File Title
1 Amazon faces new union organizing push in US
2 China property, construction sectors contract for first time since COVID hit
3 Britain will not 'pitchfork away' China investment: PM
4 ECB to test banks' resistance to climate risks next year
5 US defense chief in Georgia for military talks
6 US, Greece expand defense ties amid Mediterranean tensions
7 Citing Russian occupation, U.S. signs new defense pact with Georgia
8 Russia closes NATO missions as ties plunge to new low
9 US Pentagon chief in Kiev says Russia 'obstacle' to peace
10 US in uphill battle to challenge Russia in Black Sea
11 Pentagon chief urges more Black Sea security cooperation
12 US, Georgia agree new defense training program
13 Lausanne tackles toxic soil after shock discovery
14 US plans to tackle toxic, widespread 'PFAS' chemicals
15 3M to pay $99 million to settle dispute over harmful chemicals
16 Almost one-in-three people globally will still be mainly using polluting cooking fuels in 2030, research shows
17 Sea pollution after S. Africa riots an 'environmental catastrophe'
18 Europe's industrial air pollution costing hundreds of billions: report
19 A first for search and rescue from space
20 Fires, floods, flying insects: 10 recent climate-fuelled disasters
21 U.S. Navy, Lebanese military to improve construction, humanitarian capabilities
22 From oil to renewables, winds of change blow on Scottish islands
23 UK's Johnson outlines 30,000 green jobs boost
24 Rio Tinto says to 'halve' emissions by 2030
25 G20 leaders to address climate ahead of COP26: Italy
26 Energy debate heats up at EU leaders' summit
27 Austria govt. unveils 'eco' tax reform
28 Road to COP26 climate summit paved with uncertainty
29 In COVID's shadow, HIV on march in Eastern Europe
30 Algeria begins Sinovac COVID-19 vaccine production
31 Pfizer launches mRNA flu vaccine trial
32 Rich should pay for greater carbon footprint: study
33 Laser Communications Relay Demonstration gears up for launch
34 In-Orbit cloud computing and storage platform successfully demonstrated
35 French cloud computing IPO mints Europe's latest tech billionaire
36 Global computing's carbon footprint is bigger than previously estimated
37 Concrete: the world's 3rd largest CO2 emitter
38 One in three young kids uses social media, use of parental controls spotty
39 China may boost accuracy of its hypersonic weapons via AI technology
40 One giant leap for the mini cheetah
41 Surgical robot with DLR technology on the market
42 ESA and UK Air Traffic Services selects CGI to develop 5G for UAV positioning
43 Flying sushi: Israel readies for delivery drone traffic jams
44 Drone rescue plan for dogs trapped by Spanish island eruption
45 HAPS reaches new heights
46 Hughes conducts multi-orbit demonstration for resilient, secure UAV connectivity
47 Micron plans $150 billion push on domestic chip manufacturing, research
48 US to press for semiconductor relief at EU tech meeting
49 Now everyone can build battery-free electronic devices
50 Printable steak, insect protein, fungus among NASA space food idea winners
51 Grapes of change: French wines adapt to global warming
52 Ex Australia PM says successor 'deceitful' on nuclear subs
53 How the 'contract of the century' fell apart
54 Greece to buy three frigates from France
55 U.S. Navy, Bahrain partner to ramp up unmanned systems use
56 Naval power in the Pacific in numbers
57 German frigate denied Chinese port call, says Berlin
58 Greece to buy French warships in boost for EU defence
59 US Iran envoy to hold nuclear talks with Europe powers
60 IAEA chief concerned Tehran delaying key nuclear meeting
61 With nuclear talks on hold, Iran's Raisi tours countryside
62 Fly more, pollute less--the great aviation conundrum
63 German 'green' kerosene plant eyes climate-friendlier flights
64 NASA issues contracts to mature electrified aircraft propulsion technologies
65 China may boost accuracy of its hypersonic weapons via AI technology
66 COVID-19: More than 35,000 children vaccinated in 3 days--health department
67 OnlyFans has a split identity--it needs to declare its support for adult content creators
68 Why the NBA and Formula 1 are coming together to collaborate at the US Grand Prix
69 Ryan Gosling in final talks to play Ken in Barbie movie
70 COVID-19: 449 new cases recorded as death toll increases by 23
71 Man sentenced to 45 years for trafficking 2 women, forcing them into sex work
72 Govt. to develop R7 billion green investment plan
73 SA company says it can use brain science to help banks identify car defaulters in parking lots
74 South Africa just announced a total ban on the use of lead in paint--no exceptions
75 Individuals who are fully vaccinated now might not be considered so in future without booster shot--CDC
76 Riders were hanging upside down on a Universal Studios rollercoaster after a power outage, report says
77 Maybe the metaverse can save Facebook. Maybe.
78 Adele tops UK charts with comeback single
79 WATCH / China passes law to reduce pressure on children from homework
80 US Supreme Court takes up Texas abortion case, lets ban remain
81 WHO issues plan to prevent sexual abuse after aid workers caught in sex exploitation scandal in Congo
82 Eswatini bans protests after prolonged deadly unrest
83 The naked truth: Censorship leads Vienna museum to OnlyFans
84 OP-ED / the African perspective is leading the entertainment content revolution
85 Olivia Rodrigo insists 'social media is toxic for young girls'
86 Billie Eilish wants her debut fragrance to 'feel like a warm embrace'
87 Acura returns to Formula One racing, but only for this weekend's US F1 Grand Prix
88 If parents can't agree on their child's vaccination, this is what happens
89 Do you ever struggle to overcome a bad mood? Scientists have finally figured out why this happens
90 Headaches: Three tips from a neuroscientist on how to get rid of them
91 Trump's new social media platform won't let users criticise site, according to its terms of service
92 Twitter users took just 2 hours to get into TRUTH Social, create dummy accounts for Trump, Mike Pence
93 It's not just Facebook--China's big tech firms like Alibaba, Tencent also piling into the metaverse
94 Trump's new social media platform, TRUTH Social, has interface that looks a lot like Twitter's
95 KwaZulu-Natal's South Coast is the ultimate group getaway
96 Now may be the perfect time to take your business online
97 New survey reveals PCs have become the most important tool in people's lives
98 Living with long COVID: 'To this day, I'm like a walking zombie'
99 COVID-19 vaccine myths debunked: Get the facts here
100 Characteristics and outcomes of adverse events after COVID-19 vaccination
101 COVID-19 vaccine now available to 12-17 age group--but will just one shot be effective?
102 How to test your heart health by climbing stairs
103 COVID-19 pandemic grief may hamper bond between mothers and babies, new study finds
104 Ending malaria in Africa needs to focus on poverty: Quick fixes won't cut it
105 OPINION: WHO numbers underscore urgent need for stronger leadership and ambitious TB recovery plan
106 COVID-19 vaccines vs. antivirals: Compared to jabs, why are treatments lagging behind in development?
107 How often should we exercise to get in shape?
108 For many, it's a long, tough road to recovery after spending time in hospital with COVID-19
109 The evidence on mandatory COVID-19 vaccine certificates from six countries: Vaccine uptake increased
110 Breast milk can contain COVID antibodies--good news for babies
111 OPINION: South Africa mRNA technology hub gives hope to Africa
112 Yes, there's a male G-spot--and here are 4 things you can do to find it
113 10 ways to make yourself poop first thing in the morning
114 11 reasons why you're getting your period twice in one month