boosts COVID-19 Immunity
29 NASA's DART Spacecraft Secured in SpaceX Payload Fairing--Ready for Launch
30 Solar Orbiter's Riskiest Flyby Is Imminent: Earth
31 NASA Another Step Closer to Restoring Full Hubble Space Telescope Operations
32 Launch of NASA's James Webb Space Telescope Delayed After "Incident"
33 Six Foot COVID-19 Rule Is "Arbitrary"--Social Distancing Is Not Effective Mitigation on Its Own
34 Daintree: A Rainforest like No Other--With a Vast Range of Unique Species
35 Artificial Intelligence Successfully Predicts Protein Interactions--Could Lead to Wealth of New Drug Targets
36 First Real-World Study Reports Effectiveness of BBV152, a COVID-19 Vaccine Developed in India
37 A Whopping 301 Newly Confirmed Exoplanets--Discovered with New Deep Neural Network ExoMiner
38 There's Enough Oxygen in the Lunar Regolith to Support Billions of People Living on the Moon
39 Space Biosecurity: Scientists Warn that Alien Organisms on Earth May Become a Reality Stranger than Fiction
40 Solar Energy Breakthrough: Ultrathin Solar Cells Using 2D Perovskites Get a Boost
41 NASA's DART Mission to Redirect an Asteroid Launched--Spacecraft Traveling on Its Own
42 Radiologists Warn: COVID-19 Fallout May Lead to More Cancer Deaths
43 Beyond Qubits: Cryogenic Chip Is Big Step to Scale Up Quantum Computing
44 Emergent Matter Scientists Successfully Manipulate a Single Skyrmion at Room Temperature
45 NASA's Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter Images Saturn from 56 Miles Above the Moon
46 New "Image Analysis Pipeline" Gives Rapid Insight into How Cells Are Changed by Disease
47 Significantly Improve Declining Eyesight in Just 3 Minutes a Week
48 First Look: How Grandmothers' Brains React to the Sight of Their Grandchildren
49 Electrons Set the Stage for Neutrino Experiments--Solving Mystery of the Origins of Our Matter-Dominated Universe
50 New Dental Bleaching Gel: Whiter Teeth, Without the Burn
51 Modern-Day Alchemy: Transforming Sugar into Hydrocarbons to Power Future Cars
52 New Statistical Analysis Shows COVID-19 Became Much More Lethal in Late 2020
53 Scientists Identify a New Target for Suppressing Hunger--In the Brain's Cerebellum
54 White Matter Brain Lesions on MRI Linked to Years of Playing Football
55 Hubble Captures a Massive Celestial Prawn Drifting Through the Cosmic Deep
56 Extreme Heat May Affect Adults Aged 18-64 More than the Elderly
57 NASA's Curiosity Rover Sends a Beautiful Picture Postcard from Mars
58 Slow Release of a Drug, TT-10, Improves Heart Attack Recovery
59 Scientists Discover Gut Bacteria in Bees that Can Improve Memory
60 Flawed Climate Models? Arctic Ocean Started Getting Warmer Decades Earlier than We Thought
61 SpaceX Falcon 9 Rocket Launches NASA's DART: First Test Mission to Defend Planet Earth
62 Lung Autopsies of COVID-19 Patients Reveal How Virus Spreads and Damages Tissue, Treatment Clues
63 Climate Change Will Destroy Environments, Create New Ones, and Undermine Efforts to Protect Sea Life
64 Paleozoic Plymouths: Plymouth, Massachusetts, and Plymouth, England, Share a Historical Connection Even Older than the First Thanksgiving
65 AI Reveals Previously Unknown Biology--We Might Not Know Half of What's in Our Cells
66 Orbital Harmony of TRAPPIST-1 Planets Could Survive Only Limited Early Bombardment
67 Hubble Spots a Pulsing Stellar Jet in Running Man Nebula that Stretches Over 11 Trillion Miles Through Space
68 After "Incident" Webb Space Telescope Retested and Confirmed for Launch
69 Extinction of Ancient Grazers Triggered a Global Rise in Fires
70 Meat-Eating "Vulture Bees" Sport Acidic Guts and an Extra Tooth for Biting Flesh
