File Title
1 What we've been getting wrong about dinosaurs
2 What dinosaur diseases--which might seem familiar--can tell us about how they lived and died
3 Fossilized footprints show humans made it to North America much earlier than first thought
4 Dinosaurs are colossal beings that shaped our childhood. Psychologists share why they capture kids' hearts
5 How dinosaur stereotypes gave way in the past decade of discovery
6 'Giant flying murder heads' and other creatures that ruled the ancient sky
7 World's most dangerous bird raised by humans 18,000 years ago, study suggests
8 NASA's Lucy mission will observe the earliest 'fossils' of the solar system
9 'Horned crocodile-faced hell heron' is one of two new Isle of Wight dinosaur discoveries
10 This solar event will halt communication with Mars missions for 2 weeks
11 US inks $20 million deal to launch high-tech weather satellites in space
12 Mercury mission flies by closest planet to the sun for the first time
13 Mars robots take cruise control during solar event
14 Tiny rare fossil found in 16 million-year-old amber is 'once-in-a-generation' find
15 Dinky dinosaur was the smallest of its kind when it roamed Wales 200 million years ago
16 NASA's DART mission will deliberately crash into an asteroid's moon in the name of planetary defense
17 Planet with iron rainfall is even more extreme than scientists thought
18 Why it took nearly 50 years for scientists to name this mysterious tropical plant
19 Obsidian 'spirit mirror' used by Elizabeth I's adviser has Aztec origins
20 New Perseverance rover images reveal what happened before ancient Martian lake disappeared
21 New lunar samples reveal more recent volcanic activity on the moon
22 'Once-in-a-generation' find reveals microscopic fossil in amber
23 Humans were using tobacco at least 12,000 years ago
24 Strange radio waves coming from the heart of the Milky Way stump scientists
25 Australian-built rover to head to moon in 2026 in joint mission with NASA
26 New findings a 'complete reversal' in understanding why Earth became hospitable to life and its 'twin' didn't
27 Smithsonian webcam offers view of its adorable litter of just-born cheetahs
28 A 'living fossil' alligator gar is found for the first time in a Kansas river
29 Giant planet found orbiting a dead star shows what may happen when our sun dies
30 Over a thousand cosmic explosions traced to mysterious repeating fast radio burst
31 Leprosy seen in wild chimpanzees for the first time
32 NASA's Lucy mission is ready to launch and explore never-before-seen asteroids
33 This dead star offers a glimpse of our solar system's eventual fate
34 NASA's Lucy mission has launched to explore never-before-seen asteroids
35 Russian crew wraps trailblazing movie in space, safely returns to Earth
36 NASA's Lucy mission carries Amanda Gorman poem, Beatles lyrics to space
37 A ray gun-like device helps scientists see plants in a different light
38 New NASA telescope will observe star birth and death in the Milky Way's evolution
39 NASA's Lucy mission struggles with solar array issue after launching to space
40 Vikings were in the Americas exactly a thousand years ago
41 Tiny crab preserved in 100-million-year-old amber lived among dinosaurs
42 Explosive star death witnessed by Hubble could help develop an early warning system
43 Some elephants are evolving to have no tusks as a response to brutal poaching
44 Dinosaur fossil from a supposed huge carnivore actually belongs to something else
45 NASA's Artemis I mission to the moon has been delayed
46 The moment domesticated horses changed the course of human history is now revealed
47 Vikings explored the Americas long before Christopher Columbus
48 Scientists discover trace of ancient life in a 2.5 billion-year-old ruby
49 These lemurs could win a Grammy for their rhythmic singing abilities
50 Why do only mammals have tusks? Study traces their surprising origins
51 NASA discovers first possible planet outside our galaxy
52 Sitting Bull's great-grandson identified using new DNA technique
