File Title
1 British Medical Journal: Daily Use of CBD Oil May Be Linked to Lung Cancer Regression
2 New Understanding of the Arctic's Carbon Cycle--How Carbon Is Transferred Between Land, Ocean, and Atmosphere
3 Not Science Fiction: German Scientists Harness the Power of Photosynthesis for New Way to "Breathe"
4 Exploring Common Envelope Outcomes of Binary Stellar Evolution
5 Robotic OmniFibers: New Fibers Can Make Breath-Regulating Garments
6 Heart Clocks: Scientists Uncover a Circadian Rhythm in Heart Cells that Affects Their Daily Function
7 Alzheimer's Mystery Solved: How Amyloid Beta Forms in Brain Nerve Cells
8 Unveiling the Fate of Ultra-Short Period Exoplanets
9 AI Can Detect Signals for Mental Health Assessment
10 Snakes Diversified Explosively After Mass Extinction Where Dinosaurs Were Wiped Out
11 What Actually Happens When COVID-19 Vaccines Enter the Body?
12 Discovery of Vital Role for the Brain's Immune Cells Reveals a New Aspect of Human Biology
13 Hubble Finds Mysterious Replenishment of Water Vapor on Jupiter's Moon Europa
14 NASA Releases Climate Action Plan
15 Ancient Poop Shows People in Austria Drank Beer and Ate Blue Cheese 2,700 Years Ago
16 Our Brains Have a "Fingerprint" Too--But It Constantly Changes in Time
17 Origin Unknown: Over a Thousand Powerful Cosmic Explosions Detected by FAST Telescope in 47 Days
18 NASA's Lucy Trojan Asteroid Mission Invites You to Build Your Own Time Capsule
19 Tackling the Collateral Damage to Our Health from Antibiotics
20 AI Accurately Predicts Material Properties to Break Down a Previously Insurmountable Wall
21 Research Team Unlocks Secret Path to a Bright Quantum Future
22 Supernova Deja-Vu: Astronomers Spot the Same Stellar Explosion Three Times--And Predict a Fourth Sighting in 16 Years
23 A Mysterious Gap Within the Solar System's Protoplanetary Disk
24 Celebrate International Observe the Moon Night with NASA
25 Alzheimer's Disease and COVID-19 Share a Genetic Risk Factor
26 Revisiting the Out of Africa Theory: New Narrative from Genetic Analysis and AI
27 Predicting Traffic Crashes Before They Happen with Artificial Intelligence
28 Unique Benefits for Fat Loss: New Insight on How Resistance Training Burns Fat
29 Generating Optimal Decisions: How the Brain Deals with Uncertainty
30 NASA Lucy Launched on Atlas V Rocket--Asteroid Mission to "Fossils" of Planet Formation
31 Annual World-Wide Celebration: International Observe the Moon Night 2021
32 Cross-Protective COVID Immunity: One Coronavirus Vaccine Can Provide Broad Immunity Against Other Coronaviruses
33 New Nutrient Profiling System: Ranking Healthfulness of Foods from First to Worst
34 Waiting to Unload: Global Supply Chain Disruption Visible from NASA Satellites
35 International Observe the Moon Night: 10 Ways to Observe the Moon
36 Planetary Defense: Physicists Propose New Way to Defend Earth Against Cosmic Impacts
37 Mating Season Mishaps? Unprovoked Attacks by Venomous Olive Sea Snakes on Scuba Divers
38 Bio-Inspired Slow-Release System: Mimicking Nature to Provide Long-Lasting Local Anesthesia
39 Geomagnetic Storm: Solar Eruption Arrives at Earth
40 Nuclear Pore Complex: Cellular Environments Shape Molecular Architecture
41 A Sunny Outlook for Solar: New Research Demonstrates Great Promise for Improving Solar Cell Efficiency
42 Auroras Announce the Solar Cycle: More Frequent Opportunities to See the Northern and Southern Lights
43 New Method Developed for 3D Printing Living Microbes to Enhance Biomaterials
44 Seismology and Geophysics: Understanding the Devastating Haiti Earthquakes
45 Immune Responses from 3 Different COVID-19 Vaccines Compared Over 8 Months
46 Primates' Ancestors May Have Left Trees to Survive Asteroid that Wiped Out the Dinosaurs
47 A "New Nobel"--Computer Scientist Wins $1 Million Artificial Intelligence Prize
48 Scientists: By 2500 Earth Could Be Alien to Humans
49 Highly Processed Foods Harm Memory in the Aging Brain--But Omega-3 Supplements May Help
50 Food Waste Researcher: We Must Learn that Brown and Oddly-Shaped Fruit Isn't Bad Fruit
51 Some Popular Sunscreens Lose Effectiveness and Become Harmful During Sun Exposure
52 Extreme Geophysics: Quantum Phase Transition Detected on a Global Scale Deep Inside the Earth
53 Bacteria Evolved a Multitude of Defense Systems that Offer Strong Immunity for Protection Against Viruses
54 MIT Uses AI to Accelerate the Discovery of New Materials for 3D Printing
55 Research Shows High Effectiveness of Mix-and-Match COVID-19 Vaccines
56 Hubble Spies Galaxy Doomed to End Catastrophically
57 Quantum Materials Cut Closer than Ever for Faster, More Energy-Efficient Electronics
58 Russian Cosmonaut and Filmmakers Return to Earth from Space Station
