File Title
1 What can baby teeth reveal about mental health? According to a ground-breaking investigation, a lot
2 The 'food-mood' connection--how food can lift your mood
3 Pandemic increased eating disorders among young people--but signs aren't what parents might expect
4 Six reasons not to ditch the egg yolk
5 Five reasons you might not lose weight on a low-carb diet
6 In an extremely rare case, a woman's immune system 'clears' HIV virus
7 COVID-19 vaccine myths debunked: Get the facts here
8 Watch Mark Zuckerberg fist-bump in virtual reality using 'haptic gloves' that Meta is creating
9 Elon Musk met Brazil minister to discuss bringing SpaceX's Starlink internet to Amazon rainforest
10 Binance CEO doesn't 'get' meme tokens like dogecoin, but says they show power of decentralisation
11 Stop blaming TikTok for all the stupid things teens do
12 A startup says Mark Zuckerberg's VR gloves look awfully similar to its patented tech
13 'What were my parents like? Controlling': Former 'leash kids' share how child leashes affected them
14 Young people's positive changes in behaviour are significantly linked to watching sex edutainment
15 Tit for tat? Red Bull could seek clarification from FIA on Mercedes straight-line speed
16 Naughty things to do on the floor, in the shower or in a car
17 Couple says dating other women together is the secret to their 12-year relationship's success
18 How China's 'leftover women' are using their financial power to fight the stigma of being single
19 French dictionary draws fire with new gender-inclusive pronoun
20 UN warns Russia against closing top rights group
21 Saudi charity with links to Prince Charles in funding probe
22 'Hundreds' of fake Lebanese degrees sold to Iraqis
23 See Lily James and Sebastian Stan as Pamela Anderson and Tommy Lee in teaser for miniseries
24 A German shepherd dog is selling a Miami mansion, and wants R495 million for it
25 Mercedes' F1 rivals 'always lose,' says Fernando Alonso
26 Trump ally Paul Gosar in Congress publicly shamed over violent video
27 'We are in deep doo doo'--Canada sends military to flood-ravaged Pacific coast
