File Title
1 US companies announce plans for gene-edited strawberries
2 Facebook exec pushes back on whistleblower claims
3 Is it OK to go trick-or-treating during the pandemic?
4 Net zero goals aren't the solution, says India before COP26
5 La Palma island braces for more quakes as volcano roars on
6 Samsung reports robust profit thanks to chip demand
7 'Atmospheric river' drenches drought-stricken California
8 India's top court probes spying charges against government
9 Microsoft profit up 24% in quarter, driven by cloud growth
10 Google ads gain fuels profit for parent company Alphabet
11 SpaceX needs to tame toilet trouble before weekend launch
12 Twitter posts Q3 net loss due to lawsuit settlement
13 'Atmospheric river' drenches drought-stricken California
14 Apple once threatened Facebook ban over Mideast maid abuse
15 Facebook profits rise amid revelations from leaked documents
16 Big tech data centers spark worry over scarce Western water
17 UN: Greenhouse gas levels hit a new record, cuts fall short
18 Endangered whale population sinks close to 20-year low
19 Microsoft: Russian-backed hackers targeting cloud services
20 Dutch agency: Netherlands could face higher sea level rises
21 Spanish volcano more active, spews 'giant lava fountain'
22 Australia wants Facebook to seek parental consent for kids
23 Toyota testing hydrogen combustion engines in race cars
24 Facebook whistleblower documents offer new revelations about January 6 response
25 EXPLAINER: What the metaverse is and how it will work
26 James Bonds' most incredible escapes? From infections.
27 Africa tries to end vaccine inequity by replicating its own
28 Saudi Arabia pledges 2060 target of net-zero emissions
29 Prince Charles warns of narrow window to face climate change
30 Climate change disrupting natural cycles at drier Lake Tahoe
31 Jury gets chance to hear Elizabeth Holmes' bold promises
32 DNA match IDs Alaska serial killer's victim after 37 years
33 Big tech data centers spark worry over scarce Western water
34 On November 1, no GM plants will be closed due to chip shortage
35 Amid air quality concerns, districts embrace electric buses
36 Snap's stock drops as iPhone privacy controls pinch ad sales
37 Why no tusks? Poaching tips scales of elephant evolution
38 Bid to unionize Amazon workers in New York nears milestone
39 100s more archaeological sites found on Mexico train route
40 Forecasters predict warmer winter for two-thirds of US
41 Billions in environmental justice funds hang in the balance
42 NTSB: Driver was behind wheel at time of Texas Tesla crash
43 S Korea test launches 1st domestically made space rocket
44 Russia, Ukraine see record daily deaths, low vaccinations
45 Dallas mayor tests positive for COVID-19, has mild symptoms
46 Facebook froze as anti-vaccine comments swarmed users
47 Meatpacker Tyson: Mandate led 96% of workers to get vaccine
48 FDA panel greenlights vaccines for kids, paving the way for authorization
49 Louisiana lifts mask mandate amid sharp drop in COVID cases
50 FDA panel backs Pfizer's low-dose COVID-19 vaccine for kids
51 More workers sue US nuclear lab over vaccine mandate
52 New Zealand expands vaccine mandate to 40% of all workers
53 Brazil senators recommend Bolsonaro face charges over COVID
54 California county closes in-N-Out over vaccine verification
55 Illinois Senate OKs repealing abortion parental notification
56 Cambodia announces phased reopening to vaccinated tourists
57 Fla. surgeon general offered outdoor meet as mask alternative
58 Vietnam starts vaccinating kids in effort to reopen schools
59 How schools plan to keep students safe from COVID as cold weather arrives
60 Germany to end national 'epidemic' situation next month
61 As booster shots roll out nationwide, scientists stress original vaccines are still working
62 Russia marks another daily coronavirus death high
63 Sweden offers 3rd COVID shot to elderly, health care staff
64 Millions of unused cloth masks remain in storage in Japan
65 Merck agrees to let other drug makers make its COVID pill
66 My journey as a Hispanic bone marrow donor: Reporter's Notebook
67 Slovenia eyes possible lockdown as COVID-19 infections surge
68 Spain to give different booster to strengthen J&J vaccine
69 WHO: Europe had most COVID-19 cases, deaths over last week
70 Stacey Abrams group donates $1.34 million to wipe out medical debts
71 Theme park mecca lets pandemic emergency order expire
72 East Texas ex-nurse gets death penalty for killing patients
73 Mother-daughter duos talk simultaneous breast cancer battles: 'We lift each other'
74 FDA sets stronger safety warnings for breast implants
75 Report: At least 59,000 meat workers caught COVID, 269 died
76 Flouting White House, Florida penalizes school districts
77 New Orleans drops mask mandate as coronavirus numbers fall
78 Cheap antidepressant shows promise treating early COVID-19
79 Republican attorneys general criticize Biden vaccine order
80 California virus cases stop falling, governor urges caution
81 Judge won't stop vaccine mandate for NYC cops, other workers
82 New Zealand eases quarantine but won't welcome tourists yet
83 Bill would remove 'conscience' as basis for refusing vaccine
84 Australia advises caution overseas when border opens Monday
85 Indonesia warily weighs holiday travel with virus concerns
86 Hungary official: Employers can require vaccination for work
87 With holidays looming, scientists point to additional data showing value of vaccines
88 Moscow shuts most workplaces as infections, deaths soar
89 Greece marks WWII entry anniversary with military parade
90 Vaccine reluctance in Eastern Europe brings high COVID cost
91 Norway sees rising infections, braces for winter virus wave
92 FDA says Pfizer COVID vaccine looks effective for young kids
93 Day care owner gets 6 years for hiding 26 kids in basement
94 With COVID-19 mandates rolling out, what to know about religious exemptions
95 New clue to human evolution's biggest mystery emerges in Philippines
96 Apes say hello and goodbye, just like people do, research shows
97 These great apes share salutations--just like humans
98 Ancient DNA from a teen girl reveals previously unknown group of humans
99 Some female hummingbirds that look like males face less social harassment, study finds
100 Understanding elephant trunks could be a breakthrough for robotics
101 DNA of ancient teen girl holds unknown human secrets
102 The laughing patterns of human infants match those of another species, a new study finds
103 These ancient climate change events helped early humans migrate across the Arabian desert
104 Say hello to handstanding spotted skunks, 'the acrobats of the skunk world'
105 'Divorce is not possible' with US over space station, says Russian space chief who threatened to pull out
106 The gecko's most astounding maneuver has nothing to do with its sticky feet
107 Perseverance rover successfully cores its first rock on Mars
108 Russian cosmonauts conduct first of 11 spacewalks for new space station module
109 A newly discovered dinosaur with shark-like teeth was the T. rex of its day
110 Ancient spider caring for her offspring is trapped in 99 million-year-old amber
111 Fossil reveals bird with long, flashy tail feathers that lived 120 million years ago
112 These game-changing student experiments could help humans travel across deep space
113 Woolly mammoth resurrection project receives $15 million boost
114 This is what happens to all the rats when cities flood
115 The mysterious sex lives of dinosaurs