File Title
1 The Moon's Top Layer Has Enough Oxygen to Sustain 8 Billion People for 100,000 Years
2 Illuminating Dark Matter in Human DNA--Unprecedented Atlas of the "Book of Life"
3 Industrial Chemicals--Linked to a Long List of Serious Health Problems--Detected in US Fast Foods
4 Humans Guilty of Breaking an Fundamental Oceanic Law of Nature
5 Hubble Space Telescope Captures a Majestic Spiral Galaxy 230 Million Light-Years Away
6 Key Witness Helps DOE Scientists Detect "Spooky" Quantum Entanglement in Solid Materials
7 Must See NASA Images of the Week: SpaceX Launch, the Force Awakens, Dark Star-Hatching frEGGs
8 Self-Driving Roboats--Developed at MIT--Set Sea in Amsterdam Canals
9 COVID-19 Outbreak May Pose Threat to Wild Mountain Gorillas in Volcanoes National Park
10 Epochs of Extreme Heat: On Ancient Earth, It Never Rained but It Poured
11 Lucy Spacecraft's 12-Year, 4-Billion-Mile Mission to Study Ancient Trojan Asteroids
12 What Was Ancient Clothing Like? See One of the Oldest Pieces of Cloth in the World
13 Striking Difference Discovered Between Neurons of Humans and Other Mammals
14 Where COVID-19's Death Grip Slipped (Briefly)--Surprising Findings by Columbia University Researchers
15 Binding Polymer Discovery Gives 3D-Printed Sand Super Strength
16 Sending a Tiny Telescope Past Saturn Could Solve Some of the Biggest Mysteries of the Universe
17 Discovering "Impossible to Detect" Exoplanets Using Artificial Intelligence
18 Snakes Diversified Explosively After the Dinosaurs Were Wiped Out 66 Million Years Ago
19 Why Do Humans Possess a Twisted Birth Canal? Unraveling an Evolutionary Puzzle
20 COVID-19 Danger: White-Tailed Deer Found to Be Huge Reservoir of Coronavirus Infection
21 Creating Dynamic Symmetry in Diamond Crystals to Improve Qubits for Quantum Computing
22 Promising New Approach to Treat Alzheimer's Disease--And also Vaccinate Against It
23 NASA's Airborne Observatory SOFIA Observes Star Formation Near the Galactic Center
24 Zebrafish in Virtual Reality Experiment Predict the Future to Avoid Danger
25 NASA Outraged by Destructive Russian Anti-Satellite Test that Endangered Space Station Crew
26 Market Forces Cut Methane Emissions from Uinta Basin Oil and Gas Wells in Half--But that's Not the Whole Story
27 Cellular Computing: "Logic Gate" Paves Way for Nanoscale Computers to Treat Cancer and Other Diseases
28 Reaching for the Stars from Kourou--Europe's Spaceport in French Guiana
29 Icequakes Likely Rumble Along Geyser-Spitting Fractures on Saturn's Icy Moon Enceladus
30 COVID-19 Vaccines Lower Risk of Infection with Delta Variant--But Infection Can Still Be Passed On
31 Rocking the Isles of Scilly--Magnificent Image Captured by Astronaut Aboard Space Station
32 Husband-and-Wife Team of Astronomers Create New Method to Look Back in Time to Understand Galaxy Evolution
33 Element Synthesis in the Universe: Where Does Gold Come From?
34 Neuroscientists Illuminate Brain Mechanism that "Navigates" in the Light and Dark
35 Astronomy & Astrophysics: How to Find an Exoplanet
36 Carbon Dioxide Cold Traps on the Moon Confirmed--Major Impact on Future Lunar Missions
37 Steering Evolution in a Better Direction: Game Theory and Economics Show How
38 First-Ever Interior Earth Mineral Discovered in Nature--It Shouldn't Be Here
39 Light-Powered Catalyst Mimics Photosynthesis to Improve the Yield of Reactions
40 Astronomers May Have Discovered a Planet in Another Galaxy
41 Zero-Dose Unvaccinated: The Kids Aren't Alright
42 Hydraulic Jump Drives Stratospheric Hydration Above Intense Supercell Thunderstorms
43 Scientists Identify Second HIV Patient Who Cured Herself of the Virus
44 NASA's Curiosity Rover Is Making Mars Safer for Astronauts--Here's How
45 Coffee and Tea Linked with Reduced Rates of Stroke and Dementia--Here's How Much to Drink
46 New Holographic Camera Sees the Unseen--Around Corners, Through Fog and Human Tissue
47 Neutron Crystallography Takes a Deep Dive into Water Networks Surrounding DNA
48 Astronaut Jessica Watkins Assigned to NASA's SpaceX Crew-4 Mission
49 Physical Exercise Increases the Body's Own "Cannabis" Which Reduces Chronic Inflammation
50 The Silent Build-Up to a Super-Eruption that Could Catastrophically Affect Global Climate
51 Scientists Warn of "Alien" Invasions and the Need for Planetary Biosecurity
52 NASA's Next Steps to Return Hubble Space Telescope to Normal Operation
53 A Clean Ocean by 2030: UN Experts' "Clean Ocean Manifesto"
54 New Method to Detect Tatooine-Like Planets Proves Successful
55 Scientists Go "Inside" the COVID-19 Viral Protein to Attack a Weak Point
56 Nuclear Radiation "Fast Neutrons" Used to Transmit Digital Data Wirelessly
57 Did the CDC's COVID-19 Vaccine Strategy Work? Comparing 17.5 Million Options
58 Capturing a True Picture of Wolves in Yellowstone: Reevaluating Aspen Recovery Success Story
