File Title
1 NASA seeks input to position mega-rocket for long-term exploration
2 US targeting February 2022 to launch new lunar program Artemis
3 Crew-3 astronauts launch to Space Station alongside microgravity research
4 SpaceX conducts 2 test firings of Starship 20 in Texas
5 You can help train NASA's rovers to better explore Mars
6 NASA Mars Rover and Helicopter models to go on national tour
7 Airbus, Air Liquide and ispace Europe launch EURO2MOON
8 Upgrading the Space Station's Cold Atom Lab with mixed reality
9 Need for Larger Space Telescope inspires lightweight flexible holographic lens
10 Verizon to use Amazon satellites for broadband Internet in rural areas
11 Boeing reports Q3 loss as 787, Starliner woes drag down results
12 British PM says COP26 'in the balance'
13 Climate change to force crop switch for small farmers: experts
14 Saudi could go carbon-neutral before 2060, minister says
15 Amnesty urges immediate relief for famine-hit Madagascar
16 Finnish scientists create 'sustainable' lab-grown coffee
17 Permafrost: a ticking carbon time bomb
18 Kiwi boffins aim to clear the air on livestock emissions
19 Sinkholes on receding Dead Sea shore mark 'nature's revenge'
20 Gas giants: Can we stop cows from emitting so much methane?
21 Microsoft quarterly earnings surge on cloud computing
22 UK spy chiefs seal cloud data deal with Amazon: FT
23 Samsung boss convicted, fined for anaesthetic misuse: Yonhap
24 Self-driving race cars make history in Indianapolis
25 Jordanian company dives into Arabic mobile games market
26 Apple updates App Store payment rules in concession to developers
27 US seals agreement to end European digital taxes
28 Amazon faces new union organizing push in US
29 New Hong Kong law to censor old movies for security breaches
30 Taiwan has no right to join United Nations: China
31 Sweden opens intn'l adoptions probe after kidnapping reports
32 Stocks drop on China Telecom ban, German growth downgrade
33 Hong Kong leads Asia down with tech hurt by US China Telecom ban
34 Water tycoon is China's richest as wealth crackdown batters Jack Ma
35 US bans China Telecom over national security concerns
36 Beijing tells Evergrande boss to pay firm's debts with own cash: report
37 NASA's S-MODE mission kicks off 1st deployment
38 Sea levels 'could rise much faster': Dutch meteorologists
39 Drifting into trouble? The tiny ocean creatures with a global impact
40 BeiDou-based monitoring system in operation at world's highest dam
41 Technologies and concepts for the satellite navigation systems of the future
42 Magnetic 'balding' of black holes saves general relativity prediction
43 Could this be a planet in another galaxy?
44 Astronomers provide 'Field Guide' to Exoplanets known as Hot Jupiters
45 Astrophysicists reveal largest-ever suite of universe simulations
46 Pathfinding experiment to study origins of solar energetic particles
47 Major step in UK contribution to space mission to study solar wind
48 New galaxy images reveal a fitful start to the Universe
49 Hubble gives unprecedented, early view of a doomed star's destruction
50 SpaceX modernises Crew Dragon toilet after 2 faulty missions
51 A world without access to space
52 Bezos' Blue Origin announces plans for private space station
53 Hiroshima nuclear bomb survivor and campaigner dies at 96
54 EU, Iran to hold nuclear talks in Brussels this week
55 France repairs nuclear sub ravaged by fire
56 US again warns Iran of 'other steps' but says always prefers diplomacy
57 US envoy urges North Korea to stop missile tests
58 US, Europeans renew call for Iran diplomacy
59 EU says it needs nuclear and gas for climate fight
60 US Iran envoy to hold nuclear talks with Europe powers
61 Israeli PM holds first talks with Putin
62 Saudi coalition says 105 rebels killed in latest Yemen strikes
63 Mullah Omar's son on TV as Taliban polish public image
64 11 dead in Iraq attack blamed on IS group: security sources
65 Ethiopia launches air strike on rebel 'training centre': govt.
66 Turkey extends Syria, Iraq missions by two years
67 Three Burkina troops killed in attack near Ivorian border
68 Four Colombian soldiers killed in 'retaliation' for drug lord's arrest: army
69 Saudi coalition says killed 85 rebels around Yemen's Marib
70 Myanmar's Suu Kyi testifies for first time in junta court
71 Printable steak, insect protein, fungus among NASA space food idea winners
72 NASA announces winners of Deep Space Food Challenge
73 Nanoracks, Voyager Space, and Lockheed Martin to develop commercial space module
74 Blue Origin, partners announce plans for private space station
75 New far-out NASA 'travel' video: kayaking on Titan, skydiving on exoplanet
76 Ten years of Soyuz at Europe's Spaceport
77 South Korea launches own space rocket for the first time
78 South Korea launches first domestic space rocket but mission fails
79 Mars helicopter Ingenuity approaches 14th flight
80 China's Mars orbiter resumes communications with Earth
81 NASA confirms thousands of massive, ancient volcanic eruptions on Mars
82 China launches Shijian-21 satellite
83 UK working with global partners to clear up dangerous space debris
84 Proba-1 marks 20 years of orbital operations
85 When spacecraft explode, this engineer looks for answers in the debris left behind
86 Breakthrough Listen releases analysis of previously detected signal
87 Permafrost thaw could release bacteria and viruses
88 Keeping our eyes on New Horizons
89 NASA's S-MODE mission kicks off 1st deployment
90 Sinkholes on receding Dead Sea shore mark 'nature's revenge'
91 Humans to blame for warming lakes
92 Water tycoon is China's richest as wealth crackdown batters Jack Ma
93 Sea levels 'could rise much faster': Dutch meteorologists
94 Iraq blames Iran for drastic decline in river flow
95 Maine's North Woods offers glimpse of future fights for 'green energy'
96 Niger speeds up efforts to build first hydroelectric dam
97 Drifting into trouble? The tiny ocean creatures with a global impact
98 International workshop seeks to turn plans for crewed lunar observatory into reality
99 What happens when a meteor hits the atmosphere
100 NASA awards $15 million for asteroid hunting telescopes on Maui
101 NASA Mission helps solve a mystery: why are some asteroid surfaces rocky?
102 DART arrives at Vandenberg for a late November launch
103 Astronomers detect signs of an atmosphere stripped from a planet during giant impact
104 SwRI-led team produces a new Earth Bombardment Model
105 ESA moves forward with Destination Earth
106 Satellites used to track methane leaks in climate fight
107 UC San Diego physicist helps launch national network examining Earth's planetary limits
108 Researchers find standing waves at edge of earth's magnetic bubble
109 OpenET: A satellite-based water data resource
110 Bomb cyclone slams rain-starved US west, bringing floods
111 The climate project that changed how we understand extreme weather
112 Neutron star collisions are a "goldmine" of heavy elements, study finds
113 A radical shift to link soot formation and interstellar evolution
114 Controlling light with a material three atoms thick
115 Trapping light with disorder