File Title
1 Manifesto seeks to re-invigorate Europe in space
2 Enceladus: Does this moon hold a second genesis of life?
3 Brazil: Amazon sees worst deforestation levels in 15 years
4 'I've seen irreversible change but hope too for planet'
5 Baby elephant dies after losing half its trunk in poacher's trap
6 Climate change: What did the scientists make of COP26?
7 IBM claims advance in quantum computing
8 COP26: The truth behind the new climate change denial
9 COP26: Draft deal calls for stronger carbon cutting targets by end of 2022
10 COP26: New global climate deal struck in Glasgow
11 COP26: Cautious welcome for unexpected US-China climate agreement
12 Coastal saltmarsh 'engineered' to fight climate change
13 Russian anti-satellite test adds to worsening problem of space debris
14 NASA's Moon return pushed back to 2025
15 'Perfect' James Webb telescope on track for launch
16 The man turning cities into giant sponges to embrace floods
17 COP26: Flooding lessons from Hull, a city below sea level
18 Climate change: Seven ways to spot businesses greenwashing
19 Cape Town's Day Zero: 'We are axing trees to save water'
20 Single-use plastic: Plates, cups and cutlery ban edges closer
21 Plastic pollution: New meat tray 'could save tons of waste'
22 Departments meeting to discuss possible 'mitigations' for NI energy customers
23 Glasgow's COP26 success and the implications for business
24 Blaze destroys lemur shed at Telford family zoo
25 Bristol pupils ditch milk cartons to help planet
26 More than a thousand trees to be planted in north Northamptonshire
27 Avian flu: Two birds found dead at Chasewater Country Park
28 British Columbia: Petrol rations after Canada storm
29 Thames Water fined 4 million pounds after Oxford sewage leak
30 Indian farmers' protests: Why they matter to British Indians
31 Hundreds of low income households in line for 7.8 million pounds green energy refit
32 Deforestation: Which countries are still cutting down trees?
33 Waste collection changes planned in Herefordshire
34 Flooded Chard garden 'like Glastonbury on a bad day'
35 I'm a Celebrity: Insects could feed the world's population
36 The small nuclear power plants billed as an energy fix
37 Theranos trial: Elizabeth Holmes makes surprise testimony
38 Tesla drivers left unable to start their cars after outage
39 Facebook tells LA police to stop spying on users with fake accounts
40 'Piracy' website offers NFT art as free downloads
41 Facebook gives users 'more control' over news feed
42 Crypto bid to buy US constitution copy at auction fails
43 Climate change: Conspiracy theories found on foreign-language Wikipedia
44 UK and US join forces to strike back in cyber-space
45 Crypto adverts on London Tube under investigation
46 Paytm: Shares plunge in India's biggest ever market debut
47 Crypto bid to buy US constitution print raises over $40m
48 The mums using Instagram to offer advice to new parents
49 How smart tech is supporting smallholders in South Africa
50 The robots behind the bar that want to pull your next pint
51 How high-speed electric vehicle racing is advancing tech
52 Kyle Rittenhouse: Who is US teen cleared of protest killings?
53 Tesla worker files suit over 'nightmarish' harassment
54 Premier Property Lawyers: Police investigate firm's IT incident
55 Firm offers staff unlimited leave to stop burnout
56 Nadine Dorries: Culture secretary says social media has been hijacked
57 Six million Sky routers had serious security flaw
58 The boom in buying a car without ever leaving your sofa
59 Instagram: US states investigate how platform targets children
60 School uniform costs: 'It amazes me how much I spend on my children'
61 University staff to strike in December
62 Ofsted inspections for all England's schools and colleges
63 Government delays further education changes by a year
64 Students 'expected to live' in homes with rats and damp
65 Walkers crisp shortage leaves Leicestershire family desperate
66 TikTok abuse 'is pushing teachers over the edge'
67 Mental health: Anxiety, depression and self-harm on rise among teens
68 'Parents cry because they can't provide food'
69 COVID: Are schools back to normal yet? Not quite
70 Birmingham teenagers launch lockdown business from youth club
71 French school bus experiment brings hope to Toulouse estates
72 West Suffolk College lecturer wins equality and diversity award
73 Trans Day of Remembrance: 'When one of us is hurt, we all feel it'
74 Orkney child rape victims must travel to mainland for examination
75 Postnatal depression in dads: 'I didn't know men could struggle too'
76 Cladding crisis: 'Some days I can't leave the house'
77 School meals: Head teacher of 2p debt threat 'thrown under bus'
78 COVID-19: Schools get extra 5 million pounds for students' wellbeing
79 TikTok: PSNI receive more than 80 reports over bogus
80 Council proposes plans to tackle Cornwall's housing crisis
81 Man's dream to create 'authentic Viking settlement' on Isle of Man
82 Essex teacher banned over sexual messages to boy account on Grindr
83 Jersey house prices rise by 97k pounds since last year
84 Durham University student sex workers 'made hundreds of pounds'
85 COVID: WHO says it is very worried about Europe surge
86 Austria to go into full lockdown as COVID surges
87 Merkel: Germany hit by full force of COVID
88 COVID: Children told to delay jab for 12 weeks after infection
89 Take-at-home treatment for spinal muscular atrophy
90 Rare case of woman's body ridding itself of HIV
91 COVID: The country locking down the unvaccinated
92 COVID vaccine 'waning immunity': How worried should I be?
93 COVID: 'Putting people to sleep knowing they may not wake'
94 COVID: Gwynedd school urges pupils to get tested as cases rise
95 COVID-19: Protesters petition Robin Swann over care home COVID rules
96 COVID-19: Police close road due to protest at Belfast City Hall
97 Star Wars script sells for 13,000 pounds at Bristol auction
98 Door-to-door vaccine drive in Ipswich to tackle low jab rate
99 Premature babies: Parents need better mental health support
100 Family's treatment hopes for 11-year-old girl with brain tumour
101 Rotterdam police clash with rioters as COVID protest turns violent
102 Deaths of people treated under the Mental Health Act rose during pandemic
103 Japan: From vaccine hesitancy to vaccine success
104 San Diego motorway frenzy after armoured van spills money
105 Elijah McClain family to receive $15 million settlement from Colorado
106 US House votes to pass $1.9 trillion social spending plan
107 Jimmy Hoffa: Deathbed confession sparks long-missing US union boss body hunt
108 Three Amigos summit: Awkward conversations for US with its neighbours
109 Ahmaud Arbery: What you need to know about the case
110 The US city run by Muslim Americans
111 Ahmaud Arbery: Nearly all-white jury chosen in black jogger murder trial
112 What are President Biden's challenges at the border?
113 Why are so many Haitians at the US-Mexico border?
114 Kyle Rittenhouse: Calls for calm after US teen cleared of murder
115 Kyle Rittenhouse: Biden angry after teen cleared of shootings
116 Kamala Harris: First woman to get US presidential powers (briefly)
117 Kyle Rittenhouse case: Why it so divides the US
118 Kyle Rittenhouse: US teenager cleared over Kenosha killings
119 Peng Shuai: US 'deeply concerned' over Chinese tennis star
120 Parents' tribute to Grand Canyon crash brothers
121 Antony Blinken: What we've learnt from new US policy on Africa
122 COVID: Canada authorises Pfizer vaccine for children aged 5-11