59 Challenging the Big Bang Puzzle of Heavy Elements: Earth Factories Creating Elements from Nuclear Transmutation
60 COVID Lockdown Wellbeing: Children Who Spent More Time in Nature Fared Best
61 Developing Artificial Intelligence that "Thinks" like Humans
62 Precision Medicine Data Dive Shows "Water Pill" Could Potentially Be Repurposed to Treat Alzheimer's
63 Latest Results from Cosmic Microwave Background Radiation Measurements
64 Oldest Footprints of Pre-Humans Identified in Crete--Six Million Years Old
65 Have You Ever Wanted to Explore Outer-Space? Now You Can!
66 Astronomers Use Planet-Hunting Satellite to See White Dwarf "Switch On and Off" for First Time
67 Scientists Solve an Evolutionary Curiosity: Why a Human Egg Is 10 Million Times the Volume of a Sperm Cell
68 Practice Makes Perfect, but Sleep Helps, Too: Reactivating Memories During Sleep Improves Motor Skills
69 Drinking Our Way to Sustainability--One Cup of Coffee at a Time
70 Americans Love the Billionaire, but Hate the Billionaires' Club
71 How Do Ice Giants like Uranus and Neptune Maintain Their Magnetic Fields?
72 The Sun and Stars Affect Our Everyday Clouds and, Ultimately, Earth's Energy Budget
73 Clinical Trial Has Found Interferon Does Not Help Adults Hospitalized with COVID-19
74 Infrared Light Therapy Might Help People Living with Dementia
75 We Asked a NASA Technologist: Is There Weather on Mars? [Video]
76 NASA's Perseverance Rover Captures the Sounds of Mars--Listen In
77 Following a Successful Launch, NASA's Lucy Spacecraft Hits a Solar Array Deployment Snag
78 China's Chang'E-5 Lunar Sample Return Mission Sheds Light on the Evolution of the Moon
79 What Does It Take to Be a Recon Marine? New Research Aggregates Predictors of Failure and Success
80 Drones Show Glaciers Are Melting Faster and Faster Due to Climate Change
81 Just How Big Was the Devastating 2020 Beirut Explosion?
82 A Spacecraft Could Tag Along for a Journey Toward the Sun to Watch a Comet Form in Real-Time
83 CDC Releases New COVID-19 Holiday Celebration Guidelines--Safer Ways to Celebrate Christmas
84 UN: Long-Term Outlook Bleak for Building Sector CO2 Emissions Despite COVID Pandemic Dip
85 NASA Selects Gamma-Ray Telescope to Probe Origins of Galactic Positrons, Chart Milky Way Evolution
86 New Model Stanford Researchers Points to Solution to Global Blood Shortage
87 Research Reveals Potential New Strategy to Combat Urinary Tract Infections (UTI)
88 Spectroradiometer "Ray Guns" Let Scientists Use Light Instead of DNA to Tell Plants Apart
89 Physics Experiment Reveals Formation of a New State of Matter--Breaks Time-Reversal Symmetry
90 Scientists Have Found a Way to "See" Single Cells Using Sound
91 Truly Giant Cuttlefish in False Bay, South Australia
92 Violent Coronal Mass Ejection Crashes into Earth's Magnetosphere, Lighting Up the Sky
93 A Hole of a Solution: Creating Faster, Stronger, and More Energy-Efficient Quantum Computers
94 The Aftermath of Binary Neutron Star Mergers: What Remains Behind?
95 So-Called Junk DNA--Genetic "Dark Matter"--Is Actually Critical to Survival in Mammals
96 Shrinking Glaciers and Growing Lakes as Temperatures Rise on the Tibetan Plateau
97 NASA Lucy Team Postpones Operations as They Focus on Solar Array Glitch
98 Consensus Revisited: Do Scientists Still Believe in Anthropogenic (Human-Caused) Climate Change?
99 New Study Reveals COVID's Crushing Impact on Public Health
100 New Hydrogel Tablet Can Rapidly Purify Contaminated Water
101 Powerful COVID-19 Research Tool: Scientists Create Noninfectious Versions of SARS-CoV-2
102 New Mechanism Discovered for Muscle Regeneration
103 Don't Miss: Hunter's, Blood Moon and Orionid Meteor Shower
104 Urban wastes used as fertilizers contain higher PFAS than livestock manure
105 UAE Mars Mission Captures Elusive Aurora on Red Planet
106 Hit the Sleep "Sweet Spot" to Keep Brain Sharp: Too Little and Too Much Sleep Linked to Cognitive Decline
107 One Giant Leap for MIT's Robotic Mini Cheetah
108 Integral's "Apollo 13" Moment: Three Hours to Rescue Spacecraft from "Death"
109 Evolution of Weapons, Armor, and Fortifications: What Drove the Invention of Military Technologies?
110 Mysterious Flashing Radio Signal Emanating from Near the Center of the Galaxy
111 What Makes Us Human? The Answer May Be Found in Overlooked "Junk" DNA
112 COVID Vaccines Are Over 90% Effective at Preventing Deaths from Delta Variant
113 4 Reasons Americans Are Still Seeing Empty Shelves and Long Waits--With No End in Sight
114 New Galaxy Images from the Most Powerful Telescopes Reveal a Fitful Start to the Universe
115 Researchers Discover First Dinosaur Era Crab Fully Preserved in 100-Million-Year-Old Amber