59 Mars--Or Arrakis? Perseverance Is Currently Winding Through a Maze of Towering Sand Dunes
60 Superconducting Silicon-Photonic Chip Developed for Quantum Communication
61 NASA Ingenuity Mars Helicopter Preparing to Glide Over "Raised Ridges" and Land Near Edge of "South Seitah"
62 A First in Fossil Research: Seeds Sprouting from 40-Million-Year-Old Pine Cone Encased in Amber
63 Broad Survey of 1,800-Plus Monogenetic "Young" Volcanoes in the US Southwest
64 NASA to Roll Out Artemis Mega Moon Rocket for First Time
65 Revolutionary Chemistry: 120-Year-Old Reaction Turned on Its Head
66 Not Saying It Was Aliens, but 'Oumuamua Probably Wasn't a Nitrogen Iceberg...
67 Weak Supernova Explosions from Isolated Stars
68 Paleontologists Debunk "Snake with Four Legs" Fossil Thought to Be Missing Link
69 Fabricating Complex Optical Components from Fluids--For Eyewear, Cameras and Telescopes
70 New COVID Threat: Rodents Could Be Asymptomatic Carriers of SARS-Like Coronaviruses
71 Intuitive Machines Nova-C Lander Selected by NASA to Deliver Science Investigations to the Moon
72 Little-Known Glial Cells Are Critical Regulators of Heart Development and Function
73 Life on Mars--Or False Fossils?
74 Nebula Churns Out Massive B-Type Stars in New Hubble Image
75 Dramatic Video of Mars Helicopter's Challenging Flight Captured by NASA's Perseverance Rover
76 COVID-19 Case Severity: How Genetic Variations Affect Our Immune Cells
77 NASA's Webb Space Telescope Primed to Reveal Secrets of Galaxy's Most Mysterious Planets
78 NASA's Lucy Spacecraft: Instruments Checkout A-OK, Progress on Solar Array Glitch
79 NIH-Supported Long-Term Study of Children with COVID-19 Begins
80 Space Station Operations Return to Normal After Destructive Russian Anti-Satellite Test
81 Hubble's Stunning Grand Tour of the Outer Solar System
82 Severe Flooding in the Pacific Northwest: Torrential Rain Spurs Deadly Floods and Mudslides
83 Hidden Behavior of Supercapacitor Materials Revealed
84 Potential Alzheimer's Treatments Discovered in Analysis of Existing Cancer Drugs
85 Hubble Space Telescope Spies Newly Forming Star Incubating in Reflection Nebula
86 Developing Next-Generation Electronic Devices by Harnessing Terahertz Waves
87 Space Station Crew Packs Cargo Ship for Departure and Preps for Spacewalk
88 A New Mineral--From Deep Inside the Earth--Discovered in a Diamond
89 Probing Deep into the Very Nature of Electrons with the World's Purest Sample of Gallium Arsenide
90 MIT Physicists Use Fundamental Atomic Property to Turn Matter Invisible
91 There's $700 Trillion Worth of Gold in Seawater! Can We Extract It? [Video]
92 Not Science Fiction: Electric Propulsion Comes of Age with Psyche Mission to an Asteroid
93 Delta-Like COVID-19 Variants Are Most Likely to Increase Pandemic Severity
95 Burst of New Geochemical Evidence for Viking Travels Exactly 1,000 Years Ago
96 Combating Antibiotic Resistance--a Major Global Health Threat
97 Replacing Carbon Fuel with Nitrogen: Chemists Discover New Way to Harness Energy from Ammonia
98 Could There Be Alien Life Next Door? Looking for Habitable Planets Around Alpha Centauri
99 Magnetene--a Graphene-Like 2D Material--Leverages Quantum Effects to Achieve Ultra-Low Friction
100 Black Holes Detected Eating Neutron Stars--"Like Pac Man"
101 LightSail 2 Has Been Flying in Space for 30 Months--Paving the Way for Future Solar Sail Missions
102 COVID Protection: 10 Tips to Test and Tweak Your Mask
103 We Asked a NASA Scientist: What if an Asteroid Was Going to Hit Earth? [Video]
104 After 20 Years of Trying, Scientists Succeed in Doping a 1D Atomic Chain of Cuprates
105 Molecule Masterminds: Scientists Solve 50-Year-Old Mystery Behind Plant Growth
106 Planetary Evolution: Composition of Earth-Like Exoplanet Interiors Linked to Composition of Host Stars
107 Cancer Cells Use "Tiny Tentacles" to Suck Mitochondria Out of Immune Cells
108 New Link Discovered Between Diet, Intestinal Stem Cells and Disease
109 Electrically Switchable Nanoantennas Developed for Holographic Video Technology
110 Cygnus Space Freighter Departs International Space Station--On Its Way to Destructive Re-Entry
111 NASA's DART Mission to Crash a Spacecraft into an Asteroid Is Set to Launch--Watch It Live
112 A Key Region in the Visual Cortex of the Brain Responds to Faces Similarly in Infants and Adults
113 For the Benefit of Society: Investigating Pathogens and Their Life Cycles
114 Don't Throw It Away Yet: Reusable Cloth Masks Hold Up After a Year of Washing, Drying
115 CDC Releases COVID-19 Safety Guidelines for Holiday Celebrations
116 CDC Testing Shows Recently Discovered "Smallpox" Vials Contain No Trace of Variola Virus
117 A Stealthy Way to Combat Tumors: Immune Cells Disguised as Cancer Cells
118 Clever Physics Experiment that Produces "Something from Nothing"
119 NASA's Revolutionary Laser Communications Mission: 6 Things You Need to Know