28 Turkey releases Israeli couple held over alleged espionage charge, Israel says
29 A second American has come down with monkeypox, a rare virus that causes pus-filled boils
30 Poland detains 100 migrants at border, defense ministry announces
31 FACTBOX: Subvariant shows no symptoms: Here's the latest on the worldwide spread of the coronavirus
32 The Delta variant was detected on 99.7% of sequenced tests worldwide in the past 60 days
33 Saudi Arabia announced a wild plan to build a floating, 8-sided city
34 Chinese man missing for 16 years after failing college and ashamed to face parents reunites with them
35 VP Kamala Harris says she and Biden are 'absolutely not' discussing reelection in 2024, yet
36 Mountains of Victoria's Secret underwear, apparel are stranded at sea because of shipping jams
37 Bill Gates' nuclear startup picks Wyoming coal town for 1st advanced reactor, which will cost $4 billion
38 Elon Musk says SpaceX will fly Starship spaceship into orbit in January, warns about first attempt
39 TikTok creator said she inadvertently touted a scam before hackers told her fans she was kidnapped
40 Google so worried about 'Fortnite' undercutting its digital store it formed special 'Fortnite task force'
41 Gen Z is making corded headphones cool again because they don't want to look like finance bros
42 This SA engineer turns urine into fertiliser--it may even be used to make jet fuel some day
43 Signs you're about to get a bad tattoo, according to a professional tattoo artist
44 An immunocompromised man had 4 shots of COVID vaccine, but still appears to have poor immunity
45 How to use tea tree oil to fight acne, according to dermatologists
46 I've been vegan for 6 years--here are things I wish people would stop saying
47 Why Android tablets are awesome, yet I use an iPad
48 Chance encounters in the workplace help build trust, so how do you replicate that online?
49 This fish loses 20 teeth each day, then grows them all back
50 These WhatsApp users get a new shortcut with beta update
51 Novel artificial genomic DNA can replicate and evolve outside the cell
52 Artificial intelligence used to recognise primate behaviours in the wild
53 Instagram to shut down Threads
54 Streamlabs accused of copying material for its console streaming platform
55 Alphabet is putting its prototype robots to work cleaning up around Google's offices
56 'Volcanic Winter' Likely Contributed to Worst Mass Extinction Event in Earth's History
57 Study sheds more light on the nature of galaxy cluster ACT-CL J0019.6+0336
58 Mapping where carbon needs to remain in its natural place to avoid climate catastrophe
59 Rare first printing of US Constitution sells for record $43M
60 Protections for western bird will get new look under Biden
61 Canada's flood havoc after summer heatwave shows how climate disasters combine to do extra damage
62 A Cold Start to Thanksgiving Week Will Spawn Climate Change Illiteracy
63 LightSail 2 has been flying for 30 months now, paving the way for future solar sail missions
64 Single-atom dimer electrocatalyst for green hydrogen production
65 Evidence found of genetic evolution in Europeans over past several thousand years
66 Urbanization not always bad for food and land use diversity
67 China can't censor away growing anger over athlete's #MeToo accusation
68 The European Union at the forefront of biodiversity in the DRC
69 Sackville school takes down washroom doors to combat vandalism and vaping
70 Distracted driver spared jail over crash that killed pedestrian
71 Indonesia prepares regulation to help fund mangrove restoration
72 Xi Jinping urges continuous efforts to promote high-quality BRI development
73 Frost in Brussels as Northern Ireland trade dispute with EU rumbles on
74 Kremlin Slams U.S. Congress Bid to 'Not Recognize' Putin Presidency Past 2024
75 St. Petersburg Winter Temps Could Rise 4 Degrees by 2050--Scientist
76 F.D.A. Authorizes Coronavirus Booster Shots for All Adults
77 Hidden camera reveals some pharmacists recommend homeopathic products to treat kids' cold and flu
78 Coronavirus Briefing: What Happened Today
79 RCMP wants to restart surplus vehicle sales after program was halted by gun massacre
80 Relocation of Federal Agency Hurt Diversity, Watchdog Finds
81 Chinese envoy: Time not conducive for ministerial talks with Australia
82 A look at the intimate details Amazon knows about us
83 Top steelmaker China Baowu launches global low-carbon alliance
84 WA bureaucrat behind 'Australia's biggest public sector corruption' jailed for 12 years over $27 million fraud
85 Anti-vaccine protestors charged after Joondalup clinic demonstration
86 Prime Minister needs to condemn extremism
87 Coalition bloc members welcome PM's 'worrying' shift in jab mandate tone
88 'We can't be left behind': Qld urged to drop international student quarantine
89 Iran, Venezuela to sign 20-year cooperation accord
90 Iran to host multilateral conference on Afghanistan
91 Shooting in Syria could mark new phase in Israeli campaign
92 Settler attacks wreak havoc on Palestinians during olive harvest
93 Russian, Chinese warplanes briefly enter South Korean air defense zone
94 Pandemic milestone: U.S. ends international travel ban, opening the door to vaccinated tourists
95 Regeneron CEO says its monoclonal antibodies protect people from COVID for months
96 REvil ransomware arrests: U.S. seek extradition of Ukrainian, 2 others busted in international cyberattacks
97 How one election left this powerful Democratic organization fighting to survive
98 Liberal 'dark-money' behemoth funneled more than $400 million in 2020
99 It's the University of Austin Against Everyone--Including Itself
100 Trump endorses rival against Idaho Gov. Brad Little
101 What it's like inside a $7 billion Intel fab
102 Google's Pixel phones are tempting. 6 reasons you should consider buying one
103 Reports Say That Israeli Spyware Has Been Linked To 50,000 Phone Numbers Worldwide
104 No lockdown even though the cases are high
105 Amazon to launch first two internet satellites in 2022
106 In Chile's Atacama desert, stargazers search for alien life and 'dark energy'
107 As Earth warms, human history is melting away
108 Why strawberries turn a ghostly shade of white
109 Booster shots are less effective in people with weak immune systems: study
110 Can seeds planted by drones spawn new forests?
111 Scientists find fossil of early hominid in South Africa
112 Search for life on other worlds tops astronomy to-do list
113 DNA studies help unravel evolutionary history of rhinoceros
114 Star system with right-angled planets surprises astronomers
115 He can't cure his dad. But a scientist's research may help everyone else
116 Study finds variation in gut bacterial compositions between Indian and Western populations