71 A Nanoantenna for Long-Distance, Ultra-Secure Quantum Communication
72 Turkey's Cotton Castle--World's Largest Deposit of Travertine
73 New Platform for Quantum Computing? Artificial Material Mimics Quantum Entangled Rare Earth Compounds
74 New Ultrahard Diamond Glass Synthesized Using Carbon Buckyballs
75 Collapse of Ancient Liangzhu Culture--"China's Venice of the Stone Age"--Caused by Climate Change
76 Astronomers Discover More than 300 Possible New Exoplanets Using Advanced Planet Detection Algorithm
77 Time-Reversal Phenomenon: In the Quantum Realm, Not Even Time Flows as You Might Expect
78 Newly Discovered Extreme "Ultrahot Jupiter" Blitzes Around Its Star--One Year Is Just 16 Hours Long
79 Magic Wand Reveals a Previously Invisible Colorful Nano-World
80 Lithium-Ion Batteries Have Plunged in Cost by 97%--Here's the Reasons Behind the Rapid Cost Decline
81 NASA's Mars Insight Lander Uses Wind-Induced Vibrations to Reveal the Red Planet's Subsurface Layers
82 60 Years After It First Gazed at the Skies, the Parkes Radio Telescope Is Still Making Breakthroughs
83 New Electrocatalyst Produces Liquid Fuels from Carbon Dioxide
84 MIT Chemists Get Quantum Dots to Stop Blinking
85 High-Speed Propeller Star Is Fastest Spinning White Dwarf--It's the Size of Earth, but 200,000 Times More Massive
86 Taking New Aim at COVID-19: Treatments Against the Coronavirus's Tangled Strands of RNA
87 NASA's Parker Solar Probe Completes a Record-Setting Swing by the Sun
88 Do Flies Really Throw Up When They Land on Your Food?
89 Hubble Witnesses Bright Shock Wave of Colliding Gases in Running Man Nebula
90 New Russian Docking Module Arrives at International Space Station
91 Robotic Lasers Cook Food with Unparalleled Precision
92 NASA Mars Perseverance Rover: New Software, New Drill Target, and an Existential Question
93 COVID-19 Can Infect Nerve Cells and Cause a Range of Neurological and Psychiatric Symptoms
94 Astronomers Have Discovered the Reason Behind the Mysterious Lack of Massive Black Holes in Telescope Data
95 ESA's Solar Orbiter Spacecraft Is Skimming Earth for a Gravity Assist--And It's One of the Riskiest Planetary Flybys Ever
96 Crystals Efficiently Convert Light to More Useful Wavelengths--Paving Way for Better Solar Cells
97 Global Ocean Out of Balance: Humans Appear to Have Broken a Law of Nature
98 Merck Has a New COVID-19 Treatment Pill--Here's What You Need to Know
99 Virus Mimicking Antibodies May Explain Long Haul COVID-19, Rare Vaccine Side Effects
100 A Fossil of a Bizarre Snake-Like Lizard Has Generated Controversy Beyond Its Identity
101 Why Are Barns Almost Always Painted Red?
102 Researchers Use Nanoparticles to Kill Dangerous Bacteria that Hide Inside Human Cells
103 For the First Time Ever, Physicists Detect Signs of Neutrinos at Large Hadron Collider
104 Are We Standing on a Quadrillion Tons of Diamonds? [Video]
105 Psychedelics Show Promise in Treating Mental Illness: Depression, Anxiety, Addiction, and PTSD
106 Caltech Researchers Read a Jellyfish's Mind
107 Zero-Emissions Rail and Securing the Grid with Big Batteries on Wheels
108 Simple New 10-Minute Test Accurately Detects COVID-19 Immunity
110 CERN's ALICE Detector Takes the Next Step in Understanding the Interaction Between Hadrons
111 Astronomers Find a Blazing Hot Planet that Orbits Its Star in Just 16 Hours!
112 We Asked a NASA Expert: Is NASA Aware of Any Earth-Threatening Asteroids? [Video]
113 New World Record: Almost 30% Efficiency for Next-Generation Tandem Solar Cells
114 Hubble Space Telescope Finds Flame Nebula's Searing Stars May Halt Planet Formation