File Title
1 Brain and coat from RUAG Space for Galileo navigation satellites
2 Galileo pathfinder de-commissioned after 16 years of in-orbit service
3 Spire Global completes acquisition of exactEarth Ltd.
4 China launches new satellite for Earth observation
5 NASA rocket to study mysterious area above the North Pole
6 Strong winds power electric fields in the upper atmosphere
7 Arecibo data still has astronomers in a spin
8 Astronomers discover ancient brown dwarf with lithium deposits intact
9 One in five galaxies in the early universe could still be hidden behind cosmic dust
10 NASA starts loading fuel for James Webb Space Telescope launch
11 Testing confirms Webb Telescope on track for targeted December 22 Launch
12 Gaia reveals that most Milky Way companion galaxies are newcomers to our corner of space
13 Molding, patterning and driving liquids with light
14 Combining two cognitive computing nano-elements into one
15 The Riemann conjecture unveiled by physics
16 In the quantum realm, not even time flows as you might expect
17 Simulating galaxy formation for clues to the universe
18 Physicists discover how particles self-assemble
19 DLR inaugurates its Institute for the Protection of Terrestrial Infrastructures
20 Iraq sends planes to Belarus to collect over 600 migrants
21 Despite hurdles in Belarus, Iraqi migrants still long for way out
22 Guns, stress and politics: US road rage shootings on the rise
23 New research explains Earth's peculiar chemical composition
24 The oldest mineralized sponges in the world found in Ciudad Real
25 Researchers puncture explanation for largest increase of biodiversity in Earth's history
26 Researchers discover first dinosaur species that lived on Greenland 214 million years ago
27 Radiocarbon is key to understanding Earth's past
28 On ancient Earth, it never rained but it poured
29 Geophysicists detect electron dance deep inside the Earth, with a Twist
30 A rocky fate for greenhouse gases
31 30,000 UK homes still without power after storm
32 Peru quake injures 12, leaves more than 2,400 homeless
33 7.5-magnitude earthquake shakes north Peru
34 Flood-ravaged western Canada braces for more rain
35 Lead 'em then leave 'em: tech founders who quit
36 ESA accelerates 5G digital transformation
37 China's Tencent told to get state approval for new apps: state media
38 France sanctions US e-commerce site over 'dangerous' goods
39 Global economy rebounds, but for how long?
40 Asian markets hit by Moderna vaccine warning over Omicron
41 Chinese city eases rules for developers amid cash crunch
42 Most Asian markets drop as data points to faster Fed taper
43 NATO warns Russia against Ukraine 'aggression'
44 Ukraine urges swift action to 'deter' Russian invasion
45 Japan defense ministry seeks record $6.7 billion extra budget
46 China, Russia furious over Biden democracy summit snubs
47 Philippines accuses China of 'harassment' in disputed sea
48 US warns China on action against Philippines
49 Philippines accuses Chinese vessels of firing water cannon at its boats
50 Trudeau tours flood-ravaged western Canada
51 Lightning strikes 13 Zimbabwe prisoners having lunch
52 Flooding in India's Bangalore after heavy rains
53 Germany's incoming foreign minister vows tough China stance
54 China says Omicron will 'lead to challenges' for Winter Olympics
55 In slap at China, US praises SAfrica's detection of new COVID strain
56 Flights cancelled, schools shut over three COVID-19 cases in Shanghai
57 France says 5th COVID wave hitting at 'lightning' speed
58 China journalist jailed over COVID reports; Iraq gets Million doses of Pfizer
59 First Wuhan COVID case days later than initially reported: scientist
60 Fatigue and frustration as China presses strict zero-COVID strategy
61 China donates 500,000 more vaccine doses to Syria
62 Beijing seals off mall, housing compounds over virus outbreak
63 Chinese city offers cash for clues in COVID 'people's war'
64 China pledges to support Africa without 'imposing its will'
65 DR Congo to allow Uganda to pursue rebels on its territory
66 Two Chinese among four dead in DR Congo gold mine attack
67 Iraq: Key forces emerge after latest election
68 Myanmar court delays verdict in Suu Kyi trial
69 In joint op-ed, China and Russia decry US democracy summit
70 Egypt using French military aid to 'kill civilians': report
71 Uganda strikes at ADF rebels in DR Congo following suicide blasts
72 AIDS timeline: Four decades but still no silver bullet
73 AIDS: Years of research but still no vaccine
74 Above-average temperatures despite La Nina: UN
75 Climate change 2021: There's no turning back now
76 Collapse of ancient Liangzhu culture caused by climate change
77 Canada worst on climate of G7: commissioner
78 Before geoengineering, some fundamental chemistry
79 Climate warming forecasts may be too rosy: study
80 Climate envoy Kerry voices hope for more US-China cooperation
81 Nissan touts 'pioneer' status with new electric vehicle targets
82 Beijing asks ride-hailing giant Didi to delist from US: report
83 UK to make electric car charging points compulsory in new buildings
84 Laos hopes for economic boost from Chinese-built railway
85 Two Myanmar-China border crossings re-open for trade
86 Protests cast spotlight on Chinese factories in Serbia
87 Out of the shadow, Egypt money-pooling apps thrive
88 Myanmar jade traders squeezed between junta and rebels
89 Croatia's truffle hunters seek habitat protection amid climate change
90 Countries must brace for future food 'shocks': FAO
91 Turn a global warming liability into a profitable food security solution
92 Spanish countryside rises up against 'pig factories'
93 Milk, meat and might: in Somalia, 'the camel is king'
94 North African climate change threatens farming, political stability
95 Climate change rocks agricultural commodity markets
96 African Sahelian farmers diversify crops to adapt to climate change
97 'Extremely low' wine production this year: trade body
98 Spain unveils plan for revival of crisis-hit lagoon
99 Israeli, Palestinian olive growers face same climate challenge
100 Leaders commit to 30% methane cut at climate summit
101 Global climate change impact on crops expected within 10 years
102 Origins of modern wheat may provide clues to making it stronger
103 No tilling, no chemicals in S. African farmer's revolution
104 Climate change to force crop switch for small farmers: experts
105 EU parliament greenlights farm subsidy plan
106 Syria Kurds revive ancient rain ritual as drought bites
107 Somalia faces 'rapidly worsening' drought: UN
108 French minister says 'optimistic' of ending Russia champagne row
109 Russia seeking to destabilise and split Europe: Latvian PM
110 Iraqi family of Channel shipwreck victim mourn her death