53 The rare 'penis plant' just bloomed for the first time in over two decades
54 DNA reveals unexpected origins of enigmatic mummies buried in a Chinese desert
55 Amid coup, Sudan's women fight to keep hard-won rights
56 Japan's elections showcase constraints on its democracy
57 Can a staple of British democracy survive MP's killing?
58 Will US, China avert Cold War II?
59 US tries again to extradite WikiLeaks founder Assange from UK
60 Why Biden and the Democrats need a deal--now
61 As Biden leaves for global summit, a push to pass domestic bill
62 Male, female, X: US introduces gender-neutral passport option
63 How should billionaires 'pay their fair share'? Democrats can't agree.
64 Courts weigh if video and audio feeds count as 'public' trials
65 The reality that heals
66 Biden's envoy for religious freedom
67 An eyewash for green washing
68 What really defines us
69 Pay up or quit your job? Surging US day care costs force a choice.
70 'A good news story': Jobs in renewable energy grew in 2020
71 Hourly workers in US say no to weekends and late nights
72 Microchip shortage: Why US is poised to take rare action
73 How TikTok is becoming the new shopping network
74 Biden's big climate policy died. But that's not the whole story.
75 Rising waters set stage for more sea walls in US future
76 Poll: Americans across political spectrum share climate concerns
77 Saudi Arabia joins pledge for net-zero carbon emissions by 2060
78 US school districts convert to electric buses for cleaner air
79 Facebook Papers reveal slow growth, lack of relevance to youth
80 Trump announces his own social media site. Some investors are all in.
81 The next big thing? Facebook to hire 10,000 to build 'metaverse.'
82 Facebook introduces controls for kids. Is it enough?
83 Can $1 trillion infrastructure package ease racial digital divide?
84 Beyond 'Trail of Tears': Tracing Indigenous land dispossession in US
85 No more tusks in Mozambique? Poaching alters elephant evolution.
86 NASA's asteroid hunter Lucy soars into sky with diamonds
87 Finding the words: African translators aim to decolonize science
88 Actors in space: Russians, Capt. Kirk lift off to new heights
89 Sparked by 'Sanditon,' author creates nuanced Black colonial characters
90 Identity and adoption: 'Found' follows American teens as they return to China
91 In wake of Baldwin's misfire, should CGI replace guns on set?
92 A 'hobby' wasn't always considered a good thing
93 A bold call for local reform, a quick text to Mom
94 The reality that heals
95 Venus Never Had Oceans, New Study Suggests
96 Astronomer Discovers Ancient Binary Open Cluster in Milky Way
97 Solar System May Be Surrounded by Tunnel-Like Magnetic Structure, Astronomers Say
98 Scientists Create Maps of Titan's Hydrocarbon Rivers and Tributaries
99 Researchers Create Self-Reconfigurable Swarms of Multi-Legged Robots
100 Impressive Crusader Sword Found in Israel
101 TESS Finds Pulsating White Dwarf in TW Pictoris System
102 Mysterious Gap Existed within Solar System's Protoplanetary Disk, New Research Suggests
103 NASA's Perseverance Rover Records Martian Sounds
104 Feline Antimicrobial Bacterium May Help Fight Difficult-to-Treat Animal and Human Skin Infections
105 Two New Species of Limbless Skinks Discovered in Australia
106 Rapid Climate Change Wiped Out Woolly Mammoths, Study Confirms
107 Researchers Develop Wearable Electric Heater
108 Novel Tests of Lepton Universality Boost Evidence for 'New Physics'
109 99-Million-Year-Old Modern-Looking Crab Found in Burmese Amber
110 Horses Were First Domesticated in Western Eurasian Steppes More than 4,000 Years Ago
111 Archean Asteroid Impacts Delayed Evolution of Earth's Atmosphere, Study Suggests
112 Study: Intense Ivory Poaching Resulted in Rapid Evolution of Tusklessness in African Elephants
113 Early Jurassic Herbivorous Dinosaurs Lived in Age-Segregated Herds
114 New Research Provides Evidence that Vikings were Present in Newfoundland 1,000 Years Ago
115 Paleontologists Find Fossils of New Lizard and Fish Species in Arkansas